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Settling in to a new house

As you already know we have recently moved in to our new home at long last and you may have noticed my blog posts have been a bit sporadic as I wait for our internet to get sorted. Before we moved I had wondered how Thomas would take to being in a new house and to be honest moving coupled with Thomas getting hand foot and mouth didn’t make the whole transition to the new house easy. 

For the first couple of days Thomas wouldn’t let me out of his sight if I left the room he would start to cry and the nights weren’t much better Thomas just wouldn’t settle in his new room. I think this was partly because it was so much darker than his room at the old house because there was a street light right outside so I think it was a bit scary to suddenly be in pitch black.

I decided to get a little night light to stop the room from being completely pitch black while he gets use to it. I know lots of people see night lights and things like that as a bad thing but to be honest if it helps Thomas to get use to his new environment then that’s good enough for me I will probably use the night light for a few more weeks and then start switching it off.

The nightlight hasn’t completely worked though we still had a couple of nights where Thomas had to come in to our bed and David was kicked out of bed and even a night or two where Thomas decided to stay awake most of the night but I feel like he has finally got use to his new room and he has gone back to sleeping all the way through again which makes for a happier Thomas and a happy mummy again.


NEWSFLASH People Have Different Parenting Style

Every so often a news story comes about and it seems to cause uproar amongst mums, especially on Twitter people then seem to think it's ok to turn against each other and be pretty bitchy. A small number of people seem to believe that there is only one way to parent and if you go against their parenting styles well then quite frankly you are the most rubbish parent on this earth. To these people I say get a grip nobody knows what your family life you are the only one who knows how to parent your child. What works for you may not work for your neighbour, sure I have asked for advice from people who had children before I had Thomas some of it was the best advice I have ever been given, some didn't work for us it doesn't mean that they had it wrong it just means our children are different. If people were to ask me for advice which they have before I can only tell them my views and experiences on things if doesn't work for them doesn't mean I've done anything wrong.

I often feel like banging my head against something very hard on days like this you can't do right for doing wrong and you will definitely never win. I have compiled a list of things not to do so I hope it helps you become one of those perfect parents.

Don't bottle feed because that's bad
Don't Breastfeed because that is also bad especially if done in public
Don't co-sleep because that's bad
Don't rock your baby to sleep because that is bad
Don't let your baby cry it out because that's bad
Don't move your baby in to their own room too soon because that's bad
Don't wean your baby before 6 months even if you feel they are ready because that's bad
Don't wean your baby with purees because that's bad
Don't follow BLW because that is bad
Don't give your baby anything sweet because that is bad
Don't put your child in nursery
Don't take your child to a childminder
Don't go back to work
Don't be a SAHM

These are just a few rules you should follow during the first year of your child's life so that you can be sure you are doing it right. Although what do I know I bottle fed, co-sleep sometimes, moved Thomas to his own room before 6 months, fed Thomas purees and also we did a bit of baby led, I give Thomas sweet stuff, I put Thomas in nursery and shock horror I went back to work! So I am pretty rubbish on the parenting scale but we can't all be perfect parents can we?


Was Becoming A Mum What I Expected?

On the 27th of May I will have been a mum for a whole year and it's got me thinking has it been as I expected. I always knew that becoming a mum would be completely life changing in the best possible way but I just didn't think of how much would change.

I never knew it was possible to love somebody as much as I love Thomas I just can't put it to words what he means to me. It's just so overwhelming and everyday I love him more and more that I think I could burst with love. I also now know what it really means to put somebody else first, I don't mean I was a selfish person before but I've never had to properly care for anybody before but now I put Thomas and his needs before my own and anybody else's, I'd give up anything for Thomas.

I now know what it means to be tired, like actual dead on your feet exhausted tired. I don't know about Thomas but I can't remember the last time I slept through! I now have no sympathy for those people on Facebook who complain how tired they are after a bit of a late night. Try running on just a few hours sleep every single night for a few months and then come back to me and tell me you are tired.

I think I would also say becoming a mum has been harder than I thought it would be, even though to be fair Thomas has been a very easy laid back baby just like his parents are and we have been lucky but there have been times when I have wondered how on earth I am going to cope. In that first week when I was struggling with breast feeding and we later swapped to a bottle I felt like I had failed as a mum already because we couldn't master the most natural thing. To the long sleepless nights when I just wanted to cry because I was so tired. There have also been more than a few difficult days when Thomas hasn't been, shall we say cooperative? Some days he can be a terror nappy times are still the worst part of the day when he's being really bad it can take me a good while to put his nappy back on and we have to struggle and then Thomas screams at me. I can't believe how eager we were for him to be mobile now I just wish he would lay still for just a few minutes so I could change his nappy in peace.

Most of the time being a mum is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. I live for cuddles and those sloppy open mouth kisses he plants on my face with a bit of snot mixed in, when he's tired and all he wants is his mummy or when he's poorly and only mummy cuddles make everything better. That shows me I'm doing good so far because my son loves me and I love my son.


BabyCalm By Sarah Ockwell Smith Book Review*

Have you ever read a book before and felt like you were being talked down to, written by know it alls? Who want to tell you exactly how to live you life and give you rules you SHOULD follow. I have read a few pregnancy books and articles on the internet that have have made me feel like that so I was interested to give this book a go as I had heard a lot of good things about it.

Right from the start the author says that she isn't and doesn't want to tell you what is right and wrong but she is encouraging you to trust your own instinct as a mothers instinct is so strong. What I like about this book is that it talks about subjects that people can sometimes turn their nose up at if that's the right phrase such as attachment parenting and co-sleeping for example Sarah talks about how attachment parenting can actually make for more confident children not shy children like people may think. Sarah also touches on co-sleeping and how it is a kind of taboo subject but she explains the benefits to your child and how to do it safely. I think this book really helped me with Thomas's bedtime routine, I was thinking of turning to controlled crying but reading this book allowed me to make an informed decision and that was that option wasn't for us but it also gave us other ideas of things to try.

Another thing I like about this book is that it has lots of other mums views on the things that Sarah is talking about and it allows you to hear other people's experiences so that you can learn from them too.

If you are looking for a book that won't talk down to you I would highly recommend you giving this book a try from Amazon


Annabel Karmel's Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner *

Thomas is making really good progress with his weaning but recently I have started try and make more homemade meals for him instead of relying on the jars, but I was fast running out of ideas on what to make him. I also didn't really want to be making two separate meals every night for us both so I wanted to learn how to make meals that could be easily adapted to suit us both, Plus this way I would be watching what I eat more . As you know babies can't eat the exact same meals as us as our meals can be very salty for example babies can't have the same gravy as us or they can't eat foods that you make with stock cubes as they are too salty. So this books gives you ways around this. For example there is a recipe on how to make your own chicken stock.

The book is full of lots of weaning advice from what foods you can try as first foods right from baby's first tastes with basic meal ideas and then it gives you a meal plan idea for when you are first wanting to introduce foods to your baby. Then it takes you on to the second stage of weaning when your baby has tried out all the basic flavours then it gives you recipes to try out which are more like meals instead of just one flavour. Thomas is really enjoying the food I have been making him so far we have tried Cauliflower cheese and cheesy vegetable pasta just to name a couple and he has wolfed them down. After each section of the book there is an example meal plan so that you don't feel like you are just feeding your baby the same things which was one of my concerns before reading this book.

I can't wait to try out more of the recipes over the next few weeks with Thomas, I think the next recipes we will try out is a chicken casserole and then maybe chicken with a tomato sauce and then i will be able to have them with him. I'm also looking forward to the next next section of the book when Thomas moves on to stage 3 as the meals sound really yummy and I will definitely be making more for me to try with him too.
If you want to purchase this book it is available form Amazon Baby & Toddler meal planner


How To Deal With A Grumpy Baby With A Cold.

Thomas had a cold lately, it was all Daddy's fault he bought it home gave it to Thomas who then shared it with Mummy. I do feel sorry for Thomas when he has a cold the poor thing can't just get himself a drink if his throat is feeling a bit dry or he can't get himself some medicine if he has a headache. So we have to do a bit of guess work to find out what Thomas wants.
So I thought I would share with you a couple of tips that have got us through Thomas's cold.

1. Make sure you have calpol in the cupboards, babies can have calpol from 2months to help a cold.

2. Have a tub of snuffle babe to hand, from 3 months you can use this on your babies chest but before this we used this on a muslin and then hung it on the radiator so that the scent would fill the room.

3. Hot steamy bathrooms can also help to clear snuffly noses so if your little one is too young for any type of medicines try this. Simply take your little one in the bathroom whilst you're having a shower.

4.Offer more drinks, Fortunately Thomas has been having his milk as normal but when he last had a cold he wasn't really drinking much of his milk. So you may need to offer little and often.

5. Lots of sleep and rest. You know when Thomas is really feeling poorly as he doesn't wriggle and try to get away when you are snuggling. He also doesn't seem interested when he is on the floor with his toys.

6. Lots and lots of Mummy cuddles. I have found that this is one of the best cures for a cold. When Thomas is feeling poorly he just wants to snuggle and be close to you all the time. So your daily chores can wait, get snuggled up on the settee and have lots of cuddles with your little one until they are feeling better.


Letters To My Son #5

Hi Monkey

It's been a while since I have wrote to you so I thought I would write you a quick little letter which may turn quite long.
I really wish time would slow down you are growing so fast now I feel like you are changing from my little baby to my little boy, you are not only growing in size but you are growing as a person your cheeky personality grows by the day I can see Daddy and I will have our hands full with our cheeky little monkey. Why am I saying "will have" we already do have our hands full. You are currently obsessed with everything you shouldn't be. The living room floor could be full of toys and you will dodge them and head straight for any wires you may spot you favourite game is pulling the wires our of mine and daddies laptops. Sometimes you even turn to look at us to see if we are looking at what you are doing!
Your favourite toy at the minute is a £1 remote we bought you from the pound shop as you wont leave remotes alone so we bought you your very own one and you wont leave it alone.
You are able to get about quite easily now with your funny commando/frog hop crawl so we can't turn our backs for one minute before you are messing with something you shouldn't, gone are the days where you would quite happily lay in your play gym for ages you always need to be moving now and playing with things.
You are so inquisitive you are constantly looking at things taking the whole world in around you, which can be quite difficult when we are out shopping and you are in your baby sling and you throw your head back to look at something which may have caught your eye.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am so excited my first Christmas as a mummy to a beautiful precious little boy. I just can't help wish Christmas was still months away and I still had longer left on maternity leave with you. It makes me so sad to think February will soon be upon us and the time will come for me to go back to work and for you to start nursery. I know it will be great for you and your development and I know you will enjoy it but it makes me sad as it means my baby boy is getting older. I am so so so glad that I will only be working part time at first though which means we will still get lots and lots of Mummy & Thomas days we will just have to make them super special.

I will leave it there now baby boy and promise that I will write again very soon.

All my love
forever & ever
Mummy xxxx


Sitting Up

Over the past month or so we have been trying to get Thomas more confident with his sitting up. At first he only managed a couple of seconds but he is slowly getting stronger and can sit up for longer unaided until he forgets what he is supposed to be doing and wobbles and goes over.
Now though he can sit up for quite a long time but I still don't feel confident with leaving him sitting up playing .

Thomas can sit for a long time when he has toys to concentrate on but like I say eventually forgets he's sitting up by himself and then wobbles over.

Has anybody got any tips on how to make babies more confident with their sitting up?


No Such Thing As A Perfect Parent

Over the past couple of days/ weeks I have noticed quite a few dramas and silly comments going on, on Twitter I'm not normally one to take much notice I normally just skip past silly remarks people make. However it is really starting to grate on me especially recently when I saw a horrible comment made about somebody else's parenting styles from somebody who isn't even a mum yet. Why can't people just understand that everybody has different views and styles of parenting, wouldn't it be boring it everybody bought their children up in the same way?
There are things that other parents do that I don't agree with but I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, there may be reasons behind what people do, reasons that you don't know about.

What annoys me the most is that these silly comments go on between mums about other mums aren't there enough people out there who make ridiculous comments about mums without us doing it ourselves.
I probably do lots of things other people won't agree with and do you know what, I don't really give a monkeys what people think.

Sometimes I co-sleep with Thomas I always ensure he is safe and since he was born I have been a light sleeper anyway so any movement from him and I'm awake. People say it's a bad habit to get in to but Thomas still also settles in his cot.

I've given Thomas a couple of milky buttons only about 3 in his life but as long as he has a healthy balanced diet what's wrong with him having treats in the future as long as he hasn't got a mouth full of cake everyday (which I wouldn't allow) ? I eat sweets, crisps and chocolate and I did when I was little and I'm healthy and not over weight so wouldn't I be a hypocrite if I didn't let Thomas have any when he's older?

I don't breastfeed, Thomas and I couldn't get on with it. I get that breastfeeding is better for the baby but does there need to be so much pressure put on it? I'm fed up of bottle feeding being seen as failing. I cried when I had to give up breastfeeding I felt as if I was failing at being a mum after just one week and it shouldn't be like that.

I'm a good parent, my son is healthy and happy and that is all that matters to me, as a parent I can only do what is best for my son. I'm not a perfect parent they don't exist but I am the best parent I can be for my son and I meet all of his needs. I will make mistakes because we all do you are silly if you think you won't. Being a parent is hard at times and we don't need it made harder with all these silly comments.

In the words of that girl on mean girls "Why can't we all just get along and bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles and we'd all just eat it and be happy!"


Our Baby Massage Experience - My Crafty Mummy

As part on my baby massage series Amy from shares her baby massage experiences and how it has helped her with her beautiful baby boy Xander

Recently I enrolled both myself and Xander on a baby massage course. If I'm honest I didn't know much about baby massage and was persuaded to sign up for it by my cousin who has a little girl a few weeks older than Xander. The sessions were put on by my local SureStart Children's Centre and was free of charge. There was three sessions in total held on a Friday afternoon. All you had to bring was a towel, some olive/vegetable oil and you and baby of course!

I have to admit I was quite nervous before the first session as I didn't know a huge amount about baby massage and it was also the first mummy and baby activity we had done together. What if all the other mums knew each other already??

I was worrying about nothing! All three sessions were utterly enjoyable. The first session covered massage strokes on baby's legs, the second session covered body and head strokes and the third session covered arms and back. We was given stage by stage diagrams to take away to use and practice with. Which was just as well as it was a loot of information to take in.

Xander absolutely enjoyed the massage! It completely chilled him out!

Baby massage is a lovely way to bond with your baby and relax them. The best time to massage your baby is to incorporate it into your bathtime routine.  Baby massage also has health benefits for your baby, there are strokes to help ease colic and wind.

After three weeks I was sad to see these sessions ending, but a wonderful outcome is the brilliant mummy and baby friends we've made! We now regularly meet up with them at other baby groups and even been out for coffee after sessions!

If you haven't considered baby massage before I would urge you to give it a go. There are several good books on the market to buy and many children's centres offer courses for free of charge or for a small fee.


Baby Items Not To Waste Your Money On

When you are buying for a your baby and you are walking around Mothercare or Babies R Us you think you need absolutely everything that you lay your eyes on. Then along comes baby and you realise you don't use half the stuff you bought. I thought I would share some of the things that I think are a bit pointless and I wish I didn't bother buying.

Baby Bath - Thomas absolutely hated his bath I think it was because he didn't feel very safe in it but everytime we bathed him he screamed and screamed. Then once when we were stopping with Davids mum Thomas has an exploding leaky nappy poop incident and we had to wash him in his mums bathroom sink and he loved it. As soon as we got home we got rid of the bath and washed him in the sink, and now he has a big bath sponge and he has loved bath times since.

Baby Shoes - Yes they are soooo cute but honestly do babies ever keep them on. Do they even stay on if your baby doesn't mess with them. Thomas's shoes never stay on but I am thinking about getting him some ugg style boots now it's getting cold as I know they will stay on.

Bottle Warmer - You may think that you couldn't of lived with out yours but for me mine was a complete waste of time I had a Tommee Tippee one and it was a complete waste of time it took about 5+ minutes to warm a bottle up. A jug of boiling water or a quick 40 second blast in the microwave works much better (Make sure you give your bottle a good shake afterwards though so there are no hot spots)

Changing Table - Now although I like mine it's a good place for storage I hardly ever use the changing table part. If you can get one cheap it's great for storage but it's not something you NEED.

150ml Bottles - I really don't know why I bothered buying these they are completely pointless. As your baby grows obviously the amount of milk they need grows with them so after a few weeks these bottles become redundant so always buy the bigger bottles.

Baby clothes for the wrong seasons - When you first go shopping for baby clothes you will want to buy every single cute thing you see. Think about how old you baby will be in each season. I currently have a pair of Tigger sandles that will only just fit Thomas now and a shorts and T-shirt set that will fit him around Christmas.

What have been your baby buying regrets? Products you thought you would love and use all the time yet never did?


Our Weaning Journey - Homemade Foods.

First of all let me apologise for the lighting and picture quality I was doing this in the evening so I didn't have great lighting.

I've always wanted to make mostly homemade foods for Thomas mainly because it is cheaper as we have the vegetables in anyway, but also because this way I know exactly what is going in to his food. Before I began the weaning process I sent off for the free 5 step weaning plan Cow & Gate have on their website here This is a fab little book it's got lots of advice in it for each step of the weaning process as well as really easy recipes for each of the stages.

So I decided to give it a go and make Thomas some homemade purées. They are so simple to make I went for Parsnip and carrot for my first go. 

All you need to do is wash and peel both the carrot and parsnip and then chop them up and then steam them for the normal amount of time.

Next step is to put them in to a container suitable for blending, I was going to do it in the small containers in the previous picture but that could have got messy so I opted for the measuring jug option.

Add a little cooled boiled hot water or you can use some of their milk and blend until it is puréed. It's that simple. At the minute I am using just a cheap hand blender that was £10 from Tesco (Ask David about this he knows all about it) and this did the job with the vegetables but I'm not sure what it will be like when it comes to adding meats to his foods.

Most of the recipes in the book are suitable for freezing so you can either buy little pots to store them in the freezer or you can put the purée in to ice cube trays so you can just pop them out when you need them.

Sadly the night I made these Thomas wasn't in an eating mood he wouldn't even eat one of his jars but at least I have some for another night.

Do you make homemade baby food? I'd love to hear some of your recipes that your babies have loved.


Going Back To Work Worries

I can't believe that it is November already this year has gone so so quick, Thomas is 5 whole months old already! This also means that I only have 3 and a bit months of maternity leave left until I have to go back to work and this upsets me so much, even though I will only be going back part time at first it still makes me so sad that I wont be seeing Thomas all day everyday.

It also worries me about him going in to nursery as he is such a mummy's boy if I'm out of sight too long he gets upset and it's a struggle for anybody else to settle him then, even people in our family find it difficult. Thomas is also quite a pain to get to have a nap during the day and again other people struggle to get him to settle even David does sometimes. I just keep picturing him at nursery screaming his head off all day! I know it wont be that bad and Thomas will soon get used to being there but the first couple of weeks just worry me like mad :(

I guess I am going to have to start leaving him with members of our family for a couple of hours a week and then build it up to a full day so that he gets used to being away from me.

I'd love to know your experiences of returning to work after maternity leave and how long it took your baby to settle in to nursery?


Newborn Baby Essentials

I thought I would go through A few things that I think are essentials for your new babies. There are hundreds of things that you can be tricked in to buying but most of them you can do with out and to be honest there are some that are just a big waste of money. In the months before your baby is due money can be a bit tight as there are so many things you do need to buy.

Nappies - Nappies Nappies Nappies you go through so many and lets face it your baby will be wearing these for a good couple of years. So I would recommend everytime you do your monthly shop pick up a packet of nappies and make sure you get a variety of different sizes. You can also pick up a few different brands so that you can pick your favourite.

Baby Wipes - You will also get through so many of these you wont believe. For nappy changes and also in the future for wiping messy faces and sticky hands when you are out and about. I would recommend picking these up whenever you see them on special offer. My nan bless her gets us so many packets of baby wipes everytime we go to see her she has packets for us.

Changing Mat - To keep nappy changes as clean as possible poop can get EVERYWHERE.

Nappy rash cream - Luckily Thomas hasn't had nappy rash yet but some babies can get it quite bad and it can be brought on by teething so it's always handy to have some just incase.

Changing Bag - It doesn't need to be anything expensive Boots parenting club even give away free ones that are pretty good we have kept ours for if David ever takes Thomas out on his own so he doesn't have to take my girly one with him. I would say though by one that is good quality though because you will be taking this absolutely everywhere with you for as long as your baby is in nappies.

Bottles & Steriliser - Even if you start off thinking you are going to breast feed like I did I would still recommend getting some bottles and a steriliser just incase for whatever reason it might not work for you and your baby like it didn't for me and Thomas. Plus you can always use them if you want to express in the future. (If like me you decide to use Tommee Tippee bottles don't bother getting the smaller size bottles just go straight for the big ones as the amount of milk your baby needs soon increases so the smaller bottles will become useless after a few weeks so they are a complete waste of money) You will also need a bottle brush too.

Cot/Crib or Moses Basket - You need to decide what you want your baby to sleep in when they come home. Some people completely miss out Moses Baskets and go straight to cots. You can buy these second hand but please please please always buy new matresses.

Blankets and Bedding - You will need quite a few blankets for using as covers as night and also for use with the pram when you take your baby out.

Pram/ Carseat - You need these ready from day one to bring your baby home. Do your research and test a few out in the shops before you make up your mind. I would highly recommend looking in to travel systems.

Muslin Cloths - These are so so handy I seem to have one permantely over my shoulder or by my side they catch little sicky dribbles. I find these are better than the shoulder pad things that you can get as these mop up mess much better.

Bips - You may think that your baby won't need bips until they are older but they do. If you have a little dribbler like me he dribbles when he feeds and also he started teething at 2 months so they catch the dribble.

Vests - Now the weather is getting a lot colder you will need to make sure your baby is warm enough as they can't maintain their heat like we can. I'll be honest with you when Thomas was born after a couple of weeks we didn't bother with vests as it was quite warm so maybe that's something to think about if you are having a summer baby, we ended up with lots and lots of vests which he never wore but thankfully the 0-3 vests still fit him now he needs them.

Sleepsuits - As obviously they need something to sleep in.

Scratch Mitts - When Thomas was first born we didn't bother with scratch mitts as he never scratched him self but now he has cradle cap and baby eczema he is very itchy. If you can find sleep suits where you can fold the sleeves over to form mitts and obviously your baby wont be able to pull them off.

Socks/ Booties - You have to keep the little tootsies warm.

Hats - When your baby is first born they will need a little cotton hat to keep them warm, as I have said before they cant maintain their temperature. You will also need a thicker hat now its getting cold for when you go out.

Cardigans/ Coats - Especially now it's getting cold your baby needs more layers. If you are checking your babies temperature feel their chest or back and don't let them get too warm (don't go by their hands, feet, face and these are sometimes cool even if your baby is quite warm)

Baby Monitors - If you are going to be putting your baby to bed before you go bed then you then these are a must. In the early weeks when Thomas was napping all over the place I didn't take him upstairs until I was ready to go bed. Now he is in a routine and goes to sleep about 7:30 obviously we have to use them.

Play Mat - Even at a couple of days old babies need some sort of stimulation they don't want to be lying in their Moses basket staring at the ceiling so get them a nice colourful mat with some dangly toys to look at.

Swing Chair - We have the Fisherprice space saver swing chair and it was an absolute god send in the early days. Thomas is such a nosey baby so always wanted to have a good view of everything. Plus it use to be the only way I could get him to take naps. If you can try and get a chair that will swing, vibrate and play music and babies find this very soothing.

What do mummys need in the early days?
You do need to think of yourself too and there are some essentials that you need.

Massive big pants - If like me you need an unexpected C-section you will be living in big pants for a long time after. So get yourself a few packs just incase plus you will need them as you will be wear pads, which takes me to my next item.

Maternity Pads - You will get through packs and packs of these after birth as you will bleed rather heavily for quite a few weeks after. Whether you have a natural birth or a section. I just got Boots own brand and I think they were about £1.10 so stock up.

Breast Pads - Whether you breast feed or not you will still need these as some mummys still get leaky even if they don't breast feed.

Nipple Cream - I recommend Lanolin simply because it works and you don't need to wash your nip before you feed your baby as it doesn't matter if they ingest it.


Our Weaning Journey - Different tastes

Thomas has been having some food before he goes bed for about 2/3 weeks now. I have been giving him baby rice, banana and peach breakfast and mashed banana. Now he has got use to eating off the spoon and he is enjoying the food I have decided to start introducing stronger tastes to Thomas.

At the minute we are just using some jars although I have a hand blender now so I am going to start making my own food too. Baby food looks pretty disgusting doesn't it. 

I don't think I would be very impressed eating something the same colour as baby poop either Thomas.

It took a little while for him to get use to the taste of spinach and potato bake. I love his face in this picture.

No he isn't doing the hand motion to a naughty word he is expressing how much he is enjoying what he is eating he's saying "Yeahhhh get in ma belly"

I love how excited Thomas gets when he is eating and I hope he carries on enjoying it. This was the most Thomas has ever ate  he finished half a jar so mummy was very impressed with her big boy.

I will be doing a post soon about the food I make for Thomas so keep a look out for that if you are wanting some home made weaning food recipes.


When Did Your Baby First Roll Over?

For any new mummy you never know when to expect your new baby to reach the various development milestones. Head over to Wriggley Rascals to have a read of my guest post on there, where I talk about when Thomas first began to roll over and what I think helped him to get there. You can read my full post here
Also there is a little survey you can complete here all about when your little bundle of joy started to roll to share your experience and to give other mums support.


Changing Rooms

The time has finally come for my baby boy to leave us and move in to his own room. I have been putting it off for a while but he has outgrown his moses basket now. I wish we had room to but his cot in our room but as it is quite a big cot bed unfortunately there just isn't the space.

So last week I put him in his cot and I got quite teary even now as I type this I am my baby is growing far too fast I wish time would just slow down a little bit. I was suprised about how sad I feel about it I can't just have a little peak at him during the night when I wake up and I can't just fall asleep listening to him breathe...or rather snore (he sounds like his daddy after a few pints!) Even when I sit down stairs after he has gone sleep for some reason I miss him even more now he is in his own room, how silly does that sound?

How teeny does Thomas look in his cot.

Thomas has taken to his new enviroment pretty well when I give him his bottle before bed nearly every night he falls asleep after he has bought his wind up so I have been placing him in his cot when he has been asleep. When Thomas wakes for his bottle during the night it take's him a little longer to settle as he is so busy looking around. The one slight problem I'm having at the minute is that the curtains in his room are quite thin so he is waking when it starts getting light. So we need blinds for the rest of the house but we will be getting some for his room pretty soon.


The Importance Of Tummy Time

This was a guest post I had originally done for Tummywithmummy

Tummy Time is an important part of a babys development it helps them to develop motor skills, strengthen their necks and helps them to learn how to push up ready for crawling.
At first Thomas didn't like tummy time he use to cry so I got down on the floor with him on my tummy and spoke to him and played with him that way and he soon got use to it and started to enjoy it.

Thomas has always had a strong neck when he was a few hours old he was lifting his own head and looking around for a few seconds when you picked him up obviously it was still a bit wobbly so you had to have your hand at the ready just incase.

The picture in my blog header was taken when Thomas was a few weeks old and he could hold his head on his own for quite a few minutes at a time.

Thomas is just getting stronger and stronger by the day he has been able to roll from his back to front and back again for the past couple of weeks now and know he spends more time on his tummy than his back in the day you just can't keep him on his back, after all he has a better view of the world from his tummy than staring at the ceiling.

The only problem now is he is getting increasingly frustrated because he can't move but I don't think it will be that long before he is off.

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