It’s that time of the year

It’s that time of the year, and best trading cryptocurrency app there are probably a lot of gifts on your list. And if you run your own business (even if it’s just you and your blog), you have even more gifts to give. You know, gifts for clients, business partners, vendors, customers. That gets expensive.

An ecard is a popular choice, but let’s be honest—it’s not much of a gift. Instead, consider giving an ebook made with Blurb for something truly memorable (and economical). Whether it’s your writing, your images, your designs, a selection of your favorite blog posts—or some representation of whatever it is you and your business do—it’s an e-gift that’s all you.

Blurb’s ebooks run right on the iPad or cryptocurrencies trading in dubai in the iBooks app that’s part of Mac OS X Mavericks. For the Apple-free folks on your receiving list, you can create an Instant PDF that’s readable on pretty much every device.

Blurb’s fixed-format ebooks can include text, imagery, links, audio, and video. So you could even include a little office Christmas caroling as an added bonus. Or not; that depends on your singing voice. But a link to your website? That’s a no-brainer.

Ebooks are extremely inexpensive. For just £5.99 you can create an ebook of any size and then give away as many copies as you like simply by sending the download link to your customers, clients, and friends. The Instant PDF is just £2.49 to create.

And for those really special clients, you can still make a gift they can physically open—a printed book.

So, why not get started?”


Thomas Visits Santa

There is a little garden centre really close to us which Santa has been visiting lately with his reindeers so I cryptocurrency exchange margin trading thought we had better take Thomas to see them so that he could tell Santa what he wanted this year for Christmas so that he wouldn't be disappointed Christmas morning. I'm not really sure which of Santa's reindeers were at the garden centre all I know is that Rudolph wasn't there as none of these reindeers had a shiny red nose.

We went inside Santa's grotto and it was full of big moving figures which Thomas was a bit unsure of and didn't want to get too close to so he didn't want to stray too far away from mummy or daddy who were there to keep him safe.

There we lovely little villages set up at eye level for Thomas so he loved to walk around looking at them and explaining to mummy and daddy in his own little way what was going on. Thomas also loved the twinkly lights and was mesmerized by them and loved pointing them out to us and saying wow. 

A quick stop for a family photo it's just a shame that the quality isn't great as it was a crappy Iphone photo but nevermind it has all three of us and and we are all smiling a lovely little family moment.

Here is Thomas again telling me about the little house with the little people outside he's saying "there" "wow"

It was finally Thomas's turn to visit Santa and even though he was a bit weary we told Santa what he wanted for Christmas which was a car, a train set and a slide and Thomas said yes and we told Santa that Thomas was a very good boy..(Most of the time) Thomas was alright at a distance but didn't really want to get too close to Santa for a photo but I don't blame him, he can be quite a scary looking person with that big white beard covering most of his face but we managed to get a little photo with Santa.

It was time to say bye bye and Thomas gave him a wave before we could go and choose a present and Thomas was a very lucky boy and got a little tool set which I am sure will come in helpful.


Britain's Best blanket Fort Competition

 Thomas and I have never made a den before so when I heard of Britains Best Blanket Fort Competition I thought this would be the perfect excuse to make Thomas his very first den and so we got to work mummy did all of the manual labour whilst Thomas project managed and supervised the building work.

I just used the kitchen table as the frame and draped some fluffy blankets over the sides to make it a bit more cosy

I draped two of his daddy's Christmas jumpers over the chairs to make them look nice and festive and draped some fairy lights over them. I also put a spare duvet cover over the floor to make it a bit nicer than sitting on the cold laminate floor.

Thomas also took some of his teddies in to his den so he would have a little company and mummy could read his story to all of them.

Thomas loves sitting in his little den and getting cosy I think it might be difficult trying to get him to go to boring bed tonight!

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