Bucket List

There is so many things I want to achieve I thought I would list them all and then I can show you as I cross them off my list.

  1. Get a house with a garden Completed 9/13
  2. Get a bigger family car Completed 8/13
  3. Finish 5 books before the year is out
  4. Upcycle a piece of furniture Completed 8/13
  5. Decorate a house
  6. Spend a full day in a garden from breakfast to bedtime.
  7. Build a den with Thomas
  8. Make a snowman with Thomas
  9. Have a family film PJ day
  10. Hand make Christmas cards for 2013
  11. Visit Scotland
  12. Have another brilliant holiday in 2014
  13. Have a teddy bears picnic
  14. Make successful salt dough Christmas tree decorations
  15. Make some crafty Christmas presents
  16. Go on a picnic
  17. Go in a hot air balloon
  18. Go to Twickenham with David
  19. Have a romantic weekend away with David
  20. Learn more about Photography
  21. Take Thomas swimming more
  22. Complete my wreck this journal
  23. Take a photo of Thomas's heigh each week for a year
  24. Take photos with Thomas in a photo booth
  25. Take more family photos
  26. Get another tattoo
  27. Make a travel journal
  28. Take up running
  29. Raise money for charity
  30. Give blood

1 comment:

  1. Love this! I might just take 'inspiration' from you (well, steal your idea) and do my own bucket list....putting it in print forces you to stick to it, I think! x


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