Introducing Nonabox*

Nonabox is a new monthly subscription box for parents to give them the opportunity to try out new products that you perhaps wouldn’t have heard about before or wouldn’t even think to try. Nonabox aims to send you products specifically for your baby’s age and sex so that you don’t get products that your little one has already grown out of.

The Nonabox's cost £25 a month with free P&P and for that you get a beautifully presented box of products you can see from the photos above what I received in my box apart from an Ella's kitchen meal pot. I got 7 products in my box 

Cloud B sheep
MAM Toothbrush
Ella's kitchen meal
Beaba Spoon
Baby Cup
Water Wipes
Gumi Gem teething necklace
I am counting the wipes as one product as they are only packets of 10 wipes. I have seen reviews other people have done and it seems like they have got a lot more things in their boxes but I suppose that depends on the age of your baby/toddler.

I will be honest with you I have not been completely won over by this box but I am interested to see what will be in the next box. If you sign up to the Nonabox subscription service on a month by month basis and you can cancel at any time.


All the fun of decorating with an enthusiastic toddler*

As you all know, we have recently just moved house, there’s been a lot going on but we’re starting to get settled into our lovely new home. Thomas’s room is completely finished, which I’m really happy about as I wanted his room done first, to make the move easier for him. I’m getting there with the rest of the decorating but with Thomas running around it can be quite hard. So, I’ve decided to make him apart of the process and to help mummy make the decisions about what we’re going to have in each room.
I think it’s important for him to be a part of the moving-in process and I love spending time with my little boy, so everyone is a winner. I’ve decided to let Thomas help me pick the rugs I want for the downstairs rooms, so sometimes our days out are partially spent in furniture shops and carpet stores!
The first place we visited was SCS, who are having a huge sale at the moment, it was great to see Thomas excited about the different fabric textures and colours. We ended up finding the perfect rug for the living room, this opus shaggy rug, which will match perfectly with the colour scheme and will add a comfort to our living room. I’d recommend getting a dark coloured rug for this – the busiest room of the house - so any spills or accidents can be easily cleaned and will leave no marks, compared to a light coloured rug.
Of course, having Thomas with me being mummy’s little helper, he later saw this rug he wanted so I couldn’t help but get him it. There was a huge range for both boys and girls and Thomas wanted this cute monkey rug, which is the perfect finishing touch for his room. I’m still on the hunt for a rug for the dining room but there’s no rush, I‘m just really happy that I got to share this special moment with my little boy.

*Pr collab


September Glossybox

One of my favourite types of posts to read or Youtube videos to watch are ones about Glossyboxes and seeing what people are getting inside theirs each month and every month I find myself wishing I had signed up. One thing that had been putting me off was the fact that I signed up for Glossybox right at the beginning after seeing the fab first box I signed up in time for the second box and was totally disappointed all I can remember from it was a mini can of Batiste and some awful smelling shower gel and perfume. I immediately cancelled and never bothered after that until now.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the simple fact that each month I will get a pretty package through my letter box for just £12.95 inc P&P. The thing I liked about signing up to Glossybox was that you fill out a profile so that you get a better suited box for example it asks you your hair colour and type, your skin type and colouring but also how much you normally spend on products and where your normally shop so that you aren't going to get a box that contains products which normally retail for £250 for 100ml or something daft like that if that is not normally how much you are willing to spend on a product or else the samples are pointless. After all who wants to fall in love with a product you would have to sell a kidney to repurchase.

I am pretty impressed with the products I got in my box none of which I have tried before but all products that I could see myself using. The best bit is I got 3 full sized products the Toni & Guy gloss, lashes and eyeliner. I also received a Dr Lipp Nipple balm... yes a nipple balm in a beauty box, apparently this stuff works wonders on your lips as wells as being something breastfeeding mothers use it sounds like a bit of a wonder balm that you can use for pretty much anything which I am looking forward to giving a go and for a full size tube it's only £11.50 which could turn out to be a bargain.

In the box their was also a perfume sample which is normally a bit of a disappointment but I am actually really liking this Elizabeth Arden sample it's not the normal rubbish tube that perfume samples normally come in its a 5ml bottle and the scent is really nice something I am actually considering putting on my Christmas list.

All in all this is a great box and more than worth it's price, in fact just the Toni & Guy product and the Eyelashes add up to more that what you pay for the box and they there is another full product too. I will definitely be staying signed up to Glossybox for the time being.


Morrisons Little Big Range*

Just recently it seems every supermarket has taken the time to really improve and develop their own brand nappies and baby products, I know I haven't been a parent for that long really but even before I had Thomas I can never remember seeing supermarkets advertising their own nappies on the tele.

 Thomas and I have been trying out some products from Morrisons's Little Big range lately as I was interested to see how they compare to other supermarkets own brand nappies as I only ever buy own brand nappies I just can not justify spending £7+ for a packet of brand nappies when you can spend a fraction of the price and get more nappies for your money and most of the time they turn out to be better quality.

The Morrisons's nappies didn't let me down either, they felt like good quality nappies they were soft on Thomas's botbot they fitted well and allowed him to move and play as he normally would and there were no signs of leakage at all. They also last the night really well no leaking there either. All in all a great nappy and I will definitely be getting these again.

I made the mistake of thinking toddler wipes were going to be the same as normal baby wipes but they aren't, do not try and use these when you have a poopy nappy. I still think of myself as a bit of a newbie on the parenting front and didn't realise that these were actually more suited for when your toddler/pre-schooler is potty training or first using the toilet. These are a smaller wipe which are ideal for when your child is learning how to wipe themselves after using the toilet and I should imagine they are easier to use than normal toilet paper.

I think the easy feed pouch spoons make weaning on the go so much easier, we had similar ones when I was first weaning Thomas to make feeding him out and about easier. All you need to so is screw the spoon on to the spout of the pouch and away you go. Although Thomas doesn't need these anymore I shall be putting them up somewhere safe for our next and for the price £1.99 for 2 I think that is fab.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to test the bath time products on Thomas because of his eczema I have to be careful what I use on him because I don't want to irritate his skin anymore than it already is but in the name of research I have tried them out on myself. They have that lovely baby product smell and I particularly like the shampoo it made my hair feel super soft!

What do you think about supermarkets own brand baby products? are you a convert like me?


My Perfect Room

For so long now I have been dreaming about how my ideal bedroom would look, our bedroom before was pretty drab if I'm honest it was so dark and gloom. I knew when we moved house I wanted our bedroom to be as light and airy as possible. I'm petty sure I have accomplished that.

I have wanted white furniture for so long and finally settled on the Malm range from Ikea with a Brimnes wardrobe also from Ikea. I am so pleased with for the prices I will be honest I was a little worried about how they would turn out but they are brilliant quality. Even my dad said he was impressed with them when he was helping me to put them up.

I don't want our house to get cluttered again and I want our bedroom to be the same so I just wanted minimal decorative pieces. Of course Thomas has to feature in our bedroom. Seriously our house is just filled with pictures of him!

My dressing table...my pride and joy, I have wanted a dressing table my whole life and I have finally got one. I love sitting it in a morning to do my make up. No doubt it wont be long until Thomas wants to sit with me and mess with my make up.

I love this little trinket box I found it in a charity shop for just £1.99 and it goes perfectly on my dressing table and it is just the right size to keep my face pads in.
The cute little tea cup was actually sent with a PR sample and I thought it would also look right at home on my dressing table and I now keep little jewellery bits in it


Come inside my new room

Now Thomas has a bedroom to be proud of we thought we would give you a look around. In the old house Thomas’s bedroom was more like a dumping ground than a bedroom he had all mish-mashed furniture and stuff in his bedroom that wasn’t even his because we had nowhere else to put it. Now his bedroom is just full of his stuff


"Come inside, come on follow me"

"My favourite part of my new bedroom is my bookshelf I love to sit beside it and pull my books out and flick through the pages"

"Mummy told me I have to keep my new bedroom tidy"

"This trumpet takes a lot of puffing"

"Here is my ladybird rocker, I love it now even though I use to hate it"

"Here's my bed but I'm not too keen on being in here on my own yet in this new room"

"The yellow teddy and the little person holding the star use to be mummys but I look after them now"

"Every morning when mummy opens the curtains we have a look outside and I can see my garden"


Revlon Lash Potion Grow Luscious

I don't normally buy things from Revlon this will sound really cheap of me but I think their make up can be kinda pricey at times so it's not a brand I normally take much notice of but when I was recently in Boots I noticed they had a 2 for £10 offer on so I decided to treat myself and get this and a new lip gloss that I have recently mentioned. Which was a complete bargain in my eyes as this mascara retails for £9.99 and the lip gloss was £8.99.

Anyway lets get back to the mascara. I will be honest the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, it is a little garish but I like it, its fun.

The wand is a traditional brush which I prefer to the plastic ones, the mascara itself is just the right consistency not too dry not too wet. I love the effect if gives your lashes they appear fuller with out looking clumpy and more voluminous.

I accidently got the shade blackest brown I normally got for black but I was actually really surprised by this shade it looks really nice on your lashes and I've noticed it actually looks a lot better during the day rather than having a harsh black shade.


Wonderful Wildlife - Charles Fuges review*

Thomas is lucky enough to be part of the Parragon book boodies club and every month he gets a new book for us to read together. The first book he received is Wonderful Wildlife by Charles Fuge
Thomas has really gotten in to books these last few weeks and actually favours them to toys at the minute.

I am also loving introducing learning books as they are never too young to learn. This book is filled with fab colourful illustrations of lots of different animals so you can teach your little ones about different animals not just numbers.

As you can see each page is completely filled with a nice big colourful picture to capture your little ones.

A lot of number books like this mainly concentrate on 1-10 but this book goes up to 20 so it will last your little one longer. After receiving this book I would be interested to see what other books Charles Fuges has done.


Lunch Dates With My Bestest

Lately Thomas and I have been going out for lunch just the two of us, when daddy is at work. 
A nice little hour out the house to spend some time together.

I love having this little friend to do things like this with.
I know on one hand Thomas growing up and getting old is sad that he is no longer this little baby
But it also makes me super happy that we can share simple moments like this together.


Moving House With A Toddler in Tow

Things have been a little quiet around these parts just lately as you all know we have just moved house but our internet was cut off a little early which caught me a little off guard and so I didn’t have time to schedule any posts to see me through the move so a couple of lovely bloggers helped me out with some guest posts so my blog wouldn’t be completely silent whilst we wait for the internet to be installed at our new house which by the sounds of it could take a couple of weeks.

We finally got the keys after weeks of waiting on Tuesday 10th (which happened to be 2 years to the day we found out I was pregnant) We started packing up the first load in the car pretty early on in the morning even though we weren’t due to collect the keys until 2pm but excitement got the better of us.

As soon as we had the keys we went straight to the house to have a little nosey round again and measure up to buy curtains. We did a few trips moving stuff to the new house and I stayed at the new house with Thomas trying to start moving boxes in to the right rooms whilst keeping my eye on Thomas and stop him from going up and down the stairs. 

We are finally getting ourselves sorted and Thomas's room is completely finished which I am pleased about as his room was the one I wanted to get done first. I will be doing a post on how we have turned his room in to a nice little boys room soon.

Our room will be done once we have put the rest of our flat pack furniture up which my dad should be helping me do the rest tomorrow, I have put my dressing table up all by myself which I am very pleased about. 

Things will be a little quiet around this blog for a couple weeks longer as we don't know when our internet will be sorted but I hope to get some posts scheduled when I can


Coppenrath & Wiese*

You know what I absolutely love? When you get cake delivered to your house especially when that cake is cheesecake! I was contacted a little while ago to see if I wanted to try out a couple of cheesecakes from Coppenrath & Wiese obviously the only answer was yes. I do love a good cheesecake.

Coppenrath & Wiese are based in Northern Germany and are Europe's largest producer of frozen deserts. They produce many different cakes all of them look super tasty. I was sent the Raspberry Swirl cheesecake and Strawberry & Cream cheesecake which were both absolutely beautiful

As you can see the cheesecake looks super yummy and it is delicious. It certainly doesn't look like a frozen jobby and it doesn't taste like one either. These are available from Tesco and I will definitely be buying more of these beauties


Five ways to be an awesome parent blogger - Guest Post by Vintage Fee

Throughout the entirety of the last year I have either been pregnant or a mother, meaning that I have come up against parent bloggers (or ‘pbloggers’) in all shapes and sizes. Generally, I am proud to be a parent blogger; some of you lot (or you-lots-to-be?) are bloody brilliant, I’ll have you know. And then there are some… Well, some people probably have a little bit of room for improvement. And could probably do with taking a look at my five tips on making sure you’re an awesome parent blogger.
  1. Be encouraging. We all know that, as parents, there are times we think we’re doing everything wrong. Why won’t the baby stop crying? (Because I’m tweeting and won’t let him eat my phone)  Was it my fault he fell off the couch? (Because I was tweeting and wouldn’t let him eat my phone) … The truth is there is no perfect parent and sometimes it’d make your day simply to hear a friend say “hey, you’re doing okay, and I totally made that mistake too”. Be that friend. It’s so so easy.

  2. You do not know it all. When I’m weaning my baby, I don’t care how much your baby ate. When my baby won’t sleep, I don’t care that yours has slept through since 12 minutes old because you let him cry or you didn’t let him cry or whatever we’re meant to do these days. Don’t make somebody feel like they’re doing parenting wrong because they want to co-sleep or because they don’t want to co-sleep. Let people do whatever the hell they want with their own kids and don’t offer up advice when nobody actually called you over and asked for it.

  3. Let’s keep privacy private. I’m not saying everybody should be over-paranoid like me and not even share their children’s names, but for the love of God learn some boundaries. I believe you: your nine month old did a poo in the potty. It’s okay not to show me. And please, have some basic common sense. A picture (or worse, video) of your little angel in the bath should NEVER make its way on to the internet. It saddens me that some people don’t know this automatically.

  4. Join in with the chats. I get it. Really I do. Sometimes a group of people (especially a group who are so passionate about their opinions) is a really difficult thing to approach and say “hey! Like me!” … But honestly, it’s okay. Just do it! Generally people are welcoming and friendly and, once you’ve built up a friendship, love to hear how your little ones are getting along. And as with real life, if somebody is acting like an idiot then they’re not worth your time and you can just move along to one of the awesome pbloggers. Easy peasy.

  5. Enjoy yourself! Blogging is simply for fun. Nobody expects two posts a day when you have children to look after. Don’t pull your hair out because your follower count is low or because you didn’t get offered the same sample that a friend did. Never ever lose sleep over a blog: use it to make friends, log your kid’s childhood and have a damn good time while you’re at it. Anything else is simply a bonus.
Thanks to Sarah for letting me stop by. It was nice to meet you all – feel free to come and say hello over at Vintage Fee!


My New Career - Guest Post by Rachel

Guest post by Rachel www.northeastslinglibrary.co.uk

Eight years ago, fresh faced and without a care in the world I was packing my bag for my second week of my first job, teaching history in a 13-18 high school. I had that 'Sunday night feeling'. I was tired but just couldn't get to sleep. This routine continued until this week. But I has stopped. After having 2 children and a prolonged period of ill health which would not improve if I returned to work I made the decision to stop teaching and to become a stay at home mum. Being a SAHM was not something I ever thought I would do. When I began my teaching career I had a plan and it did not involve staying at home. I wanted to be a head of department and looking for promotion. Children changed my perspective. Suddenly having a child I realised there was more to life than making, planning and schemes of work.

On the return from maternity leave with my first child I began working part time. My flexible working request was accepted and I hoped this 50:50 lifestyle would let me see my little boy grow up but stay active in the profession. The problem is it didn't. I could not be the mum I wanted to be or the teacher I wanted to be. Yet I am a stubborn woman, just ask my husband, so I continued. I brought marking home every night, spent my evenings when Henry was asleep doing prep. I did not want anyone to say that I wasn't doing my job properly, and well no one did. I got outstanding lesson observations, I was regularly praised for my planning and marking. I was doing both! That is until baby number 2.

My second pregnancy was a breeze......until 24 weeks. Over the next 4.5 months I prolapsed a disc, had infections and ultimately ended up in hospital at 33 weeks. Needless to say I wasn't at work much from 24 weeks. I managed 2 weeks! Thankfully bump stayed put but I was on bed rest (easier said than done with a 2 year old). Isaac eventually decided to arrive 5 days past his due date in dramatic fashion with only my husband in attendance. Isaac was not an easy baby. Now at 16 months he still requires a lot of attention. He was in and out of hospital, had severe reflux and did not sleep. I returned to work when he was just 7 months old, he was still not sleeping. I was being woken up every 90 minutes or so. I was shattered. I have always needed my sleep and do not function properly without it. Trying to manage my teaching career after almost a year off and a high needs baby was taking its toll. At work so much had changed while I had been off I began to feel like I was drowning.

I have suffered with depression and anxiety since my teens. I had previously been off work due to it. As time went by I could feel my symptoms reappearing. I could not sleep, I was losing weight, I got palpitations every time I drove to work. In June it reached a tipping point and I could not go to work. I did not know where I would be in a few hours, days or weeks but I knew at the time teaching was not what I needed. My gp and occupational health agreed. Slowly with time away I felt a bit better but it was temporary, every time I thought about work I went backwards. I had to change something.

So with my husband’s help we made some changes, I was going to become a SAHM. I wrote a letter to nursery to say I was pulling Isaac out of nursery, although Henry would stay. At 3.5 I don't think he'd be impressed if I suddenly said he couldn't go. Work agreed to let me go with no penalties. I had breathing space. For the last 18 months I had been acting as a sling consultant, teaching people how to carry their babies. I decided that I would now try and make a living from this. I redesigned the house and created a special consultation room. I felt better immediately, although there is still a long way to go.

So this is the beginning of my second week as a stay at home mum. It is strange. The wash basket has never been so empty. I'm enjoying the quality time with my boys. Henry is still going to nursery 3 days a week so I am getting to spend time just with Isaac, doing things I didn't manage to do while on maternity leave as I the groups I wanted to attend were always on the days I had both boys. We've made muffins, been to the park, brought some new books and letter games, and brought new shoes. I have sorted the boys clothes out and got rid of what they have grown out of, and done all those little jobs i haven't had time to do. What I will do this week I have no idea? I am scared. The mortgage still needs paying, food still needs buying etc but the time I have with my boys is priceless. My health and my boys are more important than my career. Isaac showed me just how important this time is on my first official day as a SAHM! He took his first unaided steps. I would have missed that moment if I had been at work. Perfect timing on his behalf, it is like he knew I was feeling a little confused by my new role.


End Of An Era

Today is the day we move house we leave the house we lived in as newlyweds, 
the house I found out I was pregnant in, 
the house we first brought our newborn baby back to, 
Thomas's first home. We leave this house for a fresh start in a bigger better house
A house we will be happy in 
A house with a garden, all I have ever wanted.

Of course I will miss our house like I said it's Thomas's first home
We have so many memories here already, this makes me kinda sad
but I know our next house will be a place for many more memories.

I keep thinking what will Thomas think of the new house 
Will he wonder why all of our stuff is in this new place
will he even think about it at all?

Here's to our new start...


Revlon Super Lustrous in 215 Super Natural

I've never been one for lip gloss I normally find it too sticky for my liking and but when I saw Revlon was on two for £10 at Boots I got a mascara and then was going to get a lip butter or one of the kissable lip balm stains but I couldn't find one that I really liked the shade of so I decided to get this lip gloss as I loved the nude pinky shade of it.

I apologise that I haven't included a swatch but to be honest I couldn't get a good enough photo. In person this gloss makes your lips look a nude/pinky colour with a nice subtle gloss over the top. It's not the type of nude that would make you look washed out though. I think I will definitely be trying out more of the lip glosses from Revlon after I have totally fallen in love with this one.

Are you more of a lipstick or lip gloss kinda girl?


Make Believe Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer and Brush

At the start of the summer I had 2 bronzers I now have 5, I am now on a quest to learn how to contour my face properly as well as adding subtle colour. I recently won a competition on Twitter from Make Believe Beauty I was overwhelmed when the package turned up as it contained quite a few full size products (I shall hopefully review them all as I try them out) One of the products in the box was their Enhance Sunbeam bronzer and brush.

The bronzer is just the right shade for me as it's not too dark for my pale skin so I can add subtle colour to my skin but you can build it up quite a bit it you do have darker skin. Another thing that I like about this bronzer is that it is matt, I don't like anything too glittery.
The brush that comes in the box is ideal for travel but to me it's not something that I'd use everyday but it is nice and soft it doesn't feel like one of those cheap brushes that you normally get in sets like this.

I've read a couple of reviews on this product to see what others have thought about it and I have noticed quite a lot don't like the packaging as it is too bulky for them but to be honest I actually really like the packaging. Yes it is a little bulky and some have said it's not great for traveling but I think it's perfect for traveling. In one little box you have a decent sized mirror that you can actually use, a decent amount of product and a travel brush things that normally you would have separate in your make up bag.

This normally retails on the Make Believe website for £15 which to be honest I think that is a bit steep but I have looked on the Boots website and you can get it for under a tenner which I think is a lot better.

Have you tried this bronzer what did you think?


Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine

A while back I tried the Barry M Hi-shine in Papaya which you can read my post on here I wasn't very impressed at first with but I desperately wanted the Lychee shade so as they were on 3 for 2 at Superdrug I treated myself to three more colours

Barry M Hi-shine

I love the shades I picked they are gorgeous summery shades apart from the nude Lychee shade which is a really nice all year round colour.

Barry M Hi-shine review

I have been wooed over now by these polishes they are brilliant. I have found doing just 2 coats of the polishes leave a high shine gel like finish and they do last for a good few days, as long as you aren't doing lots of dishes and housework.

Have you tried the Hi-shine polishes? What did you think?


A 15ish month update

Apologies for this update being a little late to be honest I completely forgot I was then going to wait until his 16month update but I feel a lot has happened in the last month.

Last month I touched on Thomas's eating as he was going through a bit of a fussy stage with his eating but he seems to have come out the other side of that. He is back to trying all sorts of food and this past month he has particularly enjoyed pasta bolognaise and pasta in general so I have been loading that with all different veggies. Although one food he has definitely gone off for the moment is ham he just does not like that anymore.
Thomas has also got so much better with using a spoon and fork, most meal times are so much less messy apart from when he has yoghurts he eats them with his fingers...

Nothing has really changed here Thomas is still mostly in 9-12 month clothes

New Tricks
Over the past couple of weeks Thomas seems to have learned lots of new tricks. He has a new book with 100 first words which has photos in and Thomas can point to car, dog, yoghurt, banana, spoon and fork. Thomas can also now bark (thanks again grandad) When you ask what a doggy does he woofs.
Thomas will pretend to be on the phone he walks around the house with my phone tucked under his chin and pretends to talk and the conversations are normally just "hiyaaa dadda hiyaaa" or "hiyaaa hu dis" although put his on a real phone and he goes mute.

Favourite things to do
Play with his cars - Thomas will sit for ages playing with his cars
Look through his books he particularly likes his 100 words book and often brings books for me to read to him.
If we are sitting on the settee he will plonk himself on my knee so we can sing row row row your boat and he shows me he want to this because he starts yanking my arms so he rocks himself. A new song he likes to do is round and round the garden and he will put my finger on his hand so we can sing it.

this "dis"
that "dat"
whats this "wa dis"
oh dear "oh dea" 
Juice (duce)
there (dere)
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