Fancy Dress Fun

Did you ever go to fancy dress parties when you were little? I have been to a couple the one that sticks in my mind was when I went to one dressed as a clown in an awful shiny blue clown suit with a blue curly wig that my mum probably hired out from somewhere. I think I still have the photo's somewhere! None of my fancy dress outfits were ever as good as these, I mean come on how cute is a child dressed as a Pinata? or an owl! That Pinata costume must have taken some serious patience to make. I think that's why I'm no good at making things like this I don't have the patience for it and if it didn't look perfect it would frustrate me.

Have you seen some of the wacky fancy dress outfits parents have created for their youngsters? here are some handmade costume ideas I especially like the bag of jelly babies or the gnome, even I could manage something similar to them I think... and they are pretty original too.

I can't wait until Thomas is a couple of years older I will definitely have to throw him a fancy dress party but I'm afraid I'm not that brilliant at making things, I start off with good intentions and the best ideas but then things never turn out as good as you think they will in your head do they?

The next chance for a fancy dress party would of course be Halloween and even though I don't like the idea of Thomas going out Trick or Treating when he's older to anywhere other than families houses I still want to let him dress up each year and maybe we could have a Halloween party too. I think I would go with the safe option of buying him an outfit instead of making one because I wouldn't trust myself. Fancy Dress Ball seemed to have cooked up a host of spooky halloween costumes for not so diy-savvy. So you have no excuse for your child not to have the best costume for their fancy dress party.

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Thomas's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday was Thomas's 1st birthday party we decided to have a little party to celebrate his special day. It was a lovely afternoon where Thomas got fussed over by his family and got to play with some of his little friends and he had lots of fun. I'm afraid I only have a few photos as lots were of other children and I obviously don't want to post without permission.

"Urgh so much food....must eat more"

"Blow more bubbles"

Cheeky monkey cake for a cheeky monkey

Too much sugar

Making a wish for an amazing 2nd year.

A couple of my friends who have children around Thomas's age came and also a little boy who he plays with a lot from nursery came and it was so lovely to see him playing with them and seeing what he is like around other children. Unfortunately it has put me off having any more babies for a while as I was having a little cuddle with my friends beautiful new born baby girl and he started crying because mummy was holding another baby and for a while later I couldn't leave his site.


Love Your Stretch Marks

I got to around 37 weeks pregnant before I noticed my first stretch mark, I thought I had been lucky enough to escape them as I had been using various stretch mark creams, lotions and potions and yet they still started popping up so I gave up and embraced them. Maybe it's because my bump had a growth spurt towards the end and it just stretched the skin on my belly too quickly or it's just in my genetics. My mum had stretch marks and her mum probably did too so it's highly likely that I would get them.

I've never had a toned stomach it's always been a bit podgy maybe its a bit more wobbly than before I had Thomas but who cares? I sure don't. I'm not saying I don't look after myself, I lost my baby weight but pregnancy has changed my body like it changes every woman's body and I don't mind the changes. I fit back in my pre-pregnancy size clothes and that was the only think I was worried about.

I was never one for wearing crop tops and I have never felt comfortable wearing a bikini so for me nothing has changed but having stretch marks would never stop me doing anything. I still go swimming still wear tankinis which show bits of my stomach and hips. My stretch marks are now part of me, part of my life, part of my story. I have stretch marks because I carried my beautiful, healthy, amazing little boy for 9 months. I have my 16cm long c-section scar to show how my beautiful son was born and I don't care what it looks like. I'm proud of my funny lines and marks in fact I'm incredibly lucky to have them.

 It makes me sad when I hear people say they hate their stretch marks or they hate their post postpartum bodies  or they are embarrassed by them, why? Your body has changed because you gave birth the most amazing thing you could do. Embrace them and remember somebody out there would give anything to have stretch marks and a post pregnancy body.
I sometimes get a bit puzzled when I hear women say they don't like their partners seeing their post pregnancy bodies, again why? It's half down to him your body is like this now and you gave him a beautiful child he will be thankful to you and your body that you were able to carry his baby.


Thomas's 1st Birthday Photos

I can't believe my beautiful boy is now 1! We had a lovely family day which was filled with lots of smiles and laughter from Thomas

Trying to decide which present to start with.

To begin with all Thomas was interested in was playing with balloons so we had to try and coax him in to opening presents. I'm thinking until Thomas is around 3 I might leave any toys we have for him open and set them up so they are ready to play with instead of wrapping them up because he doesn't open them properly and gets bored.

"Look mummy this is big boys size"

Playing with his Toot toot garage

Having fun in his new play tent

We decided to take Thomas out for a little birthday trip as we didn't want to spend the day inside like any other boring day so we decided to take him to Amerton Farm to see some animals for the first time.
Thomas has such a serious face on him as we were walking around because he was taking in all the different animals and the sounds they were making.

A little goat came to say hello

Having a walk with Daddy

We had a lovely couple of hours walking round the farm, we will definitely go back in the future when Thomas is a bit bigger because there is a play area there too which Thomas will enjoy when he's bigger.


Letters To My Son Happy 1st Birthday

Dear Thomas,

A year ago the minute this post goes live I gave birth to you, my son - the most beautiful little person I have ever seen and in that amazing moment my life changed forever, I became your mum. Remembering that very first time you were placed in my arms makes my stomach flip and brings tears to my eyes. Looking in to your eyes, kissing your head, smelling that new born baby smell I just can't put in to words how special that moment was, I will treasure that memory for the rest of my life.

I can remember that night when I was taken back to the ward and daddy had to leave us and go home. After I had been given tea and toast I held you again and we started to get to know each other. I barely slept that night I just couldn't take my eyes off you even though you slept soundly all night I woke so many times just to have a little look at my beautiful baby and just to listen out to you breathing. It makes me feel so full of love just thinking back to that time.

This past year has been completely amazing watching you grow from a baby to a little boy, seeing you learn new things and being with you to witness all of your firsts so far has been amazing and I'm so looking forward to watching you continue to grow and learn new things as you get older.

I apologise now if I cry a little tomorrow but part of me is sad that your baby year is over, I just feel so sad that time is going so fast I just wish that I could just slow time down a bit. I am also excited to see what your second year brings to see your cheeky personality flourish.

Happy Birthday darling I hope your day is filled with happiness, fun, cuddles and love you are our special little boy daddy and I love and adore you with all of our hearts.

All my love
Mummy xx


The Most Amazing Year

The 27th May 2013 at 00:23 you were born by cesarean section 
Your daddy and I instantly fell completely and utterly in love with you

By the time you were a month old you were already developing your own cheeky personality 
and always had a beautiful smile on your face.

Month  2 and you were giggling and being a happy little chappy

Month 3 and you were rolling around trying to get about

Month 4 was the month we started to wean you 
you have been a big food monster ever since

Month 5 was your first ever halloween
my little pumpkin

Month 6 and you started to do your funny froggy hop crawl

Month 7 and we celebrated your first Christmas

Month 8 You experienced snow properly
This month you also started to crawl properly

Month 9 and you were pulling yourself up

Month 10 and you aren't like my baby anymore your my little boy, my bestest friend
and we do lunch together 

And just recently you have started to take your first steps it is so, so exciting you have been wanting to go for ages but you have finally plucked up the confidence and mummy and daddy couldn't be more proud of you, you clever little boy.

Wow what a year I so wish I could turn back the clock and live it all again but we have so much more to look forward to in your future.


A Beautiful Boy

From the very first time I saw you I fell in love
A feeling like no other
The very first time I looked in your eyes a moment I will treasure forever
And then you were placed in my arms my world was complete

How could something so small bring such overwhelming happiness?

Every single cuddle fills my heart with so much love
Every little giggle makes me melt
And every little smile makes my life worth while 

Watching you grow from a baby to a beautiful little boy is magical
Seeing you learn new things amazes me 
You teach me how to be a mummy and I can't thank you enough

You brighten every day with your beautiful smile 
I treasure every single second with you
I  hope you know how truly loved you are my beautiful boy.


Thomas's Cake Smash

After seeing lots of other people including Nicola do a cake smash for their child's birthday I decided to give it a go with Thomas as he normally likes to get stuck in and messy. Unfortunately it was a little rushed as I was unwell when I originally wanted to try the smash and we had to squeeze it in one night after work. It was also my first time testing my new camera out so here goes...

"Erm mummy why you put this messy cake in front of me?"

"Mmm I'll have a little taste"

"Yes this is nice and messy mummy"

"This is very yummy and fun mummy"

 "bored now mummy......ooo look shiny thing..."

Next year will definitely be bigger better and messier!!

Self Settling

A couple of weeks ago Thomas settled himself for the first time at night for me this has been a massive achievement as bedtime was the time of day that I actually hated. Every night was a a fight which could last for an hour or more. It was really begining to get me down as I was fighting this battle on my own every night and I knew it was time to get it sorted once and for all.

A couple of months ago I watched a program called "Bedtime Live" and normally I don't take much notice of these types of programs but I remebered something that I saw on there about using the gradual retreat method and I thought this may work well for Thomas as I think he thought I was abandoning him if I just placed him in his cot and left the room as that is when the screaming would start.

I started the new bedtime routine on a night when Thomas was already in a good mood and he wasn't over tired. I placed him in his cot where he started to cry almost imediately but I didn't go to pick him up or try to lay him down again. Instead I spoke to him in a calm and soothing voice and told him that it was bedtime now and that he needed to lay down ready to go to sleep. I then started to read him a bedtime story whilst he was still crying and before long he stopped crying and started listening to me read his book.

Once I had finished reading his book Thomas was nice and calm and moving around in his cot trying to get comfy so then I turned my back on him and every 5 minutes or so I shuffled closer to the door and by the time I was in the door way Thomas was pretty much asleep and he didn't notice I had gone.

Over the next few days I repeated this and started to make my way to the door faster until I was finishing his story and going straight to the door and Thomas wouldn't even bother. Bedtimes are so much easier now for both of us it's no longer a time of day I dread but I actually look forward to a nice calm time together before he drifts off to sleep.

This way of soothing may not work for everybody it completely depends on what your child is like but hopefully this may give you some new ideas to try if you are struggling with bedtime too.


Calcot Manor Spa Retreat Collection Review*

Calcot Manor is a new Spa body care collection that has recently been launched exclusively at Tesco and if helps you to get spa beautiful skin without paying the spa price tags. The spa retreat collection has wonderful skin benefits as well as smelling totally gorgeous and it also helps you to relax.

I have been trying out 2 steps from the summer skin routine the first step is exfoliation which I really need to get in to the habit of using more often. I have been using the Gentle Salt Scrub which you use on dry skin before you get in to the shower or bath and it is really gentle and not too abrasive which is good. It smells absolutely beautiful too. My skin feels instantly soft when using this and it also helps if you suffer with ingrowing hairs from hair removal.

The next step is the dry oil spray, I have been wanting to try one of these out for a while after seeing other brands bring them out so I was interested to see what it was like. Dry oils ensure that your skin stays hydrated by locking in moisture but it doesn't leave you skin feeling overly greasy. I have been using this after showering or bathing when my skin is still slightly damp and then rubbing it in to my skin. This works so well with the salt scrub and it smells gorgeous too. I think it will be great if the weather ever gets warmer and you don't fancy using a thick body lotion, plus it's much quicker to apply. The only downside for me is that it does take a little longer to dry that if you were to use a normal body lotion and you do have to be careful not to use too much or else you will just end up in a greasy mess.

Both of these are available from Tesco and for under £5 which is brilliant because I know they will last for quite a while.


The New Changing Bag Essential*

Anti Bacterial hand gel is a must for all changing bags because you can never know when and where you will need to change a nappy and you can't alway guarantee you will be near a sink to give your hands a quick wash after. If you are anything like me you also carry at least one tube of hand cream too which can start filling the changing bag with my junk.

That's where the new hand cream+ anti-bac from Vaseline comes in handy (see what I did there) It moisturises your hands as good as any Vaseline product would but it also has proven germ protection. The hand cream is non greasy and alcohol free and leaves your hand feeling clean and moisturised after every use. As you can see from the photo above it looks like a normal hand cream when you first apply and then it turns to more of a clear gel and then absorbs in to your hands super quick. The RRP is £3.29 and I definitely think it's worth that for such a great 2 in 1 product.


The Outtakes

I thought I would share with you some of the outtakes from a post that will be coming soon. This is what normally happens when I try to take photos when Thomas is around.

Yes Thomas is wearing rudolph socks

"Ok now I sit on them mummy"

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