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Letter's To My Son #8

Dear my beautiful Thomas

We have recently enjoyed your very first holiday and what a lovely time we had. Although you were harder work than normal you enjoyed every second and so did Daddy and I, we absolutely loved watching you toddling around have having fun. We got you a little paddling pool and you LOVED it, you didn't even wait for me to put your swim shorts on half the time just climbed in fully clothed. You love being treated like a big boy, you enjoyed your morning walk to the shop with daddy to get a paper and watching you toddle off waving at me just filled my heart with so much love.

You have recently learned how to get peoples attention and how to make people laugh the main thing you do is the cheeky grin like in the photo above and you are a monkey with it! You like to pull it out when you know you are doing something naughty like throwing your food on the floor and I tell you it's naughty and you flash this grin I have to turn away because it makes me smile so much. You do it all the more if we smile or laugh at you.

If we are in a small shop or if I am talking to somebody and they don't speak to you or pay you any attention you will make noises and try to get in their line of view until they speak to you and then you act all cute.

Just lately you seem to be learning something new everyday and I'm just left in awe of you just lately grandad taught you to climb stairs which I wasn't too chuffed about as now every step you see you want to climb up. You recently come home from Grandads after an afternoon of playing with your cars together and you now make "brrrrrm" noises whenever you play with them it's just so cute and special I love watching you in your own little world when you're playing. You are growing far too quick but I am loving every second.

Love you so much baby boy
Mummy xx


Letters To My Son Happy 1st Birthday

Dear Thomas,

A year ago the minute this post goes live I gave birth to you, my son - the most beautiful little person I have ever seen and in that amazing moment my life changed forever, I became your mum. Remembering that very first time you were placed in my arms makes my stomach flip and brings tears to my eyes. Looking in to your eyes, kissing your head, smelling that new born baby smell I just can't put in to words how special that moment was, I will treasure that memory for the rest of my life.

I can remember that night when I was taken back to the ward and daddy had to leave us and go home. After I had been given tea and toast I held you again and we started to get to know each other. I barely slept that night I just couldn't take my eyes off you even though you slept soundly all night I woke so many times just to have a little look at my beautiful baby and just to listen out to you breathing. It makes me feel so full of love just thinking back to that time.

This past year has been completely amazing watching you grow from a baby to a little boy, seeing you learn new things and being with you to witness all of your firsts so far has been amazing and I'm so looking forward to watching you continue to grow and learn new things as you get older.

I apologise now if I cry a little tomorrow but part of me is sad that your baby year is over, I just feel so sad that time is going so fast I just wish that I could just slow time down a bit. I am also excited to see what your second year brings to see your cheeky personality flourish.

Happy Birthday darling I hope your day is filled with happiness, fun, cuddles and love you are our special little boy daddy and I love and adore you with all of our hearts.

All my love
Mummy xx


Letters To My Son - 10 Months Old

Dear Thomas,

You are now a big 10 months old, you have your own beautiful, cheeky personality that shines through and every single day you make me more and more proud of you. I have just been reading through the last update I wrote for you and you have changed and grown so much since then. When I last updated you had just learned how to crawl properly and now you have recently learned how to walk around using your push along walker. The look on your face when you first did it was amazing you looked so proud of yourself a big beaming smile with your mouth wide open like you do. Mummy was so proud of you my big clever boy. Now you push anything around that you find if it means being able to walk, I don't think it will be long until you start to take proper steps you just need a little more confidence.

You know have two little toothy pegs, the first one was horrible coming through and it caused you so many sleepless nights but then the second one just slipped through and I didn't even realise until Daddy pointed it out! Now you sleep like an angel most nights unless its a night before I have to go to work and then sometimes you decide to be a little monkey but I don't mind.

I have been back at work now for nearly 2 months and although it was hard leaving you at first you have settled in so well at nursery and I can tell you enjoy going because you are full of smiles every morning when I leave you and I can wave bye bye and you don't bother. You even have a best friend there another little boy who is a little older than you and you will be going to his birthday party a couple of weeks before your birthday.

I can't believe we have already started buying your 1st birthday presents and organising you party. Time definitely goes much quick once you have a child. Which is why I always try to make the most of every minute we spend together. You have recently been a little poorly with yet another cold and this one really took it out of you, I've never known you sleep so much even when you were a new born baby. In those two days when your cold was at its worst I missed you so much even though you hardly left my arms because you weren't my normal happy smiley Thomas. I'm so glad you are back to your normal mischievous self though now.

That's all for now my beautiful boy I will write to you again soon.
All my love
Mummy xxxx


Letters To My Son - My 1st Mother's Day

Hello my cheeky little monkey

Today has been my first Mother's Day and I woke to your beautiful face and then we had cuddles and you climbed all over me and pinched my glasses as you do every morning. We shared toast in bed and got crumbs everywhere but who cares? To be honest everyday feels like Mother's day, everyday I wake up and see your beautiful face and feel truly blessed to be your mum.

My first Mothers Day card you made at nursery is the most special card I have ever had 

Everyday we spend as much time as we possibly can together even before I have to take you in to nursery we sit and have a cuddle in the car until I really have to take you in. Everyday I shower you in kisses and cuddles and you cuddle me back and just lately you think you are kissing me back as you put your head close to mine and try to eat me.

I love you so much my beautiful boy and I thank you for making everyday so special and also thank you for making being a mummy easy (most of the time) and I thank my lucky stars that I am your mummy and you are my son.

All my love
Mummy xxx


Letters To My Son 8 Month Update

Dear Thomas

You are now 8 months old and I just can't believe how fast time is going I go back to work in a couple of weeks and you will be starting nursery properly. You have been doing a few hours at nursery and you are enjoying it. I was a bit worried because you can be quite clingy to me but you have been fine. In fact I am surprised how well you have been getting on. I think the real test for both of us will be when you do your first full day at nursery and I do my first full day at work. I will miss you like crazy and there wont be a second that goes by that I wont be thinking about you and wondering whether you are ok and having fun.

Over the last few weeks you are becoming more and more of a handful, the days that you would sit in your chair whilst mummy gets things done is long gone unless you are being fed you don't like sitting in your chair for more than 5 minutes. You pull yourself up on every sort of surface available and you have had a few bumps and tumbles but I think with you we will be having a lot more of those.
You have also started to crawl properly now although you can get around so much faster and easier I kinda miss your special little crawl I'm so glad that we have a video of it so that we don't forget it.

Bedtimes are still a trauma though you really don't take after me on that front I just don't understand why babies don't like going to sleep it's a good thing I would love more of it! Plus you are always in a much better mood after a good sleep. Maybe something to think about?

I will write to you again soon. Perhaps after I have done my first few weeks at work.

All my love forever and ever
Mummy xxx


Letters To My Son #5

Hi Monkey

It's been a while since I have wrote to you so I thought I would write you a quick little letter which may turn quite long.
I really wish time would slow down you are growing so fast now I feel like you are changing from my little baby to my little boy, you are not only growing in size but you are growing as a person your cheeky personality grows by the day I can see Daddy and I will have our hands full with our cheeky little monkey. Why am I saying "will have" we already do have our hands full. You are currently obsessed with everything you shouldn't be. The living room floor could be full of toys and you will dodge them and head straight for any wires you may spot you favourite game is pulling the wires our of mine and daddies laptops. Sometimes you even turn to look at us to see if we are looking at what you are doing!
Your favourite toy at the minute is a £1 remote we bought you from the pound shop as you wont leave remotes alone so we bought you your very own one and you wont leave it alone.
You are able to get about quite easily now with your funny commando/frog hop crawl so we can't turn our backs for one minute before you are messing with something you shouldn't, gone are the days where you would quite happily lay in your play gym for ages you always need to be moving now and playing with things.
You are so inquisitive you are constantly looking at things taking the whole world in around you, which can be quite difficult when we are out shopping and you are in your baby sling and you throw your head back to look at something which may have caught your eye.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am so excited my first Christmas as a mummy to a beautiful precious little boy. I just can't help wish Christmas was still months away and I still had longer left on maternity leave with you. It makes me so sad to think February will soon be upon us and the time will come for me to go back to work and for you to start nursery. I know it will be great for you and your development and I know you will enjoy it but it makes me sad as it means my baby boy is getting older. I am so so so glad that I will only be working part time at first though which means we will still get lots and lots of Mummy & Thomas days we will just have to make them super special.

I will leave it there now baby boy and promise that I will write again very soon.

All my love
forever & ever
Mummy xxxx


Letter To My Son–4 Month Update

Dear Thomas,
You are now 4 months old, 4 whole months I don’t know where this time is going but I wish it would slow down. You are growing and changing every single day I sit and watch you rolling around on the floor and wonder why my little baby who napped all day has gone.
You really have got the hang of this rolling over business as soon as I put you on the floor your over, which makes changing your nappy hard work now I turn my head to get a wipe and you’ve rolled over. One of these days I will turn my head and you will have crawled away. It wont be long until you are crawling just these last couple of days you’ve started getting on your knees and sticking your little bottom in the air, you just need a bit more strength to get you up.
I think sometimes you need to remember you are only 4 months old you get so frustrated when you cant do what your think you can do but it wont be long baby boy and we wont be able to stop you.
You can also now blow raspberries it is one of your favourite tricks and you love talking to everybody, or should I say shout at everybody. It’s like you can really understand us and you are telling us a really good story as you get so excited.
Over the last couple of days I have started giving you, your first tastes of food. You have been having your first spoonful's of baby rice and you are really enjoying it. I cant believe how easy it has been so far I just can’t wait for you to try new tastes as at the minute your rice does just taste of your milk.
I love you so, so much Thomas and even after a bad day when I’m wanting bedtime to hurry up as soon as your in bed I miss you. We are going to have to put you in your cot soon in your room. We have been putting it off for a while simply because that means your getting bigger and I wont be able to just peep over at you when I wake up during the night or I wont be able to fall asleep watching you sleep.
Infact I’m going to go up and have a little look at you now. I can’t believe I am so lucky I am truly blessed to be your mummy.
I love you little man
Mummy xx


Letters To My Son #4

Dear My Beautiful Boy,

I just thought I would write you a little letter as I haven't for a while. You are currently sitting in your chair keeping yourself amused by talking to yourself and kicking your legs around, everyday you are growing and changing from a little baby to a little boy. You are developing your own cheeky personality when me and your daddy talk to us you give us a very cheeky little smile (I've just looked at you and got a massive smile you are such a happy smiley boy) and we have lots of little chats, you have definitely found your voice.
Your day time naps are getting shorter and shorter now which means you want to be kept occupied a lot more now so we spend lots of time playing in your doughnut with your little toys and we have lots of smiles together and little chats you make me so so happy!

I am so proud to be your Mummy you are such a good boy and whenever we get stopped by anybody when we are shopping and they talk to you, you give them a big smile and they are totally taken by you. It's difficult to get around now without being stopped.

Anyway you have just woken up from your morning nap so I had better get your bottle ready for you plus I want a cuddle :)

Lots of love
Mummy xx


Letters To My Son #3

Dear My Beautiful Thomas

Well baby boy you are here you have been like a whirlwind in our lives and you have completely taken our lives and house and we love it. Even though you are nearly 4 weeks old now I still can't stop looking at you I can't quite believe you are our son.
You have met nearly all of your family now and everybody is completely in love with you, you have already been completely spoilt by everybody they have bought you so many lovely presents and you now have more clothes than mummy and daddy put together the only shame is you have hardly any that fit just yet even the newborn stuff is a bit too big hehe. everbody we see tells us how beautiful you are and how content you seem because you are such a good boy, I'm such a proud mummy.
You are such a clever little boy since day 1 you have been holding your head up on your own for a couple of minutes at a time and now you can hold it up for ages whilst you look around your surrounding being nosey. Over the last couple of days you have been trying your hardest to smile and laugh especially when your daddy and I are being silly with you. You have also started to copy our facial expressions and have started to lick your tongue when we do it to you.
The health visitor came to see you on Wednesday and you were weighed again and you are now 9lb6 your are growing lovely you were 7lb14 when you were born and have put on weight every week you will be a big boy soon.
Well Thomas I had better go now so I can grab some breakfast now whilst your are asleep before you wake up again.

All my love


Letters To My Son #3

Hello my little yorkshire pudding

How are you? Are you enjoying kicking around in my belly and keeping me awake at night? I bet you are you little tinker.
Well I have just turned 37 weeks I am now full term so feel free to make an appearance any time don't feel like you have to keep us waiting we are all so desperate to meet you!
I have started my maternity leave now so I am enjoying taking it easy and trying to rest before you come along but I am getting a little bored already. Although over the next couple of weeks I have plenty of washing to be doing and sorting the last bits out ready for your arrival.
Last weekend your Daddy and I went to a birth preparation class, which was quite good as we got to have a look around the birth centre where we will be having you it made us even more excited as it means we are getting so close to meeting you now. We have another class this weekend which discusses the later parts of labour and relaxation techniques and pain relief.

Mummy fainted on Monday when I was with the midwife getting checked out we think it was because I was lying on my back for a bit too long which is something you aren't suppose to do so I fainted. It was pretty scary as your heart rate dropped quite low but luckily it came back up and I was still feeling you wriggling around but we still have to spend the night in hospital just to make doubly sure you were ok as I ended up fainting again when I was getting checked out in hospital but I think that was because my blood sugars had gone rather low. Your Daddy and I are so glad everything is ok with you just hope you are here soon.

Love you little man


Letter To My Son #2

Hello little one,

I can't believe just how quick time is going, I hope it doesn't go this quick when you are actually here. I am now 32 weeks pregnant which means it could hopefully be just 8 weeks until you are here. Your Daddy and I are so excited to meet you! He is desperate to take you to rugby with him to show you off, he is going to be such a proud Daddy he has it all planned. Even down to what outfits you will wear when your chilling with him on a sunday afternoon watching rugby games.

Last Sunday was Mothers day and your Daddy got me a little card from you which made my day, he said you used morse code when you kick him to tell him to get me one. I can't believe Mothers day next year you will be here with me we will have to get Daddy to make us breakfast in bed won't we.

I often find myself day dreaming wondering what you will look like and what sort of personality will you have. What will it be like when you are here? I bet you will be one gorgeous little boy I know that for sure.

Write to you soon
All my love
Mummy x


Letter To My Son #1

To my little boy

I've decided to start writing you little letters every now and then both before your even born and then when you are here with us. So that some day we can look back on these and see how our lives change when you arrive.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and the weeks are flying by although I'd like them to go a little quicker so you are here sooner but for now you stay where you are nice and snug and cooking nicely and squirming and kicking around in my belly. My bump is slowly begining to get bigger your daddy even commented that it's looking even bigger today.

We found out that you were a boy last week on the 4th January and we are so so happy, We had a feeling all along you were a boy but when the midwife confirmed it for us we were so excited. I still can't believe it i'm going to have a son.
On Sunday we went shopping and got lots of clothes for you using our left over vouchers we had for the wedding. We've go lots of clothes to last you for the year and you now have a better wardrobe than me! Your daddy wants you to be a mini me he had us buying you little sweatpants for when your chilling out on the settee watching rugby with him and some cardigans like what he wears for next winter. Your grandad Mark had a chuckle when he saw them because he always makes fun of your daddy because he loves wearing cardigans.

Right little man i'm off to have a bath now. Will write to you again soon.

Love Mummy
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