Barry M Gelly Nail Polish Papaya

I have always been a big fan of Barry M nail polishes so when their new Gelly Hi-Shine polishes were released I was looking forward to getting my hands on them. I decided to get the polish in "Papaya" a really nice coral colour which is perfect for the summer if we get a summer this year that is.

The true colour is slightly paler than what the camera has picked up 
which is why I haven't included a swatch on my nail

Now I normally love Barry M polishes as I've said before where as this one I'm not too sure about, it takes ages to dry which is probably just due to the different formula but I have also noticed it chips a lot more easily than other polishes by Barry M even when I use a top coat and also I didn't think this colour was much more shiny than a normal polish. So for me I was a bit disappointed with this and I don't think I will be purchasing anymore colours from this range which is quite sad because they are really pretty.


Project 365 Week 17

22nd April
New summer hat

23rd April 
Taking photos

24th April
Having lunch with mummy

25th April
Feeding himself Weetabix

26th April 
Emptying the packet of wipes 

27th April
The cheekiest most beautiful boy in the world

28th April
Sorry for the rubbish quality but this is us first thing in a morning 
when mummy is still coming round

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When was the last time YOU slept through?

When you have a baby one of the most asked questions, usually from other mums is "is he/she sleeping through yet" as if it's a race for who's baby will sleep through the night first. I remember the first time Thomas slept through the night I woke I few times and checked on him and in the morning I felt lovely and refreshed. Then the next night he did it again but I woke a few times again and then struggled to get back to sleep because I kept thinking he will wake up soon so I might as well stay awake and wait.

Unless Thomas is poorly or teething he sleeps through but it got me thinking when was the last time I actually slept through the night? It certainly wasn't in the months leading up to his birth because from around 6 months I was up and down most of the night from going the toilet or needing to walk around because I was in pain. Then Thomas was born so I definitely didn't sleep through then until he was about 3 or 4 months old.

We then had a few months where Thomas slept through yet I still woke whenever Thomas stirred or whimpered in his sleep or I'd just wake up to listen out for him breathing a few times a night. So I didn't sleep through then.

Then Thomas started teething and every single night he would scream out in pain so up mummy got to soothe him and poor daddy would get kicked on to the settee so Thomas could come in our bed. I never slept properly then as the slightest movement would wake me, at least Thomas would sleep through the rest of the night.

We are currently in a gap between teething although I think it might be starting again but I still can not sleep through the night. I still wake up frequently through the night to listen to him breathe or go in to his room is he's breathing softly and I can't hear from our room (most of the time he's a heavy breather and snorer... Wonder when he gets that...David) It still wakes me when he whimpers as I'm permanently on call just in case he wakes up. At least Thomas gets a good night sleep through.

I think I will refrain from asking other mums if their baby sleeps through I'm not really bothered I'd be more jealous is the mums themselves slept through the night.

Do you sleep through?


Pacific Baby Thermal Bottle*

The Pacific Baby Thermal Bottle is a vacuum insulated bottle which keeps your babies drink hot/cold for up to 10 hours which is great for when you are traveling you can just fill with boiling/hot water and then it will stay warm until you are ready to add your baby's formular to make their drink.
The measure guide is on the inside of the bottle which makes it easy to see exactly how much water you are putting in to make up your baby's drink.

When your child has outgrown the normal bottle teat you can then turn the bottle in to a sip cup and you can add handles to make it easier for little hands to hold. Then later you can turn it in to a normal flask. So it will last your child well and has a life span of 5+ years. The bottle also comes in a range of colours and designs. I think this is a great travel bottle I will definitely be taking it with us when we go on holiday later this year.

If you would like to purchase this bottle you can do so from Amazon


Was Becoming A Mum What I Expected?

On the 27th of May I will have been a mum for a whole year and it's got me thinking has it been as I expected. I always knew that becoming a mum would be completely life changing in the best possible way but I just didn't think of how much would change.

I never knew it was possible to love somebody as much as I love Thomas I just can't put it to words what he means to me. It's just so overwhelming and everyday I love him more and more that I think I could burst with love. I also now know what it really means to put somebody else first, I don't mean I was a selfish person before but I've never had to properly care for anybody before but now I put Thomas and his needs before my own and anybody else's, I'd give up anything for Thomas.

I now know what it means to be tired, like actual dead on your feet exhausted tired. I don't know about Thomas but I can't remember the last time I slept through! I now have no sympathy for those people on Facebook who complain how tired they are after a bit of a late night. Try running on just a few hours sleep every single night for a few months and then come back to me and tell me you are tired.

I think I would also say becoming a mum has been harder than I thought it would be, even though to be fair Thomas has been a very easy laid back baby just like his parents are and we have been lucky but there have been times when I have wondered how on earth I am going to cope. In that first week when I was struggling with breast feeding and we later swapped to a bottle I felt like I had failed as a mum already because we couldn't master the most natural thing. To the long sleepless nights when I just wanted to cry because I was so tired. There have also been more than a few difficult days when Thomas hasn't been, shall we say cooperative? Some days he can be a terror nappy times are still the worst part of the day when he's being really bad it can take me a good while to put his nappy back on and we have to struggle and then Thomas screams at me. I can't believe how eager we were for him to be mobile now I just wish he would lay still for just a few minutes so I could change his nappy in peace.

Most of the time being a mum is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. I live for cuddles and those sloppy open mouth kisses he plants on my face with a bit of snot mixed in, when he's tired and all he wants is his mummy or when he's poorly and only mummy cuddles make everything better. That shows me I'm doing good so far because my son loves me and I love my son.


Project 365 Week 15 & 16

8th April
Poorly boy

9th April
Briefly feeling better

10th April 
back to being poorly and miserable

11th April
Sleeping on mummy 

12th April
Testing out his new car seat feeling better

13th April 
Napping with Mummy as mummy is now ill

14th April
Trying to cheer mummy up with cuddles

15th April 
Making mummy better

16th April
 Looking where he's going in his big boy seat 

17th April

18th April
Sleeping beauty

19th April
Shape sorting

20th April
Itchy nose bub?

21st April
Mummy I'm tired

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

Over the past months I have been hearing lots of good things about this skin care product so I decided to give it a go when I had some Boots points to use. Since having Thomas my skin has been awful especially around the chin area which you may remember I have mentioned before. I have used a few other spot treatments and they haven't really helped so I had high hopes for this product as lots of bloggers whose opinions I trust have said it was a good product and I wasn't let down.

The Effaclar Duo claims to sort out on the surface spots as well as those pesky spots that lurk under your skin. I have been using this as a daily moisturiser twice a day but paying particular attention to any problem areas and I really have noticed a difference. Any spots that I do have clear up a lot quicker than they use to and you know those spots that stay under the skin and can be quite painful well this has definitely helped to take the pain away and then clears it up a lot quicker.

In general my skin also feels a lot smoother so I definitely feel like this is a multitasking product. This retails for £13 from Boots and I definitely think it is worth the money I'm also tempted to try some of there other products when my points build up again.


My Mocktail*

After going 9 months without having a drink I wasn't that bothered about alcohol after having Thomas either. Having a baby has definitely changed my opinions on drinking and getting tipsy or drunk yes it might be a good idea at the time but for my I can only think of the hangover the day after and lets face it Thomas doesn't care his mum drank too much the night before and feels awful all he wants to do is play and shout and scream and loud as he can.

That is where My Mocktail come in, they are perfect for if you want the taste of a cocktail but you don't want to feel like you have a little person drilling in your head the next day. These drinks are lovely and refreshing and taste just like a cocktail so you can enjoy them if you don't want to feel left out when you don't want or can't have alcohol My Mocktails would be great to have at parties for people who don't drink, designated drivers and pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

The great thing about these drinks is that you can add alcohol if you want and they still taste yummy. You can purchase these 2 drinks from Asda for just £1.97 each I know I will definitely be buying more of these for the Summer months.


We've Been Poorly

You may have noticed a lack of posts for the last week or so, or you may have thought thank goodness she's shut up. My little pudding and I have been poorly. Thomas first started to get sick the Sunday before last which we later found out was gastroenteritis which meant from Sunday to Thursday we barely moved from the settee even though Thomas slept a lot most of the time in was in my arms sleeping because he just wanted to be as close as he could so of course blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Then Friday I went back to work as I had to stay off with Thomas as he obviously couldn't go nursery and then I ended up being sent home from work as I started to feel poorly and it looks like I had the bug too so I spent all weekend and Monday on my sick bed. The Friday night was awful as David was out so I was trying to look after Thomas who was still miserable and just wanted to cuddle and climb all over me whilst I was feeling awful and being sick which terrified Thomas the poor little thing.
Thankfully Thomas's Grandad took him for a few hours on Saturday so I could sleep. Sunday was awful too as David worked all day I felt so guilty for being poorly when Thomas was now alright and wanted to play and I literally had to keep dragging myself to the kitchen when Thomas wanted something. Thankfully he decided we should both have a three hour nap.

Thankfully we are both much better and back to normal so you will now be hearing more from us again.


How to Create an Outdoor Living Space*

In Britain, we’re guilty of under-using our outdoor space. Given the unpredictable weather and endless months of rain, it can be really easy to forget that the garden is as an important a part of the living area as those within those four walls.
Despite being decidedly late, spring finally is on the way; so make the most of the warmer weather by creating an outdoor living space to be enjoyed throughout the spring and summer months.
Go bold
The greatest gardens are always the most colourful but you don’t need to have green fingers to have a beautiful, bright garden! Much outdoor furniture comes in vivid colours, meaning you have a veritable rainbow to choose from.
Fermob create fantastically colourful outdoor furniture with a huge spectrum of colours to choose from. Whatever your tastes and favourite colours are, choosing vibrant seating can enhance any garden.

Love to cook
There’s nothing better than a BBQ for summer parties, so rather than buying disposable ones that burn your grass, invest in a gas BBQ which will last for a few years. The Outback Spectrum Flatbed 3 Burner Gas BBQ is a great option as it essentially brings your kitchen outside.

In order to enjoy the delicious food you can cook up on your BBQ, invest in a long table for everyone to sit around. It makes it a lot easier for everyone to eat, on top of giving a traditional dinner party a summer twist!
Play with fire
Adding an outdoor fireplace or pit can really enhance most gardens. Outdoor heating has advanced rapidly in recent years so there is a lot of choice out there no matter your tastes or garden size.
Summer days can quickly drop cold, but with a fire feature there’s no need to take the party indoors. Plus, they are feature points for your lawn, such as this practical and beautiful Glow 75 Fire Pit from Raw Garden.
Don’t rain on my parade
In the same way that the weather can become suddenly freezing at the drop of a hat, the rain clouds can also open from a sky that was beautifully blue only moments ago. Shelter is a must for any British garden so you never have to take the party inside.
Glass verandas can help create a contemporary look which can also help provide shelter in the sunnier weeks. Likewise, sun and rain awnings can provide shelter from the weather, but are retractable should you wish to remove them;  To find examples of these, click here.
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create the ultimate outdoor environment for when summer finally hits!

*This is a guest post in association with Nationwide Ltd


New Kids Cereals From Kelloggs And Giveaway

I'm a big cereal fan and always have been as they are just the easiest breakfast you can have aren't they and my favourite cereal has got to be Coco Pops yes I'm a big kid when it comes to chocolatey goodness. When I had heard Kelloogs had bought out some healthier versions of their cereals I was keen to give them a go because I am still in the same mindset as a kid and that healthier cereals must mean that they taste like cardboard.

The four new cereals are lower in sugar, lower in salt, made with wholegrain, high in fibre and a source of Vitamin D (25 per cent Recommended Daily Amount) These new cereals are also healthy enough that they meet the strict criteria to be advertised to children. This will also put a lot of parents minds at rest because breakfast is as they say the most important meal of the day and you can be sure that your child isn't just getting full on sugar.

Thomas, David and I have been trying out the flavours and we have all been enjoying them, my favourite of course is the Coco Pops Croc prints and even though they have less sugar than normal Coco Pops cereals they still taste just as good.

You also have a chance to win a box of each cereal to try for yourself.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Current Favourites

I have wanted to do a favourites post for a while now but I can't keep up with monthly posts as I don't use that many products in order to do that. So I will just do the occasional favourites post, some posts it will just be beauty products other posts I may include baby products, foods, books, films anything as long as it has been a favourite.

My first favourite is The Daily Smooth body butter from Soap & Glory. The consistency is thick and it's suppose to be for dry skin and I have definitely seen a difference since I have been using it.

Heel Genius by Soap & Glory has also been another favourite of mine as I am trying to get my feet in good condition just in case we ever have a summer this year for me to wear sandals.

I have also been loving the No7 Beautiful Skin hot cloth cleanser, it's perfect for taking your make up and it leaves my face feeling clean and soft.

I can't believe I have never spoken about this mascara before, it is the Rimmel Glam Eyes lash flirt. I'm afraid this may be discontinued as I got it in B&M for £1.99 but I would probably go as far as to say it is one of my favourite mascaras I have ever tried it makes my lashes look so much fuller and longer after just one coat.

Smooch Cosmetics blush which I have been using pretty much continuously since I got it and it fast became my go to Spring blush. You can check out my full review here

My final favourite is a new foundation of mine which is Rimmel's Wake me up which I now love, you can find my full review here


Project 365 Week 14

1st April
All nice and clean

2nd April

3rd April
Late night cuddles

4th April 

5th April
Thanks for the grub mum

6th April
Playing with my rugby ball


7th April  
Poorly and sad 

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 The first book I bought when I was pregnant was "What To Expect When You're Expecting" as I had heard so many good things about it. I do remember not being able to actually read it for a couple of weeks because I was suffering from morning sickness and just the thought of reading about pregnancy made me feel sick. I soon got over that though and the book became my bible. I loved to read what was going on inside my body and reading how my baby was growing.

Whether you are pregnant or trying to conceive the What To Expect website is the site for you. There is an ovulation calculator so that you can work out against your last period to see when you are at your most fertile and are most likely to conceive. When we first started trying for Thomas I used an ovulation calculator and I really do think that helped as we knew the best times in the month to try.
Once you have been lucky enough to conceive and get that positive pregnancy test you can then use the due date calculator to give you an idea of your due date before your first scan.

The website is brilliant it has everything that you would want to know about pregnancy, babies, toddlers and so much more just like the book but it is available anytime anywhere. If you need a bit of advise or want to look up a pregnancy symptom you can just bring up the website on your phone.

There is a section on the site about pregnancy and you can see what is happening to your body and your baby week by week. There is also help and advice on what to eat and what not to eat, how to stay healthy, how to get sleep and so much more.

The site's help and advice doesn't just stop when you give birth there is lots of information for when you have your baby which is so helpful because believe me when your precious baby is here you will worry about everything and start checking that every little thing is normal. The site also has a section for Toddlers which I know I will be visiting in the future when those Toddler tantrums start or I have to start thinking about potty training.

What are you waiting for go and check the site out it will honestly help you in some way.


Artist In Training

When I was little I loved to be creative whether it be painting, making things or just making up imaginary games and that is something I have always been excited to do with Thomas as he grows. I can't wait until we can get properly messy.

In the past we have done bits of painting and have done hand prints and foot prints but that was when Thomas was younger. Now he is getting older and he is good with his hands I decided to let him use some foam stampers himself.

At first I guided his hands and showed him what to do and made funny splodge noises when he stamped the foam down on the paper which he thought was hilarious. Soon he was splodging himself and smearing paint everywhere and having great fun.

Here are the beautiful paintings he created one for all his family. Thomas has already done lots of paintings at nursery and we have a lovely collection of cards and pictures he has bought home and I will treasure them for ever. They are the most precious things I have ever been given. All I need now is a nice little box to keep his art work in.

I'm so looking forward until we can try more crafts and get even more messy. I keep looking on Pinterest for ideas on creative messy play for babies. If you have any ideas please share them with me.


Then & Now

If you are on Instagram you may have seen a hashtag that comes around every Thursday called "Throwback Thursday" or #TBT but I will be honest I have never actually joined in on the hashtag but it inspired me to do this blog post.

The difference in my life between this time last year and now is amazing and it is all down to my beautiful son. I always knew being a mum would be a magical, amazing, life changing thing but I had no idea just how special it would be and I don't think you can even imagine it until you do become a mum. From that very first time I set eyes on Thomas I fell instantly and deeply in love with him and it is a love like no other. Each and everyday he continues to amaze me and my love for this little boy grows and grows. 

I know lots of people don't like change or are nervous or scared of change but some changes can be the best changes of your life.


Soap & Glory The Fill Monty

I have bought my my very first wrinkle cream that's it I am getting old I mean I am already getting grey hairs that I have to cover up (I blame Thomas entirely for this) so it is inevitable that someday soon I will notice a tiny little lines forming across my face. Although I do hope that I take after my mum as I don't actually think she has any wrinkles.

I thought it would be best to start using a wrinkle product now to try and keep them at bay as I imagine that is easier than filling them in when your face does eventually start to crack. After browsing wrinkle creams for a while and still not knowing much about them or if they would even work I decided to go for a Soap and Glory product as I have loved pretty much every product of theirs I have used so far. Plus I will be honest I was drawn to the packaging and it was on a 3 for 2 offer.

The Full Monty wrinkle cream comes in a little glass pot and I thought hmm you don't get much for your money in this little pot but you actually do as you only need a little amount which you dab on areas you want to keep wrinkles at bay such as around your eyes and forehead.

As you can see its a white cream which goes on clear and you are suppose to apply it after your have applied moisturiser and make up but I just do it after my moisturiser and before make up. I have noticed a little difference on my frown lines at the top of my nose so I will keep using it in the hope they these don't turn in to full on wrinkles.

This isn't going to be some miracle cure as I don't think they actually exist but it may help you keep wrinkles at bay for a little while longer.

Have you tried this? What have you thought?

Making Time For A Girls Night Out When You Have A Baby*

As soon as you have a baby you change and your life changes and there is nothing you can do about it. Back when you were pregnant you might have thought you would still be able to carry on seeing your friends a few times a month and have regular nights out but for most new mums you soon realise that doesn't happen. Even if you have lots of keen babysitters to use you may not actually feel like you want to leave your baby very often. So when you do get the occasional night out you need to make the most of it. Now I'm not saying go out and get absolutely blotto on cheap drink deals at your local pub because don't forget you will have a baby to look after the next day and they don't care if mummy is feeling delicate.

I have been looking at some results from a recent survey byLadbrokes Bingo where 2000 women in the UK were asked about nights out and 84% said they had thought that nights out weren’t what they once were and I can agree with that even before I became a mum it seemed nights out weren't as good as they were when I was younger (I'm only 23 now!) But I don't know maybe the atmosphere around town has changed or it’s because people can’t afford to go out as much as they use to. So I think to myself even if I got the chance for a night out I wouldn't pick to go out on the town. Perhaps a quiet drink with a friend or a nice meal somewhere would be my perfect break.

 Sorry for the blurred photo but this is a photo from my last night out
 which was my hen do. Do I miss nights out? Not really

I don’t know whether I have gotten old too quick but at the grand old age of 23 I would much rather have a night in with some close friends share a bottle of wine and a takeaway rather than have to walk around town freezing cold, in shoes that I can barely walk in and then have to queue for a drink. No thanks, that is not for me anymore. Apparently the average age that women prefer a girls night in as opposed to a girls night out is 27 (see old before my time!) but to be honest with money being tight when you are on maternity leave, or if you just work part time like me, I would rather spend less money and have a girls night in and probably have a better night than if I was to venture out.
How do you feel about nights out? Are you craving some time away or are you a home body like me?

*This post was brought to you in association with Ladbrokes Bingo but all thoughts are my own please refer to my disclosure policy


Sranrom Hand Wash Review*

You may remember late last year I did a review on Sranrom Hand Lotion well I loved that and recently I have been trying out the hand wash that goes with it. The thing I love about the most about these products is the gorgeous smell I can't get enough of it. The other thing I love about the range is that there is no nasties it is just pure ingredients.

Like the hand lotion this hand wash is £12 for 200ml which I think for the hand lotion is a good price as that will last you a long time as you only need to use a small amount but with the hand wash I don't think that will last as long, so for me I don't think I would purchase this myself but it's still a lovely product. Maybe one for a posh guest bathroom?
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