Project 365 Weeks 12 & 13

Another double whammy for you this week

18th March
Toast picnic with Mummy yum yum

19th March

20th March
Don't take photos when I'm sleeping mummy

21st March
Pinching Mummys post weigh in treats

22nd March
This is how daddy says you sleep mummy

23rd March
Eating a white chocolate bunny as a treat

24th March
Looking cheeky

25th March
My baby started to feel poorly

26th March
Getting Arty

27th March
Pub lunch & 10 months old today

28th March
Poorly and feeling sorry for himself

29th March
Easter card for mummy and daddy

30th March
Given up

31st March
Would not go to sleep even though he could barely keep his eyes open
I tried on the settee, in his cot, in our bed, back in his cot and then he finally gave up slumped back on the settee

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Letters To My Son - 10 Months Old

Dear Thomas,

You are now a big 10 months old, you have your own beautiful, cheeky personality that shines through and every single day you make me more and more proud of you. I have just been reading through the last update I wrote for you and you have changed and grown so much since then. When I last updated you had just learned how to crawl properly and now you have recently learned how to walk around using your push along walker. The look on your face when you first did it was amazing you looked so proud of yourself a big beaming smile with your mouth wide open like you do. Mummy was so proud of you my big clever boy. Now you push anything around that you find if it means being able to walk, I don't think it will be long until you start to take proper steps you just need a little more confidence.

You know have two little toothy pegs, the first one was horrible coming through and it caused you so many sleepless nights but then the second one just slipped through and I didn't even realise until Daddy pointed it out! Now you sleep like an angel most nights unless its a night before I have to go to work and then sometimes you decide to be a little monkey but I don't mind.

I have been back at work now for nearly 2 months and although it was hard leaving you at first you have settled in so well at nursery and I can tell you enjoy going because you are full of smiles every morning when I leave you and I can wave bye bye and you don't bother. You even have a best friend there another little boy who is a little older than you and you will be going to his birthday party a couple of weeks before your birthday.

I can't believe we have already started buying your 1st birthday presents and organising you party. Time definitely goes much quick once you have a child. Which is why I always try to make the most of every minute we spend together. You have recently been a little poorly with yet another cold and this one really took it out of you, I've never known you sleep so much even when you were a new born baby. In those two days when your cold was at its worst I missed you so much even though you hardly left my arms because you weren't my normal happy smiley Thomas. I'm so glad you are back to your normal mischievous self though now.

That's all for now my beautiful boy I will write to you again soon.
All my love
Mummy xxxx


Tesco Price Promise

You may or not have noticed that recently Tesco have been promoting their Price Promise guarantee. It has been around before but this time Tesco have included own brand products which no other supermarket does and the price promise is here to stay.

As a mum that only works part time I don't have oodles of money so when shopping I always watch what I spend my money on which David moans about because I have stopped buying lots of rubbish. I always go with a list so that I don't forget anything and I don't buy anything that wasn't on the list. Just recently I have also started to look up prices online so I know exactly how much money I will be spending so I'm not left with a massive bill at the checkout.

When I was recently asked if I would like to visit my local store and find out what the Price Promise is all about and how it can help not just mums on a budget but anybody save money I was interested to find out more, I did my weekly shop as normal and I made sure I picked up lots of different home brand products that I normally buy and also some branded products to see how they compare with the other supermarkets.

When you get to the checkout you pay for your shopping as normal and then along with your receipt you get another little Price Promise receipt which tells you whether you have saved any more against the other supermarkets. In my case I saved 55p on a £46.68 shop which may not sound like a lot but at least I saved money. If however you didn't save any money you would be given a voucher to use against your next shop. For example if it turns out your shop would have been 55p cheaper at Asda you would be given 55p off your next shop.

If you are a bigger family or with grown up children I bet the savings you could make would definitely be bigger than ours. So why not try it out for yourselves. You can also see for yourself how your shopping compares to the other supermarkets by keeping your receipt and entering the details that appear right at the bottom on to the Price Promise website.

I was gifted £50 to carry out the shop and test out the Price promise guarantee


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

A while back you may remember I review the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation well when that ran out recently I was all set for buying it again but could I find it anywhere, no I couldn't every Rimmel stand I found just seemed to stock the darkest shade. So I decided to finally purchase the wake me up foundation which I was pondering about buying last time but I went for the Match perfection instead.

My first impressions of the Wake me up foundation was that the shade range isn't brilliant. If you are really pale then this foundation isn't going to be for you. The lightest shade that I found is only just light enough for me, I have to use a small amount and really buff it in to my skin otherwise it leaves me looking orange which wouldn't be a good look.

I do really like this foundation it gives a bit more of a coverage than the Match Perfection which just recently with my chin constantly breaking out I have needed. I love that the foundation gives you a nice dewy, glowing lookwhich I like for this time of the year but you don't look too oily with it.


MUA Mega Volume Mascara Review

I am a bit of a mascara fiend I have lots in my collection from pretty much all the highstreet brands and I have found in the past the cheapest normally turnout to be the best. So I decided to try out the MUA Mega Volume mascara as I have been impressed by every product of theirs I have tried.

This mascara is just £3 so I wasn't expecting it to be the best but I was a little disappointed with it. It is quite a dry mascara which I don't like as I don't actually feel like I am putting any product on my eyelashes however after a few applications you can build it up and it does make your eyelashes look fuller but it doesn't go clumpy. Unfortunately it isn't a favourite of mine but I have found it is perfect for my lower lashes as I would rather use a dryer mascara as I make so much mess otherwise. So I am happy I have found a use for it so it wont be wasted.

Have you used any MUA mascaras? What did you think? I would like to try the others but I think I will only try them if I hear good things about them.


The Ultimate Guide To Pregnancy Fitness

I'm not going to lie and say I love to exercise because I have mentioned a number of times that exercise is not for me. However during my pregnancy and afterwards whilst I have been trying to loose weight I have tried to be a lot more active. I do a lot more walking and I also try to do exercise videos a couple of times a week if the weather has been particularly bad and I haven't been able to get out.
So I was interested to read this book as I want to me more active both now and in my next pregnancy. This magbook (A cross between a magazine and a book) is a guide for safe exercise from when you are trying to conceive right up to the months after you have given birth.  This is a book to be used along with your own common sense, if you aren't a runner or a gym goer obviously pregnancy is not the time to take up such hobbies, but if you are in to your exercise it gives you lots of information on how to stay safe whilst exercising and also things you should be on the look out for to ensure you stay as safe as possible.
In the magbook there are also work out plans for each trimester of your pregnancy that you fill in and work to which suggests suitable exercises for you to try out.

As well as information on different exercises which are still safe to do during pregnancy there is also a section on nutrition so that you can make sure you and your baby are eating as well. There are foods that you should avoid and foods to try if you are craving the wrong types of foods there are satisfying alternatives.

The final section of the magbook is all about once you have had your baby and how to ease yourself back in to exercise. It is advised by all health professionals that you should wait at least 6 weeks before starting to exercise, if you have had a Cesarean you shouldn't be doing any lifting apart from your baby anyway for the first 6 weeks and please consult your doctor before starting any sort of exercise after than as you may need to hold off exercising for a few weeks more.

You can purchase this magbook here for just £7.99.  This is a really useful and helpful book that is great to keep and refer back to, I will definitely be keeping this in a safe place until my next pregnancy.

New Cid I-Flick Review*

First thing's first I will admit I am rubbish with eyeliner yeah I can apply it to my waterline but ask me to do apply it just above the lash line and I make a complete mess. I have tried quite a few different types of eyeliner the normal pencil eyeliner, felt tip type eyeliners and the normal liquid eyeliner with the thin tip yet I still haven't mastered them.

The thing I love about this eyeliner is that it is a both a pencil eyeliner and liquid liner. The pencil end is retractable and its very soft so it just glides on there is no snagging or pulling on delicate areas like your water line and gives a great dark black line. You can also smudge this product quite easily when you are using it around your lash line for a quick and easy smokey line.

The liquid liner end is quite fine so you can create a fine line but you can also thicken the line up too which I think is handy. The tip isn't flimsy which is perfect for a novice like me I find when the tip is flimsy it makes applying the eyeliner even more difficult. Once you have applied the eyeliner it doesn't budge no matter how hard you rub at it which will be perfect for nights out. Not that I have them anymore.

I thought I would include a swatch photo for you just so if you can see the effects both ends gives I pressed on a little more for the liquid line you can achieve a finer line.

Overall I found this eyeliner to be a lot easier to use than others I have tried but I still need a lot more practice with it. If you want to give this a go for yourself you can purchase it from the Hairtrade website


#Pbloggers Chat

#pbloggers badge

A couple of weeks ago on the 10th March myself and a few other ladies who are Mum in a Hurry Mischief, Mayhem and Motherhood My Little Rays of Sunshine They Grow So Quick were chatting on Twitter after we had seen lots of other bloggers joining in different chats for lifestyle bloggers and beauty bloggers which I do like to join in, but I have always thought the huge community of parent bloggers were missing out.

So we thought it would be a good idea to start a chat up Sunday evenings between 9 & 10 when the little ones are tucked up in bed us parent bloggers can come together and have a chat, whether its about blogging or parenting.

Over the last couple of days we have been busy bees and have created a new blog for the chat so that we can keep track of the chats and keep a record of any helpful tricks or information we find. We would also love for all parent bloggers to be involved so you can email us suggestions for the chat and take part in polls to decide on the weeks topic.

Why not take a look at the site now pbloggerschat.blogspot.co.uk

Feeding Your Baby On Long Car Journeys

Do you long to go on holiday with your baby, but worry about disrupting their feeding routine?

If you have a baby, sleepless nights and frantic days can be a familiar scenario, and taking your baby on holiday may seem like just too much work. However, with some careful planning, you can not only survive a holiday with your little one, but you can enjoy it as well!

Taking a 'staycation' here in Britain is a good option. It can be cheaper and you can drive wherever you need to go, allowing you to carry everything you need to make the tripa little easier.

While driving cross-country with your baby may seem like a logistical nightmare, there are things you can do to make it easier.


Be armed and ready
Firstly, make sure the car is prepped and raring to go. Check the air in the tyres and the engine oil. Make sure your car insurance cover is up to date and, most importantly, ensure you have the right kind of car seat for your baby.

Make a list of everything you’ll need on the trip:

  • disposable or wipe-easy bibs
●    feeding utensils
your baby’s favourite toys (and some new ones to spark their curiosity)
●    lots of nursery rhymes and upbeat music
●    tissues, changing mat, first aid kit and buggy

Remember to store everything but the toys in the boot – your baby won’t appreciate being crowded in the back seat!

Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

If you breastfeed, feeding your baby is as simple as stopping at a service station or picnic area along the way.

Formula feeding takes a little more preparation. Although travel packs of ready-made formula are available, you might want to use the formula powder that you’ve already bought. If this is the case, fill an insulated flask with boiled water and pack portions of formula with sterilised bottles. You can even buy pre-sterilised bottle liners and travel bottle sterilisers.

On to the solids

You can freeze portions of your baby’s food and store them in an ice-filled cooler. Remember to thaw them ready for meal times. It might be worth getting your baby used to their food at room temperature for a week or so before the journey. This will save you from having to stop and heat it. Pack some car-friendly foods such as bananas too – they’re healthy, yummy and can be easily mashed.

Finger foods

Finger foods can keep your baby occupied and entertained as well as filling them up. But remember, only feed your baby finger foods if there is an adult sitting with them – this is to avoid the risk of choking.
Keep all of your baby’s nibbles in a cooler and bring a plastic bag to throw away any crumbs. Rice crackers, blueberries and pieces of apple make great finger foods. You could even try pieces of tofu, cooked sweet potato or some healthy greens.

Stretch your legs

Remember, your baby will need a break from the car at least every two hours, especially if they are an active older baby. You can turn this to your advantage by planning your route via parks and countryside. National Trust sites such as the Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire are filled with exciting wildlife and farm animals, while the Horniman Gardens and Museum in London have a bandstand and activity workshops for kids all year round. You could even drop in for lunch and a paddle at beaches such as Barafundle in Pembrokeshire, where there are caves and pools to explore.

This guest post for the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters blog is intended to be helpful and entertaining. Tips and suggestions expressed are the opinion of the author, not of Sainsbury’s Bank. This post does not constitute advice and should not be used as a basis for any financial decisions. Sainsbury's Bank accepts no responsibility for the opinions and views of external contributors and the content of external websites included within this post. All information in this post was correct at date of publication.


Smooch Cosmetics*

I have never tried any products by smooch before and had heard very little about them as I don't think you can actually pick them up from anywhere on the high street I think they are only available on their website, so I was looking forward to trying them out and seeing what they were like.

First of all I tried the duo blush in the colour "Peachy" The blush isn't very highly pigmented but still looks really nice and gives a lovely hint of colour and shimmer to you cheeks and also highlights so you don't need to bother using separate highlighting products. I can see this subtle blush becoming my go to blush for the Spring (Whenever spring decides to show itself)

I have probably mentioned time and time again on my blog that I am not a bright lip person at all, they scare me. So when I picked this shade of lipstick I was kinda worried in case it came and was a really highly pigmented and bright lipstick. I was so pleased when I first tried it and it wasn't which others may not like but I love. I got the shade "Sweet tooth"

Hopefully you can see by the swatch that it is a subtle pink and adds a nice sheen to your lips. I think I would describe it as a my lips but better colour. It isn't a particularly long lasting lip stick so maybe not great for nights out.

The third product I tried was the duo eye shadow in "Dare to bare" are my perfect shades I only ever wear neutral eye shadow colours (From writing this post I have realised I am not adventurous at all with make up) I love this little duo the colours look lovely together and it is perfect for creating a quick basic smokey eye and would be perfect for traveling as it will take up no space at all in your make up bag. 

I really hope Smooch come to the high street soon as I am normally put off by purchasing make up online as I like to swatch products first to make sure they are the right shades for me as some make up products can be a bit hit and miss colourwise.

Have you tried any Smooch Cosmetics before? What did you think?


Getting On The Property Ladder, Our Future Plan*

At the moment David and I rent our home and even though we have been here for over 2 years now there is still that little chance that one day our landlord could come to us and say that he has decided that he wants to sell the house, that thought worries me more now we have Thomas than it has done in the past so one day I want us to own our own home.

My dad was always banging on about how important it is to save up for a house before anything else. To me though getting married was more important and we decided we also wanted a baby so saving for a house has always been at the back of my mind something that we will do at some point in the future. After all we managed to save money for our wedding we will be able to save money for a house one day too. In the meantime though there is always something else that we need to save for too like we are desperate for a new settee. With me only going back to work part time things will be a little tight with money and saving wont be easy but at least we will be more careful with our spending.

Once we have got the things that we are desperate for our spare money will be going in a house deposit fund. We aren’t bothered about holidays abroad and now we have Thomas we don’t go out all the time whether it’s for meals or the cinema so we should hopefully be able to save any spare money quite easily but I don’t want to have a set time that we need to have a deposit so if we do want to go out one night I don’t want to think “Oh we can’t go out because we will never have enough money for a deposit” I want us to enjoy our lives now as well as saving to enjoy our lives in years to come.

 I do get excited at the thought that one day we will get a mortgage and we will buy our own house that first time you get handed the keys to your first house all that saving and hard work has finally paid off I can’t wait. I’m not deluded though I know we wont walk straight in to a palace, I know our first house will probably need a lot of hard work but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and help out and I always my dad on hand to help us out and hopefully teach David a thing or two about DIY because he will admit he isn’t the greatest but he will have to learn these things because one day he will have to teach our son ready for when he buys his own house, Gosh that is a frightening thought.

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10 Commandments Of Saving

MoneySupermarket are holding another great competition which is open to everybody to enter whether you are a blogger or not. MoneySupermarket are currently collating the "10 Commandments of saving" and will be using readers tips to make up the ultimate top 10 tips to use on there blog.

It is very simple to enter all you need to do is email your top 10 money saving tips and then email them to me on yummymummytraining27@gmail.com and just leave a comment on this blog post to say you have done so, so nothing gets missed.

Then I will compile my ultimate tips from the ones you have sent to me and share them with you in a blog post. These will then be sent to MoneySupermarket if one of your tips get chosen for their blog you will win £100!

So what are you waiting for? Get your thinking caps on and get emailing me your tips.

For full terms and conditions please click here


Returning To Work Isn't THAT Bad

After this weeks #pbloggers chat it seems quite a few other mummys are starting to think about the end of their maternity leave and pretty much everybody feels the same way I did. I started dreading the end of my maternity leave pretty much the day after I actually started my maternity leave, nothing to do with my job just the thought of having 10months with my son and then suddenly going back to old routines.
As my maternity leave went on and I had to start thinking about choosing a nursery and I thought about the time I would have to go back to work and leave Thomas I would get that horrible feeling of dread in my stomach, I would literally want to cry. How could I leave this little baby who I had spent pretty much all day everyday with since the second he was born, when the most I'd ever been away from him was a couple of hours and soon I would have to leave him for 10 and a half hours a day,  I felt absolutely awful. Sound familiar?
Even though I dreaded leaving Thomas I knew deep, deep down it would be the best for both of us. Thomas would be going to nursery playing with other children learning how to socialise and interact with other children, having lots of fun, learning new things and having a break from his old mum. I also knew it would be best for me as much as I don't want to admit it but a tiny little part of me was looking forward to being able to have adult conversation during the day and as mad as it sounds going to work is actually a nice break.

The night before I returned to work all I wanted to do was cry and I felt sick at the thought of leaving Thomas. I felt overwhelmingly sad that my 10 months of maternity leave and my 9 months of solid Thomas time had come to an end. It felt like that feeling you use to get at the end of the 6 weeks holiday but a hundred times worse.
Dropping Thomas off at nursery for his first full day was horrible I wont lie to you, I smiled for Thomas so he knew nursery was a nice happy place but as soon as I got in the car again I cried. Then I thought to myself I'm going to have to suck it up and get on with it because unless we win the lottery I've got to go to work.

It didn't take long to settle back in at work and I am being completely honest with you it really isn't as bad as you think it will be. I was talking to another mum on Twitter a few weeks before I started back and she said exactly the same thing and I didn't believe her but it is true. It is actually a nice to have a break from keeping my eye on Thomas wondering what he's getting up to when he has gone quiet round the side of the sofa, It's nice not to have to change dirty nappies for a few hours a day, it's nice to talk to adults. That doesn't mean there is not a single second that I don't think about and miss Thomas but being back at work makes me appreciate our time together so much more a colleague of mine who returned to work just before me has also said the same. From about 4pm I am clock watching wishing the time away to picking him up at 6. Every single night I feel so excited to pick him up and have a cuddle. I try to make sure we do more on my days off even if it's just going for a walk.

I think the most important thing about your return to work is that you are 100% completely happy about the childcare you have chosen. We knew as soon as we visited Thomas's nursery that it was the right one and it really does help that Thomas has settled in so well at nursery when I drop him off in the morning he is always happy and smiling he even pushes away from me most mornings now, although I think that is mainly because he can see the other babies having their breakfast that puts my mind at rest for the rest of the day knowing he is safe and happy.

I hope this post has helped to put your minds at rest, returning to work really isn't that bad....honest.

Project 365 Week 10 & 11

You have a double whammy this week

 4th March
Falling asleep stroking my arm

5th March 
First time at softplay

6th March
Stopping Mummy from tidying up

7th March
Finally realised he needs to move his legs with his walker

8th March
Bought my Mother's Day card home from nursery

9th March
brushing his toothy peg

10th March
Woke up to this on Mothers day

11th March


12th March
Trying to reach inside the washing machine

13th March
Drinking his bottle and stroking my arm

14th March
Time to get up Mummy

15th March
I'm not letting go of this spoon mummy


16th March 
 Fun with grandad while mummy is at work 

17th March
Making a mess

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Since having Thomas sadly my skin has changed, probably because of all the hormones that have been going mental inside but for some reason they have decided to now give me spots. I can't believe after going through my teenage years spot free and now I have been cursed with a chin that likes to break out occasionally.

When I was asked if I would like to give the Skinetica anti- blemish treatment a go I was looking forward to giving it a go to see if it would help my chin. Skinectica doesn' t contain any harsh chemicals, it's kind to skin and it isn't oily or greasy.

For this to work you need to apply it to your problem area on clean dry skin with cotton wool twice a day to see a difference. For me I would say it definitely reduced the redness in spots and the size of them and takes the pain away from those painful under the skin spots. For me it wasn't some miracle cure that made spots disappear overnight but it definitely helped them out.

You can purchase this from the Skinetica website here a 100ml bottle costs just £9.99 but if you wanted to try a sample first you can get a small 15ml bottle for just £1p&p.


Teething Troubles

Teething is a nightmare for both babies and their parents. Thomas seems like he has been teething since he was born but only has one little toothy peg to show for it up to now.
For the month leading up to him cutting his first tooth. Thomas really did suffer with it. I think he has  had every teething symptom going Broken sleep, bright red cheeks, endless amounts of slobber, umpteen soiled nappies a day, nappy rash for the first time and the symptoms of a cold on top. We had a very unhappy Thomas on our hands, I was so glad when his tooth first popped through his gum and most of the pain left him for a little while at least.

"Ta daaaa look at my toof mummy I am so clever"

I will be honest I'm not looking forward to the next time a tooth is ready to come but at least for now Thomas and I are having a rest from it and we are both having a good nights sleep ready for the next batch of sleepless nights.

I thought I would share with you some things that got us through.

Calpol - Or the magic medicine as I call it. It helps with teething pains as well as colds so all mums need some of this in their cupboard and you can give it to your baby from 2 months old but please don't use it too much only give it to your baby when you think they really need it.

Teething gel - This contains a mild local anesthetic which can also help to sooth babies gums. I found this helped Thomas as he was also able to chew on my finger which gave a bit of relief as well as getting relief from the gel.

Teething powder - I have been recommended these by a lot of other mums but when I got them Thomas seemed to finish the painful part of teething so we haven't used them yet but they are ready in the cupboard for next time.

Teething rings - These are safe for babies so chew on and can offer some relief for small babies and you can buy teething rings that you can pop in your freezer to they can cool down painful gums.

Foods to chew on - If your baby is old enough for finger foods I found Thomas enjoys a cool apple helped his gums and also was something tasty and healthy for him to chop on.

Mummy cuddles - These are also magic and there is no limit to them, you don't have to worry about over dosing them either. So when you have both had a rubbish night sleep having a nice snuggly nap day the next day who cares if your chores don't get done.

First Time At Soft Play

I recently decided to take Thomas to soft play for the first time. Now he is getting more mobile he is confidently crawling and standing up I thought it would be a nice new experience for him. Unfortunately when we got there he was a little tired, I was hoping he would sleep on our walk there but he only decided to drop off just before we got there so he was a little miserable anyway.

We had a little sit and play in the ball pit first but I don't think Thomas new what to make of it and wouldn't sit on his own he would only sit on knee but he did start to play with the balls and eventually did sit on his own until a little girl came and then he rushed back to my knee because she was walking around moving all the balls.

We then went and sit in the other little play area where he could crawl about and explore. Thomas liked this area a bit more and was happy to explore and play with balls there but still kept coming back to me for a cuddle every now and then.

We went to a place called Wacky Warehouse which I think are dotted all over and they have a Tots club which is for 0-5 and is on from 9:30am to 3:30pm and for under 1s it is free and for all other children it is just £2.

We will definitely visit again as it is free so even if Thomas doesn't want to stay for very long it isn't a waste of money and hopefully Thomas will start to enjoy it once he gets use to it.
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