Saints & Slimmers 5:2 Diet*

If you haven't heard about the 5:2 diet you must have been living under a rock. In recent months its has fast become a really popular diet.

If you have been living under said rock the 5:2 diet is where you fast for 2 days of the week and  have 600cals the other 5 you eat 2000. I had been thinking about giving this diet a go but if i'm honest I hate calorie counting and the idea of trying to find foods that are under 600 under calories put me off because calories just don't go far at all.

That's where the meal replacement plan from Saints & Slimmers comes in they take care of what you need to eat on the fasting days it really couldn't be easier. On the website you can buy a 28 day plan which contains all the products you need for the 2 fasting days a week. You also get to choose which products you get you don't just get a ready made box of products which you may find you don't like the flavours of half the products.

It is advised that you increase your water intake during the fasting days, I guess this is keep hunger at bay because half the time when you think you are hungry it is actually because you are thirsty. Drinking water also keeps your metabolism going as will flush your body of lots of crap.

Saints & Slimmers don't just do meal replacements for the 5:2 diet they have many other plans for people who want to replace their breakfast and lunches or people who want to stick to under a certain amount of calories. What I think is good about the site is that they also break down the cost of the plans to how much actually costs you a day which is a lot less than what you would normally spend if you nip out to the butty van everyday for your lunch.

Keep a look out for my next post where I share what I thought about the diet


Denim Shirt & Skater Skirt OOTD

Well I have been saying for a while that I wanted to share a few outfits on here as I have started experimenting with outfits that I wouldn't normally wear. I apologise now the awkward "blogger" poses I am so awkward in front of the camera anyway so to try and pose certainly does not come naturally.

Here is my first outfit I hope you like it. 
The denim shirt was from Primark for around £10
The skirt was from Ebay 
The chelsea style boots were also from Ebay

I really love all of these pieces and will definitely be seeing what else I can wear them with in my wardrobe.


My Beautiful New IPad Mini Case

My lovely friend Zoe from www.mymummysworld.co.uk has a little craft business which she runs in her spare time and a few weeks back I saw that she made IPad cases in some really cute designs. One that really caught my eye was this super cute dog print fabric who could resist?

Zoe doesn't just make cases she also makes lots of different things like aprons and all different ornaments so I would love it if you took a look at her Facebook page to see if anything takes your fancy www.facebook.com/HandMadeByZoe0

DIY For The Inexperienced

 My dad is a total DIY whizz he will try to do anything himself, mainly because he doesn't want to put his hand in his pocket to pay somebody else to do something he could probably do and for free. David on the other hand is a "get a man in" man. Why get his hands dirty when he could pay somebody else to do it. Which is all well and good when you have the money to do that. We don't have the money to do that though especially now I'm not bringing in a full wage.

It's about time my dear husband learned a bit about DIY and to be honest I should really learn how to do things myself so we don't always have to ask my dad to help us to do things we can just get them done ourselves. Plus where is Thomas going to go when he needs help in the future if he has a mum and dad that don't know what they are doing?

An easy to follow  DIY guide is a must for novices like me. Now I have found this Ebook I have already started to dream up DIY projects to start and finding inspiration from sites like the Country Livingwebsite. My dream one day would to buy my own house and for David and I to completely do it up ourselves and not have to rely on others for help. Our very own homes under the hammer house. 

If however there is a job that is just too big for you to complete or you need an electrician or plumber that is where the Local Traders website comes in they have quite possibly somebody for every job you could need doing. All you have to do is select the trade you need, the job you need doing and some contact details and the tradesmen come to you so you don't have to waste your time ringing around different companies. What could be easier?

Have I encouraged you to make a start on a DIY job you have been putting off? I don't think you have any excuse now do you?

*In association with Local Traders


Linda's Little Gems

If you are looking for a cute piece of jewellery then look no further than Linda's Little Gems. Linda is my friends mum who makes lovely affordable handmade jewellery for all occasions at very affordable prices.

I have recently bought this bracelet from her and I love it, it's so cute. The bracelet is really well made and looks like something you would have to spend a lot of money on if you were to buy it from a shop.
If you would like to order from Linda please visit her Facebook page and she also offers free P&P making the jewellery even more of a bargain!


Laughing Cow Light*

Thomas loves his food and one thing he has been enjoying lately is sandwiches with the new Emmental Laughing Cow cheese. It isn't a strong cheese taste which Thomas loves and a spread cheese makes sandwiches easier and less messy for toddlers. We have also found the spread cheese is better on sandwich thins as you taste more cheese and less stodgy bread.

Excuse the messy hair he had a bath first.

We haven't just been trying these on sandwiches we have also been trying them on toast and my favourite new thing is adding a triangle or two in to the mash potato with a shepherds pie, it makes the potato really tasty and just adds more flavour to the whole meal.

You can buy the new Laughing Cow Lights from all good shops and supermarkets so definitely go try them out. Do you have any recipes to try these in please share them with me.


BritMums Live 2013 Part 2

8:15 on Saturday I was up and at 'em feeling rather fresh ready for another day of mingling and learning lots. The day was started off by a deeply moving and inspiring lady that is the beautiful Katie Piper, I have admired her since I first heard hear story and listening to her tell her story moved me to tears. I was so happy to be able to meet her afterwards and say hi and I was able to buy her book which she signed.

The first session of the day was all about good blog design, and SEO which I was really interested in because it was one of the things I wanted to learn more about and it did make things a bit clearer in my head. So I am also hoping to make a few changes to the layout of my blog and also I am going to make a conscious effort to dabble in SEO a bit more.

I visited the TK Maxx style booth where two lovely ladies showed us how to create a capsule wardrobe of clothing items to take on holiday which they packed in to a beautiful bag, needless to say I was completely sucked in. I needed that bag! 

The session before lunch was with fellow bloggers who were sharing their stories and how they have become successful which was good to listen to because it was pretty inspiring and it was held by some fab bloggers.

Lunch was lovely it was lots of mini meals and I tried sea bass for the first time which was absolutely yummy I need to have that again.

The session I attended after lunch was about writing reviews and sponsored posts which I found quite helpful as it touched on how to build relationships with brands but more importantly how to make my reviews better for the reader, so hopefully they will be better for you from now on.

When that session was over I was still thinking about the bag I was determined to get it so off I trotted to get it horror struck when I saw another lady carrying it but then I actually saw her take it back so thank you whoever you were! I then practically ran to buy it.

The next session we went to was all about Pinterest which is something that I had been wanting to learn how to use it properly, or at least learn how to us it better as a blogger. I think I got some good tips out of it and I hope to have a mess about with it more in the future. Although I kinda wish I had gone to the photography session instead, so if anybody has notes please let me know.

After a final coffee break and a chance to do a bit more mingling it was time for the keynotes and a time to honour Kerry. I was warned you would need tissues for this and they weren't wrong. It was bittersweet there were funny posts and sad posts to be read all of the keynotes were extremely brave to stand up there and read their posts. The ending made me realise what an amazing community parent bloggers are, I've said it before and I will say it again I am super proud to be a part of it. 

Sadly that was the end of BritMums Live 2013 there was only time to grab out goody bags and rush off for the train in the scariest taxi I have ever been in!! The train journey to Birmingham flew by and I was feeling pretty sad to be leaving new friends so soon but we have promised to meet up again soon with our littlies next time. 

As I sat on my train back home all on my own I felt so lonely after spending two days surrounded by hundreds of lovely people I was returning home to a dark empty house as David and Thomas weren't returning until the next morning or so I thought....
I got home put my key in the door and realised the door was unlocked I immediately thought sh*t we didn't lock the door before we went away. The house was in darkness so I gingerly opened the door thoughts of "I'm going to have to check every corner every cupboard and wardrobe and hiding place just in case" I jumped a mile when I saw 2 people sitting on the sofa. My beautiful baby and my wonderful husband had drove home early to surprise me and what an amazing surprise that was it made my whole weekend. I got to have lots of hugs and kisses with my beautiful boy who I had missed so much whilst I had been away. Oh yeah and it was nice see David too.

 The Loot

If you are thinking about attending next year my advise for you would be DO IT. Don't be worried about meeting new people everybody was lovely and most are feeling just as nervous as you. Don't be too worried about leaving your baby/little one, yes it is really hard it was the first night I had spent away from Thomas and I missed him like mad every second but it is nice to do something for yourself and they will still be there when you get back. 
The whole experience for me has been amazing I completely left my comfort zone behind and did something I never ever thought I would and I did it for myself. I also met some amazing people who I can now call friends and I can't wait until next year now. 

My trip to BritMums Live would not have been possible without the wonderful people at www.tinytoesbabyshoes.co.uk so I would love it if you could check them out. Their site has some beautiful shoes and a growing range of clothes so suit all tastes and budgets.


BritMums Live 2013 My Experience Part 1

Friday morning I woke before my alarm with butterflies going mental in my stomach and then that nervous sicky feeling hit me. Friday was the day of BritMums Live, I had been waiting since January for this day to come and couldn't believe it was finally here. The day where I stepped out of my comfort zone, well I couldn't even see my comfort zone from how far away I was from it. I am a very shy person and spending two days meeting people who I have never met before filled me with dread. Yes I speak to lots of these people daily, numerous times a day, more than I speak to actual "real life" friends yet I was unbelievably nervous. Talking to people through Twitter or other forms of social media is completely different than just walking up to people and starting a conversation.

Friday didn't start off too well, I missed my train by a minute due to fumbling around collecting my tickets and then when I went to ask the bloke behind the desk if that was my train he checked my ticket and told me that it wouldn't be valid for the next train which was great complete waste of money and then I had to spend another £18.50 for a ticket to the next train. 
When I finally got to Birmingham I met up with 3 lovely ladies the #brumtrainbuds who were Charlotte Zoe and Emma Once on the train we got chatting and started to relax a bit. it made me feel much better getting to know a few people before the madness of being in a room full of bloggers. Once we arrived in London Charlotte and Emma went to find their hotel and Zoe and I finally found ours after lots of walking up and down streets. We met up with Nicola, Kerry, Lotte and Bex before registering and then once inside the venue we had a bit of a mooch around chatting to the brands on the stalls before the opening session and the talk from Kirstie Alsopp 

Our first session was the brand panel debate which talked about what brands and bloggers really want from each other. It was really good to listen to experienced bloggers sharing their views and tips. Brands are always looking for unique blogs what can you offer brands that others can't. Make relationships with brands if they email you strike up conversation don't just answer with your address, they wont come back to you. 

After this there was a tea break where I took part in a research group but I was a bit gutted as it meant I would miss my next session that I was really wanted to go too. Although I did learn a bit from other bloggers while taking part in the group. During the day I also met a fab lady called kel who I'd only started talking to this weekend and I am so glad I had.

The next session I went to was all about getting paid and different ideas on how you can start to make money from your blog as in a perfect world I would love to blog full time. The key is to not forget why you started to blog in the first place, yes I would love to make a living from my blog but I wouldn't want to sell out and do sponsored post after sponsored post so I learnt there are other ways I could start to make money in future when my blog has grown some more.

After the last session of the day we got to sip champagne and eat canapés before the BiBs got underway. It was a lovely evening seeing bloggers getting the recognition they truly deserve. Who knows one day it could be me up there. (Very,very highly doubt that but a girl can dream) Later we went to All Bar One to grab some much needed food, glasses of bubbly and wine on an empty stomach is not good! By half 10 I was suitably tipsy and snuggled up in bed but I was missing one thing, the sound of Thomas snoring that's like my comforter. I was expecting to have a lovely night of unbroken sleep but of course that didn't happen I was still in mummy mode and woke up a few times out of habit I think expecting to be able hear Thomas snoring. I did miss my little man so much but it was nice to be able to have a cuppa in bed the next morning.


No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

For a while now I have been looking for a nice face mask to use once or twice a week when I have the time. I made use of one of the recent £5 off no7 vouchers and decided to get this I think I only had to pay £6 towards it. I got this because I have been using No7 skincare for a while now after buying a Beautiful Skin gift set in the sales and decided I wanted to try more of the products in the range.

This mask as you can see if for dry/very dry skin, I would say I have dry skin so I thought this mask would fit perfectly in to my skincare regime (If you can call it that) As you can see from the photo the mask looks like it is a whipped cream sort of constancy but I find when it is pumped on to your hand it turns to quite a runny cream so you do have to be careful not to slop it everywhere. That also means that a little goes a long way and it makes it really easy to apply to your face.

You can use this mask after cleansing for either 2-3 minutes for a quick treat for your face or up to 10 minutes if you want the mask to work deeper. I also use a muslin cloth to remove the mask after and my skin feels really soft and moisturised but never greasy. Then I finish off my mini facial with the No7 Beautiful skin moisturiser and my face has definitely been feeling a lot better for it.


Big Shotz Everyday Nutrition*

Today I'm sharing with you a Vitamin and Mineral Juice shot from Big Shotz. These little juice drinks contain 11 different vitamins and 6 minerals which in a 120ml bottle gives you recommended daily allowance of the 11 vitamins. Plus Omega 3 and Pre-biotic fibre.

Big Shotz is free from dairy, gluten, lactose and caffeine so it is suitable for anybody with an intolerance to these. These little drinks are so yummy a delicious Mango and Passionfruit flavour which is a really nice refreshing hit I normally like to try these with my breakfast to set me up for the day.

If you want to try these out for yourself you can purchase them here www.shotzhealth.com and if you want to try them out before you buy a case you can get 2 samples for just the price of p&p which is £2.99


What's In My Bag - Britmums Live Edition

This Fridays I will be joining around 500+ bloggers and attending BritMums Live 2013 *Nervous smile* This is my first time attending something like this and to say I'm nervous is an understatement I am a very shy person so meeting that many people that I have never met before leaves me panicking.
I am determined to try and leave my shyness at home and really make the most out of the 2 days. I want to get chatting to as many people as I can. Plus judging by the conversations going on, on Twitter it seems that there are lots of us in the same boat as it will be the first time for lots of us and lots of us are nervous.

I thought I would share with you what I am taking with me in my handbag. Of course there is a packet of sweets for the journey to share with my #brumtrainbuds I will refrain from eating them whilst in the sessions, I don't want to be the one annoying everybody with the sweet wrappers.

My Vaseline hand cream with anti-bac and normal hand cream as I carry this everywhere plus I thought the cream with anti-bac would be good for when traveling as I have heard those tubes are mucky things.

Perfume - I have a selection of two so I can have a quick spritz throughout the day to make sure I stay smelling nice.

Make up bag - Just in case I need a quick touch up.

Purse for obvious reasons, I also have 4 blog business cards I can not believe that I threw the rest of them away by accident during a recent clean up I am beyond gutted.

Phone so I can stay up to date with tweets during the day. It will also be handy for tracking down other bloggers that I want to meet.

Pad and small pencil case, Yes I realise taking a pencil case makes me a bit dorky but I hate having pens floating around in my bag just in case the leak.

The itinerary and tickets so I can make sure I don't miss anything I want to attend.

Ipad - I don't think I will bother with wi-fi in the hotel but I have my book I am currently reading so I can read before bed.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything... I don't think I have. See you all there!

Going to Britmums Live wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for www.tinytoesbabyshoes.com I would love it if you could check them out.

Weetabix On The Go

On the days when I work I find it really difficult to have breakfast as I can't really stomach it when I wake up so these Weetabix on the go are brilliant for mornings when you are in a rush. In each individual pack you get 4 biscuits which are pretty filling and you feel like you having a decent sized snack.
I particularly like the apple flavour as they contain apple pieces and are really quite tasty. Each box contains 5 individual packs which are really handy for work days or even to just stick in your handbag for a quick snack any time of the day. We have also been trying out the Milk & Cereals ones too which also taste really nice and I will definitely be trying the fruit and fibre one when I next see them in the shops.

Thomas also loves these I can't eat them in peace when he's around he stands in front of me with a sweet little smile on his face until I give him one, so these are extra good to keep in your bag just in case you need something to bribe your little one with or you are running late and they are getting hungry.


Clarks First Shoes

The time has come to buy my little toddler his first pair of proper shoes He is getting so big *Sniff sniff*. For me the only place to go for that special first pair of big boy shoes was Clarks for their First shoe experience.
We took Thomas to have his feet measured and the young man who measured his feet was very friendly and patient when Thomas wouldn't keep his foot still and struggled against having them measured.

We chose a pair of shoes and then Thomas got to try them on and have a little walk about the shop in them. You then get a photo taken of your little one trying on their new shoes which then gets put in to a card with your childs name and todays date on it. As you can see from the photo Thomas is very excited about his new shoes.

The shoes we chose were the Cruiser Play pre walkers I chose these because they feel like a good quality shoe and will give your baby's foot support but isn't too ridged that your baby wont be able to move their foot properly. Plus the style and design of the shoe means that it will go with pretty much any outfit choice meaning you can get lots of wear out of the shoe

Clarks recommend you go for another fitting in around 8 weeks so have the fit checked and maybe move in to a proper walking shoe when your toddler is use to wearing a shoe properly.

I have not been asked to write this review and no money was exchanged


Project Use Up

Last week I did a post about products that I have recently used up so I thought I would do a quick post about some products that I want to get used up. I seem to keep flitting from product to product and end up with lots of half used products lying around so my new mission is to try and get them all finished up before they end up going bad.

So here is the first lot of products I am going to try and get used up. Most of these products are nearly done so I don't know whether that is classed as cheating but they have been left in my drawers and they really need finishing so I can declutter.

I'm also going to try and do a strict one in one out for my beauty products to try and save money and it will also give me the chance to rediscover old loves and declutter my beauty items.

The Countdown Is On To Britmums Live 2013

You may remember a while back I announced that I was attending Britmums Live 2013 thanks to my sponsor www.tinytoesbabyshoes.com/ I can't believe how fast it has actually come round, it all kicks off on FRIDAY! I am currently switching between feeling very excited and very nervous. I hate meeting new people, I'm very shy person and I'm not very good at striking up a conversation with a stranger so please don't think I'm rude.

Name: Sarah
Blog: Yummy Mummy In Training
Twitter ID: @mummytraining27

Height: 5"7

Hair: I'm not really sure what colour it will be but you can see the style above

Eyes: Blue

Is this your first blogging conference? Yes it will!

Are you attending both days? Yes.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2013? Meeting lots of Twitter friends for the first time and learning lots to do with blogging.

What are you wearing? Still undecided but I will hopefully post my outfits later this week.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013? More knowledge about blogging and hopefully how to make my blog bigger and better. And of course making lots of new friendships.

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows: I can't actually think of anything i'm quite boring.

I can't wait to see and chat to as many of you as possible so if you spot me then please come and say hi :)

Vanish - The Mummy Must Have*

Since having Thomas I would say I spend about 80% on my time when I am at home sorting through washing and putting load after load in the washer, It wasn't too bad to begin with but as soon as he hit the weaning stage I don't think a day goes by without a new stain on at least one item of clothing, especially now he is feeding himself most of the time.

For our household now having a stain remover that I know will work is essential and that is where Vanish comes in all I have to do is leave the clothing items in question in soak for 1 hour for whites and and 6 for colours and the staining is gone. I also like to use the Crystal white powder in with white towels and bed covers with every wash to keep them looking fresh and white.

I also have the stain solver page of the Vanish website saved to my favourites because I'm sure as Thomas gets older he will be coming home with all different dirty marks on his clothes that I will need to try and get out, Plus I have a husband who plays rugby and he generally comes home in a worse state than Thomas!



Clarks Summer Sandals*

Are you looking for a new pair of sandals just in case we get a summer this year? Well look no further than Clarks  I will be honest I haven't really paid much attention to Clarks before as I thought they were more for young children or older people but after browsing the site they do have lots of styles of shoes for the younger generation.

I chose a pair of mushroom suede smart sandals which could either be dressed down for every day wear or they could be smartened up. I really like the stud detail on the sandals I'm not normally a stud fan as I think sometimes they can look a bit tacky but they suit the style of these sandals. The wedge heel and platform also help to elongate the leg and give you a bit of added height but are also easy to walk in and don't hurt your feet too much which makes them suitable to wear during the day.

Overall I really like these sandals all I need now is for some nice weather to actually wear them. Although I am thinking of wearing them to BritMums Live which I am attending next week maybe I will do a post of my outfit I am thinking of wearing.


What To Buy A Man Who Has Everything

I don't know about you but I hate any occasion that you need to think about buying a man a present, especially if they are as difficult to buy for as the men in my life. You see my husband isn't like a normal man he's not really in to fashion and he definitely isn't one these new men that like skin care or  and things like that so I hate Father's day, birthdays and Christmases because I fast run out of ideas on what to get him.
As for my dad whenever I ask my dad what he would like for a present buying occasion the only answer I ever get is "Don't spend your money on me save it for yourself" but you can't just do that can you? Or at least I can't because I end up feeling guilty.

Music Magpie are currently holding a competition to win a Retro 80's gaming bundle which would be right up my Husbands street he's not really in to games consoles from recent years but he use to love his Mega Drive in fact I think at one point he had 3 of them plus there are plush toys included in the bundle just in case the man in your life wanted to share the prize with his children.

So if you are lacking Father's Day inspiration then be sure to enter this competition which ends on the 21st to try and bag Dad some belated presents. You could even save them for a cheap Christmas.

*Sponsored post

Treasure Boxes

I was recently told about Treasure Boxes which was an idea of a 6 year old girl who wanted to help others, she had been selling bracelets to her friends for a while but she wanted to use the money to do something to help others.
The Treasure Fairy then had the idea to use the money she was making to make up toy boxes for other children who didn't have much so together with her mum they got in touch with a local woman's refuge (Which I later found out is local to me too) and they said this would be a fab idea as the children there normally have nothing at all.
The Treasure Fairy has been doing this for 2 years now and only needs £750 to help the one refuge but she wants to start helping refuges up and down the country.

To help all you need to do is donate a small amount of money and in return you get a cute little bracelet and your money goes towards the toy boxes to make lots of children very happy.

If you want to purchase a bracelet then please, please visit www.treasureboxes.org.uk

*Please note I was not asked to do this post and the bracelet was purchased with my own money


Diono Travel Accessorie​s*

Today I am bringing to you a couple of handy accessories from a company called Diono who specialise in travel accessories to use in the car or for your pushchair. To make travelling with little ones easier.

We have been testing out the See Me Too Mirror which we have been needing for a while ever since Thomas moved in to his big boy seat it has been a bit tricky to keep my eye on him and it can be a bit dangerous to keep looking round at him so this is perfect to keep glancing at him. It is also much better when you are going on long car journeys as it can make traveling safer.

The See Me Too mirror is easy to fix on to your rear view mirror it just clamps on and then there is a little screw to tighten to secure it and it isn't too distracting. This retails for around £9.99and you purchase it online.

The Solar Eclipse Double Shade is a good quality sunshade which you can just pull the mesh shade down and it keeps the sunny glare off your child's face but they can still see out of the window, or you can pull the top layer down which provides a full blackout. This is much better than using a flimsy little sun screen. This can also be purchased online and retails for around £13.99


Blinds, Who Knew They Could Be Fun*

For a couple of weeks now I have been droning on about how desperate I am to move house, I am already getting ideas together in my head of how I want the place to look and how I want it decorated and we haven't even found anywhere yet. One thing that I am big on is spending as little money as possible and trying to create a whole new look for a room. The easiest way to do this is to just change the accessories so I always try to keep the walls as neutral as possible that way it's not that much hard work when you want a new look.

The room I am most looking forward to doing is Thomas's because he has kinda missed out on a nice bedroom up to now because since I was pregnant I didn't want to stay in this house so we didn't want to spend any money getting things for his bedroom here in case they didn't fit in a new house. I already know exactly how I want his room to look. I want nice cream neutral walls with some sort of jungle wall art on one wall and and he already has a jungle themed height chart to go up.

One thing I will definitely get in the new house is some decent blinds like the ones at www.creativelydifferentblinds.com these would make a great feature and what is even better is that you can get the blinds to be black out which is a must have with small children or even adults if you are a light sleeper. I particularly like the jungle fever one but the Humphreys Corner blinds are adorable if you are decorating a nursery and need it to be unisex. I really love the idea of these blinds, practical yet fun and they can update the look of any room without you having to pay to completely redecorate.

*Compensated post


Recent Empties

Empties posts are pretty popular amongst beauty bloggers, I'm not sure whether it's because of the satisfaction when you finally use a product up that's been in your bathroom for ages or whether it's because if somebody has completely used up a product they they must have really enjoyed using it.

For me it's a bit of both and also I am trying to use up all of the products in my stash before buying more as I'm really trying to declutter my bedroom and make up/beauty collection.

So what have I used up recently

Tresemmé Ultimate Hold hairspray - This small bottle has taken me so long to use up as I hardly ever use hairspray.

Sanctuary Body Scrub- I really enjoyed using this, it worked really well as a scrub but it didn't dry my skin out.

Max Factor Falsh lash Effect mascara - I haven't really got much to say about this mascara it wasn't great and it isn't one that I would buy again.

S&G Breakfast Scrub - I absolutely love this scrub probably just for the beautiful scent, it's so good I almost want to eat it.

Dove Fresh- Roll on deodorant - There isn't really much to say about this it does the job.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start shampoo and conditioner - I really have enjoyed using this duo my hair was always left feeling soft and manageable and I would definitely think about buying this again.

Rimmel Match Perfection - My old favourite foundation I did use to love this but Rimmel's Wake me up foundation has taken over the top spot. 

A Trip To The Park

One Sunday afternoon when the sun was out I decided to take Thomas to the park with my big little sister and younger cousin. I'm trying to get Thomas use to grass because for some reason he doesn't like it touching him I don't know whether it's just the feel of it but it really bothers him when he has bare skin touching grass.

After a while he wouldn't sit still so I had to sit him on a changing mat so we would sit down.

Sharing ice cream with his cousin

Enjoying being pushed around in his trike.


Where I Blog

I'm a pretty nosey person, I guess that is why I got in to Blogging because I love noseying in to people's lives and homes. I also love to see where people sit when they do their blogging.

In a perfect world I would love to earn a living from my blog and I would have a proper office where I would do my work and it would look like a room from Pinterest, but I doubt that will ever happen so in the mean time I have pinched a bit of Thomas's play room and I have set up there.

I like to have products that I'm reviewing away from the everyday stuff I use so that I actually remember to take photos and actually write up the reviews and things don't get forgotten about.

Again I have plans for if/when we move and I want to get a proper desk so that I can keep my things out permanently instead of having to tidy things away whenever we need to use the table. I would also make the area pretty and have some nice flowers and a couple of cute photos of Thomas.

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Wreck This Journal*

I have been wanting one of these Wreck This Journals for a while after my sister told me about them when she bought one. So when I was given the chance to review one I couldn't wait to receive it and get started. So I have decided to do a little series and show my favourite pages when I have filled them in and I am going to get Thomas to help me finish some of the pages too. I can't wait to see the end result I hope it gets completely wrecked!

I love some of the random things the pages tell you to do.

I've already done some things on the stain log I decided to test out some nail varnishes, lipsticks and eye shadows.

I already think this book is going to be lots of fun and it will definitely help cure boredom. It would be a fab book to buy your children for the Summer holidays to make sure they never say that they are bored.

Have you ever had a wreck this journal? Did you completely wreck it?


Annabel Karmel Quick And Easy Toddler Recipes*

I'm a big fan of Annabel Karmel books you may remember I reviewed the Complete baby and toddler meal planner a little while ago when I first started weaning Thomas I used the book for ideas for new meals to try out with Thomas because I didn't want  him to get bored with food before he had even started.

The quick and easy toddler recipe book is full of delicious recipes and meal ideas to try as your little one grows so that you can introduce lots of different meals and lots of new tastes to them to make sure that they never get bored of meal times.

The book is split in to different sections for different meal times and then in to sections for Poultry and fish ect. There is also lots of big bright colourful photos which I bet would be good as your child grows so that they can see what you are planning for tea or could even pick out meals they like the look of. I don't think this book is just for toddlers either older children even adults will love some of the tasty recipes that are included in this book. Just last week Thomas and I tried the Tuna and Tomato pasta bake and I'm already planning a chicken stir fry to try with Thomas next.

We will have to share some of Thomas's favourite meals from this book in a few weeks when we have tried more. Hands up if you would be interested in that?


Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Oil*

Pregnancy really dried my skin out no matter what I tried there were certain parts of my body that just always felt dry especially my growing bump as it got bigger and stretched the dryer and itchier it got. I used many products but none really made that much of a difference.

I have been using this Vaseline Gel Oil after showing or bathing and have definitely noticed a difference with my skin it feels a lot more moisturised. With it being a gel oil a little goes a long way you have to be careful not to use too much as you could feel like you have been caught in an oil slick and it can take a while to dry sometimes. It's not the sort of moisturiser that you can get dressed straight after using.

The smell is also gorgeous, I'm a big fan of coco butter anyway but this reminds me a bit of holidays which is always a good thing. The scent also lingers on your skin for ages after use.

My friend who is currently pregnant has also been testing out a sample as Coleen Rooney recently mentioned that this product has been a must have during her pregnancy as the pregnancy has had quite a drying effect on her skin. My friend who is also called Sarah has been very impressed with the gel oil she has noticed that her skin has felt a lot softer since she has been using the product and it has even helped to get rid of dry patches on her arms. Like me she also loved the amazing scent but also warns that using too much of the product can make you feel quite greasy.

Over all I think we have both been won over by this product and I for one would definitely repurchase it and keep it in mind for use if I get pregnant again in the future. The RRP for the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel body oil is £5.10 and is available in all the leading supermarkets as well as Superdrug and Boots


Thomas's New Playroom

I have been toying with the idea of making a play room for Thomas for a while now, he's getting to that age now where he explores his toys himself he gets the toys that he wants to play with out of his box. So I thought now was the time to have a bit of a move around and create him a little play room.

I have been browsing around on pinterest to get some ideas but to be honest after I have visited that website I always feel envious when I see all the photos of these perfect rooms. But I gotta make the best of what we've got.

I have moved the dining table to the side of the room to make a bigger area for Thomas to play. I think our dining table is too big for us anyway so I'm actually thinking of selling it and getting a smaller square one because if we ever move house I doubt this one will fit anyway.

We are currently looking to move house so I'm not spending too much money/time doing anything to this room, or any other in the house but I hope if we do find a nice house soon then Thomas will still have room for a play area, even if it's just sectioning off the living room.

My dream would be to have a big room split in to sections like a little home section where he could have a little kitchen area for if he wants to make mummy some tea.
Thomas would also have a little art and crafts section where he could sit at his desk and make a new masterpiece for us to stick on our fridge. All of his supplies would be readily available in a storage unit for whenever creativity struck.
If Thomas felt like he wanted to wind down with a book they would all be neatly stored in his Tidy Books, book shelf so he could get comfy on a squidgy bean bag chair and read a book or two.

We'd also have his big toybox which is always accessible and some building blocks and a big alphabet floor puzzle and space for his sand pit and ball pit too.

One day he might have the perfect play room but for now I'm sure he will enjoy playing in his little room.
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