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October's Nonabox*

I am sorry that this post is ridiculously late but after a mix up with delivery I have only just received October's box myself but I still wanted to put up my review of the box.

So what did we get in October

 Cloud B are back again with some lovely products, this month we got the Soothing Sounds From Nature Sheep which is a lovely little soft and squidgy sheep which as a voice box in the back with you can set on a timer to play soothing sounds for you baby and can be hung close by their cot so it can help to settle your baby off to the land of nod. Which retails for around the £24 mark so this in itself makes the box worth the money.

Next from Cloud B there is 3 burp cloths tied with a little ribbon and finished off the a little sheep rattle which is super cute and again another quality product from Cloud B.

Next we have a rattle/dummy holder which again is a lovely quality product which retails for around £15 but sadly Thomas is a bit too old to use this now.

I am pleased to see the Halo &  Horns baby moisturiser in the box as I was recommended to try their products out a while back on Twitter and we have been using their body wash so I will be interested to see if this is any good. I'm afraid we wont be able to use it for a while though as Thomas is in the middle of some sort of flare up.

In the box we also got 2 food items some Leibniz butter biscuits which are a hit with Thomas and he is very glad that we got these in the box. Also there was a pouch from Ella's kitchen I have always been a fan of food from Ella's kitchen but I'm afraid we wont be using this as it for stage 3 of weaning for 10months and just by feeling the pouch it feels like it is just puree which Thomas moved on from a long time ago.

There is a pedi wand which I am sure will come in useful for mummy pamper sessions when I have some time to myself.... Actually I think a nice long hot bath is on the cards for tonight.

Finally there are some samples of Tea pigs tea bags. I have tried teas from Tea pigs before and have really enjoyed them they are super tasty. I'm not sure I will be able to stomach these as I use to drink Lemon and ginger tea when suffering with morning sickness with Thomas. Hmm I wonder what the sell by is on these teas I may have to put them up just in case.

All in all the products we got in October are lovely and well worth the money for somebody in the last stages of pregnancy or early motherhood as again the products are aimed at young babies not somebody of Thomas's age but I will definitely be putting them up for future babies.

You can subsribe to Nonabox at


Feeling Snackered*

"Popchips have recently revealed that we are a nation of ‘snackered’ workers (knackered + in need of food = snackered), meaning that the average worker is reaching for the snack cupboard at least twice a day to keep them going. ‘snackered’ workers are tucking into a pick-me-up at 11.30am – and again by 3pm, and over three quarters of brits agree a snack helps to boost energy levels!"

 Ok has somebody got a camera on me at work? When I read that it was as if somebody had been studing my snacking habbits at work. I am definitely a snackered worker. I get to work at around 8:20 and most of the time I eat my breakfast at my desk and then by the time 11 comes around I am trying my hardest not to start snacking. I'm not alone though at various times in the day you hear the quiet rustle of biscuit packets and the crunch of crips and just hearing that sound makes you automatically think that you are hungry and you need to snack.

I'm not just saying this but crisps are my snack of choice I am a savoury person when it comes to snacking and plus eating a packet of crisps lasts longer than a quick biscuit.

Have you tried Popchips? If not why not? I love them and they are a fab snack if you are following Slimming World as they are only around 4.5 - 5 syns per pack and because they are quite big just having one packet of these makes you feel like you have had a good size snack and will leave you satisfied.


Can I pull off a red lip?*

Let me just start off by saying I am not a fan of bright lips on myself, on others they look fab and I am always jealous of those who can pull off these beautiful bright lips but for me they scare me. I just don't feel that they suit me at all and I always feel so self conscious wearing a brighter lip colour I normally stick to pinks and paler colours. I also think that people might think I look silly as they aren't use to seeing me with such a bright colour on my lips.

I was recently sent Devils Darling from Smooch Cosmetics to try out now I wasn't asked which colour I would like to try so when I opened it I was a bit shocked at this scary red lipstick that appeared before me when I took off the lid.

Now I must say I do love the shade it is a classic red lipstick a pure red. My only problem with this lipstick is that is smudges even with Lipcote over the top as soon as you talk, eat or drink it's moved. now I know this isn't normal of Smooch lipsticks because I have tried lipsticks from them before and never had this problem. Or am I missing a trick? is there a better way to apply bright colours so that they don't smudge?

Look how beautiful the colour is

I'm still undecided about red lips on me, I know it will never be an everyday colour maybe I might dare to wear it out over the Christmas period.


Enrapture Encode Totum Styler Review and Giveaway

 Every so often they is a product that creates a big stir in the blogging world and a couple of years ago it was the Enrapture Encode Totum Styler and yes I know I am late on the band wagon but I am not one to spend a lot of money on something just because there is a lot of buzz around it and back in the day it was retailing for around £79.99 which is far more money than I would ever spend on a beauty item.

When I was recently alerted to the fact that it was being sold in Home Bargains for under £20 there was no question about it I had to get it. (Check out here you may still be able to get it for a bargain price)

 So what makes the Totum Styler so good? Well the barrel of the wand is split in to three sections and by using the heat control you can change the heat settings for each individual section which allows you to create soft waves, a slightly more defined curl and then tight ringlets. As my hair doesn't hold a curl brilliantly I tend to do either all the 3's If I need it to last a long time as they do drop out after a while in to a nice wave or if I am just going out for a short while then I choose 1-2-1 and I find that gives a really nice wave.

I really love the curls that the Totum Styler gives my hair and I love the fact that you aren't stuck with one type of curl. I also love that the styler has a flipper I find tongs with these so much easier to use as you can just keep your hair in place, I think that is why I didn't get on the the Babyliss Conical wand I just felt it made and already difficult task (For me) even harder.

In the box you also get a heat protecting pouch to store you Styler when not in use which also unzips in to a heat protecting pad. There is also a little booklet which shows you how best to use the different settings to create your perfect curl.

I am very excited to be giving one lucky reader the chance to win an Enrapture Totum Styler for themselves as an early Christmast present!!

All you need to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. I'm afraid the giveaway is only open to the UK all entries will be checked and modified so now cheating! The giveaway will be open for 1 month so that you will be able to get it in time for Christmas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


October Birchbox

You may have seen in recent posts that I gave in and subscribed to Glossybox again after seeing various other bloggers and Youtubers posting what they got in their boxes month after month.

I think I prefer the packaging to the Birchbox it's just so much neater that the shredded paper you get in the Glossybox plus you get the box which you can reuse and also a handy little bag that can be reused for many different things

So what did I get in my box?

I got a bottle of KMS Hair Play which is a dry shampoo, I'm a big fan of dry shampoos they are a god send to busy mums. I like this one it works well but smells terrible I'm sorry to say. The last KMS product I got was out of a beauty box and that was pretty good but I'm not sure where you can actually pick them up from as I would love to try more.

Yes there was a Laura Mercier product in the box, everybody has raved about this and I'm a bit meh about it. I'm not a massive fan of high end products (Mainly because I can't afford buy or try many) but I don't really see the appeal a full size of this costs £30+ so it isn't something I would ever buy again but I suppose it was nice but I just don't see the fascination

The next facial product we got was Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion skin exfoliant. I've not really looked in to these types of products maybe I should. I haven't really tried it much yet but first impressions are good but I'm afraid it isn't something that I would ever buy the full size of as it retails for £64 for 60ml.

Ultra Dex Interdental brushes this is the only product that I am disappointed with I would have much preferred to try the toothpaste to these but I suppose they will come in useful.

Next we have a product by Thebalm which is their stainiac lip and cheek tint. A rather nice product and like I said with octobers Glossybox I am pleased to be able to try a few more different cheek products. The shade is pretty light though and I have had to build it up quite a bit and I have pale skin.

I was super pleased to see another little tube of the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm I love this stuff it works wonders on my lips.

Don't want to wish time away but I am already looking forward to Novembers box.


The slightly annoying elephant*

The Slightly Annoying Elephant is the first ever picture book by David Walliams and it tells the story of a young boy who adopts an elephant through a zoo and little does he know his adoptive elephant will turn up one day to live with him.

The illustrations are done by Tony Ross and they are fab I much prefer these type of illustrations than the typical cartooney pictures you get in most childrens books these days. 

This is a really fun book and Thomas and I have read it a couple of times and he enjoys listening to it and points to the pictures and it is a pleasure to read you know some times when your little one brings you a book and you feel like "ohhh not this again" well I'm like that with a couple of Thomas's books now but even after 4 times in a week I still don't mind reading it. Knowing that David Walliams wrote this book I'm imaging him reading it in my head perhaps that is why I'm not getting bored of it yet.

This book is available to buy from 7th November and will be available to buy from Amazon.


Instajunction Review*

I am addicted to Instagram I upload numerous times a day and check my feed numerous times a day to see what others are up to and I have quite a few family members who follow me on there so it is a great way for them to keep up to date with photos of Thomas and to see what he is doing. Sometimes you can capture brilliant photos on your smart phone as it’s so much easier for spur of the moment photos when you don’t have time to load up a camera. I have so many photos that I have uploaded to Instagram and absolutely love and I have tried to print them out through a normal photo printing service but they don’t end up looking very good. I suppose it’s because most normal photo printing services aren’t set up to print the small photos that Instagram.

That’s where Instajunction comes in. Instajunction offers a photo printing service especially for your Instagram photos so they are printed out to the right size and your photos don’t get distorted. Instajunction don’t just print photos you can also create all sorts of fab gifts from normal photos to Polaroid style, flick books, calendars and framed photos through their site which is perfect with Christmas coming up.

When I was given the chance to try out their site I decided to choose the framed photo you have the choice between having a frame containing 1, 4,9 or 16 prints. They are all the same price of £16.99 so I chose the one that contains 16 prints as I knew any less and I wouldn’t be able to choose which photos to have in the frame. The site is really easy to use and it allows you to log straight in to your Instagram account through the site and select the photos you want, you don’t need to bother waiting around for photos to upload

I was very impressed when the frame arrived the delivery itself was super quick and it turned up within a few days in fact I was a bit surprised when it did come.  The frame is really good quality and the photos inside look fab. When you look at the frame you would expect it to have cost a lot more than £24.99. I’m already wondering if I can get a lot more Christmas presents ticked off using this site.


October Glossybox

After receiving such a fab box last month I decided to stay signed up to Glossybox to see what little lovelies I would get in October. I already love these boxes for the simple fact that unless you go looking for spoilers it is a complete surprise what you will get in your box each month.

I have seen quite a few people slating this months box perhaps they had slightly different boxes of if you are a long term subscriber then perhaps this box wasn't as good as past boxes but I will be honest I have liked this months box mainly due to the fact I got some imPRESS nails in a nice design. I have been wanting to try these for a while but due to the fact that they retail for £7+ and I haven't had much success with stick on nails in the past I haven't wanted to waste money on them even thought I have heard some good reviews in the past.

There was a little perfume sample again this month and it is one of those tiny little spray tubes so not as good as the Elizabeth Arden sample last month I thought that was a lot better. The perfume is still nice but not my usual scent.

I am also impressed that we had another full size product in the box which is a MeMeMe Cheek tint which I am pleased with just lately I have been steering away from using powder blushes and have been using cream tints so I have been putting this to the test and I am enjoying using it so I may do a full review on this or perhaps venture out and get a couple more tints and do a sort of round up of them.

I also got two skin care products from brands I have never heard about so I was looking forward to trying them I got and Illuminating primer by Monu which I am really please about. I spoke recently in my post about my new No7 foundation that my skin had been looking dull recently so this gives my make up the perfect base. The next was a facial serum by a company called Harmony again I have been enjoying using this as it leaves my face feeling super soft and it is a bit of a multi use product as you can use it under your make up as a primer and you can also mix it with your foundation to create a lightweight BB cream.

I will definitely be staying signed up to Glossybox for the time being. What did you think of this months box?


Something for tired mummys

It's been months since you last had a decent night sleep and it is really starting to show with those big dark bags under your eyes. Sound familiar? Even when you little one starts sleeping through don't get too happy because it doesn't last, it doesn't mean that's it for sleepless nights. There is always something that comes and throws your childs sleeping routine off. I don't need sleepless nights to make my under eye circles look any worse. I could have a good night sleep every night and I would still have dark circles. I have tried countless concealers to try and the only one that has ever really worked for me is the Collection lasting perfection concealer and I have tubes and tubes of that so I thought I might try something different for a change.

A while back now Soap and Glory had some sort of offer on an I wanted to buy their breakfast scrub again as I absolutely love that so I thought I would try something from their make up range. The only thing that caught my eye was the Trick and Treatment concealer.

This concealer claims to have a special yellow pigment which neutralizes the purpley under eye circle. The first thing I thought when I first applied this was that it was very thin and I didn't feel comfortable just wearing this on it's own as I didn't feel that it was giving me enough coverage.

I have found the best way to use this for me is to apply this underneath your foundation as you normally would and then depending on how bad my circles are some days I might need to use my old trusty collection concealer and just dab a little more under my eyes and then blend out to conceal my under eyes as much as I can.

I definitely feel that when I use this my under eyes look a lot brighter, even though the formula is quite thin it does last pretty well, I might sometimes need a little touch up later on in the day. If you have really dark circles like me then this definitely does help and if your dark circles aren't that bad then this will probably be a great product for you.


Sleepy Puppy Bedtime Book*

This month the bookbuddies book Thomas has been sent is the Sleepy Puppy Bedtime book. The book is such a lovely little bedtime book written as a lullaby.

It's a little board book which is safe for little hands as there wont be any rips or tears,

It’s not too long and probably a book you will learn off by heart after a couple of nights but it’s a book you and your little one will enjoy from when they are a baby.  I must have read this book with Thomas about 50 times already he keeps bringing it to me when we are sitting in his room and then he will sit on my knee so we can read it and Thomas points to the puppy and barks. Thomas also enjoys sitting and looking through the book himself.

Thomas loves snuggling with the little puppy comforter.

This book comes in a lovely little set along with a puppy comforter so your little one can snuggle with their comforter whilst your read the book and hopefully it wont be long until they are falling asleep. I am really impressed with this set it would make a lovely gift for a little girl or boy and I am sure they will enjoy it.


Nutmeg Halloween review and competition*

 With Halloween just around the corner I am starting to think about what costume I can dress Thomas in this year, last year Thomas was a pumpkin so this year I am wanting to get something different. Nutmeg at Morrisons have got some really cute Halloween items. That sounds a bit weird doesn't it cute Halloween items but they are!

Thomas was sent this Trick or Treat outfit complete with a super cute spider hat to get him in the spooky Halloween mood.

This little set is lovely and comfy perfect for a mischievous toddler who likes nothing more than to scruff around the floor.

I'm afraid Thomas isn't a hat person which a shame because I love this hat he looks adorable in it but he just wont keep it on.

Have you ever tried any of Nutmeg's other clothes? We have had quite a few bits for Thomas since Morrisons introduced their clothing range and I must say I have always been impressed with the quality so I would recommend you give them a try they are super affordable too!

Today I am bringing you the chance to win 2 items from Nutmeg's Halloween collection just in time for Halloween all you need to do is complete the rafflecopter form below. The competition will close on the 22nd so there is time to get the prize in time for Halloween.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Win competitions at


Rimmel Cheek Tints

I have never really dabbled in cream blushers or cheek tints before so I don’t really know what made me buy the Stay Blushed cheek tint by Rimmel but I wanted to see if they had better staying power than my usual powder blush, it seems like most of the time the blush has disappeared by the time I get to work in the morning.

The consistency of these cheek tints is a bit thicker than a liquid foundation and I find the easiest way to apply these is to squeeze a bit out on the back of my hand and then I apply three dots on each cheek and then blend in with my fingers. I got the shade “Pop of Pink” it’s a gorgeous everyday  pink shade that is subtle enough for even the palest of skin tones like me but then you can build up the colour. I just wish there were more shades to try in the range at the minute there are only two and I will be buying the "Sunkissed Cherry" shade soon but hopefully Rimmel will bring out more in the future.

The staying power of the Stay Blushed for me is so much better than your normal powder blush and lasts a lot longer. I also love how easy these are to apply on the go as you don’t need to bother with a brush if you don’t want to. 

I have also recently come across Rimmel’s Wake me up Instant radiance shimmer touch in Poundland and had to buy it as I had wanted to try it out for a while but it wasn’t something I ever got round to buying. I got the shade “Radiant Rose” which when you squeeze it out the tube looks a bit scary and dark but when you apply it to your cheeks and blend it in it goes to more of a very faint rosey shimmer which highlights your cheeks really nicely. You do need to be careful as if you apply too much it can look glittery in some lights.

Again the Wake me up shimmer touch only comes in 2 shades but I’m not sure if Rimmel plans to bring out anymore shades as these have been out quite a while now


Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I am a big fan of Rimmel's Wake me up foundation and have been for nearly 3 bottles now so I thought it was about time to give the concealer a go. My holy grail concealer is Collection's Lasting perfection and I have actually lost count of the amount of bottles of that I have gone through since it was first released.

This concealer claims to visibly awaken and illuminate your under eyes and completely conceals other spots and blemishes but then I think if it's illuminates your under eyes what if it illuminates and blemishes you try to cover?

I have been enjoying using this concealer and I find that it does work pretty well at covering my under eyes. I would show a before and after photo but I absolutely detest my dark circles (Yes I know I have posted photos of my stretch marks before but trust me you don't wanna see my face with out make up) I haven't got to use it on any spots yet as I haven't had any for a while but I think I would probably stick to my old trusty collection concealer for that.



I was recently contacted to see if I wanted to take part in the #TryTotal 7-day challenge and I thought why not. I don’t really step out of my comfort zone as far as trying new recipes is concerned so I thought this would be a fun little change to make something a bit different for my tea. I will be honest I don’t normally buy Total yoghurts and even though they are a healthier alternative to cream, mayo and crème fraiche I never think to incorporate things like this in to cooking.
(let me apologise for the quality of the photo's my battery on my camera had run out when I started cooking)

I was sent a box full of ingredients to make Jumbo Italian spiced chickpea burgers. Now I have never tried chickpeas from what I can remember so I was intrigued to see what these burgers would be like. The recipe is so quick and easy it takes just 15 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook and will feed 4. It’s the perfect healthy lunch or evening meal for when you can’t really be bothered or just haven’t got the time to prepare a big meal but still want your family to eat good, healthy food.

You could have these burgers on their own, serve with a tasty salad or if you want to be a little bit naughty you could have them with chips which are a whole lot better than having a take-away.

If you want to try Total for yourselves then just visit their Facebook page where you can find lots of yummy recipes to try out for breakfast, lunch and dinner I will definitely be trying out more of their recipes 


Introducing Nonabox*

Nonabox is a new monthly subscription box for parents to give them the opportunity to try out new products that you perhaps wouldn’t have heard about before or wouldn’t even think to try. Nonabox aims to send you products specifically for your baby’s age and sex so that you don’t get products that your little one has already grown out of.

The Nonabox's cost £25 a month with free P&P and for that you get a beautifully presented box of products you can see from the photos above what I received in my box apart from an Ella's kitchen meal pot. I got 7 products in my box 

Cloud B sheep
MAM Toothbrush
Ella's kitchen meal
Beaba Spoon
Baby Cup
Water Wipes
Gumi Gem teething necklace
I am counting the wipes as one product as they are only packets of 10 wipes. I have seen reviews other people have done and it seems like they have got a lot more things in their boxes but I suppose that depends on the age of your baby/toddler.

I will be honest with you I have not been completely won over by this box but I am interested to see what will be in the next box. If you sign up to the Nonabox subscription service on a month by month basis and you can cancel at any time.
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