What's In Your Pocket? MoneySupermarket Blogger Challenge

Ever put on an old jacket and found £20 that you forgot you had? Unfortunately I haven't been that lucky but  When I was contacted to take part in the MoneySupermarket "What's in your pocket?" Challenge I got that "awww yay" feeling and it instantly made my day 

It only took me a couple of minutes to decide what I would spend my £20 on. As I have been loosing weight whilst being on the Slimming World plan I have also been shrinking out of my clothes, which isn't a bad thing in fact I have been waiting for this day for the past 9 months since Thomas was born. So I was getting pretty desperate for a new pair of jeans as I could hardly keep my old ones up.

I decided to get some jeans from Primark as I could get more for my money and treat myself to a new top too. LOOOOOKKKKK can you see size 10!! My pre-pregnancy size and the best bit is I can already fit in to them, they are a little tight though at the minute but at least they do up. I really wasn't expecting them to fasten but I was going to just buy them so that when I loose my final stone they will fit. 

This makes me feel so pleased with myself and shows me my hard work is paying off, When I wanted to loose a bit of weight in the past I have never stuck to anything or had the will power or determination and it makes me so happy to see the changes.

I love the top that I bought too its a chiffon type material and its sheer with floaty sleeves with cuffs and I love the design too which will be perfect to the spring/ summer. And the best bit.... It's a size 10 too. I think I will definitely be doing an outfit post featuring this outfit in the future so keep your eyes open for that. 

Have you taken part in the challenge too I'd love to see your posts so link them below :)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Seascape*

Hopefully you will have read my first post on some Seascape products that I was testing out with Thomas. Well it's time to talk about some products that I have been enjoying using. Now I don't get much time for pampering since having Thomas I like to make sure when I do have the time for a pamper session that I use products that are a little bit more special than your everyday products.

Like I said in my first review the packaging from Seascape is lovely and superb quality. The body butter and the lip balm are in glass pots which in itself makes them feel like special products, something you would use when you are indulging in a pamper session.

The lip balm is quite a hard balm maybe more of a salve and it has a fresh peppermint flavour to it. After a few uses my lips feel supersoft and I have mostly been using it before bed applying quite a lot and then just leaving it to soak in my lips. Like I've already mentioned it is in a glass jar so not a product you could keep in your bag, but then again I don't think I would want to as it looks so much better on my bedside table.

The body cream is a luxurious thick cream the whole product including the glass pot just feels like a treat. For me this isn't an everyday cream as it is rather thick and doesn't dry that fast on your skin which I don't normally like but if you are having a pamper session then you will have plenty of spare time to allow the cream to sink in to your skin. This cream has a gorgeous relaxing lavender scent with ylang ylang and mandarin. Perfect for use before bed. It is made from ingredients such as Shea butter, rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E which actually helps to reduce stretch marks, so guess where I have been focusing on with this?

The last item I have been trialing is the hand cream as soon as you apply this you are hit with the scent of lavender and lemongrass which is just lovely. Even though it is quite a thick hand cream it takes no time at all to soak in to your hands.

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know its Mother's Day coming up in a couple of weeks, the 10th March actually so if you have a mum who deserves to be spoilt she definitely deserves some treats from Seascape and they are totally affordable and you could even treat yourself whilst you are there.


Project 365 Week 8

18th February
First taste of an orange and it was a hit

19th February
He thinks he is so clever

20th February
I just love his bed head oh and sofa print on his face

21st February
Sharing toast with cousin Chloe

22nd February
Thomas must of spent a good 10 minutes putting his packet of baby wipes in to his seat and then taking them out again

23rd January
First time in a trolley like a big boy

24th January
Loving his new toy to stand and play with

As always take a peek at Nicola's post

Road Safety Will Always Be Important*

Can you remember being taught about the green cross code at school? I can and its an important lesson that every child should be taught, at our school we probably had the talk once a year and were given various reflectors or high vis stickers and sashes to stick on our coats of school bags so that we would always be seen no matter what.

I can also remember the various adverts that appeared amongst the children's television, the one that sticks in my head the most is the one with the hedgehogs and the rhyme went something like "stop, look and listen and you'll be king of the road" again a good tool to instil in to children that roads can be very dangerous places so you need to be safe at all times. It makes me sad to hear that because of budget changes the BBC will be stopping adverts on road safety as road deaths are at a record low but shouldn't the adverts be kept on tele to keep them low?

I know when Thomas is walking I will be teaching him about the green cross code man and that he needs to be sensible at all times when we are near roads but its still kinda sad that there will no longer be the adverts on the tele to raise awareness in that way especially as I should imagine some children take more notice of what a cartoon is saying rather than their boring old mum who keeps going on. Surely there must be other ways to make cuts instead of something that is actually important.

If the worst did and happen and you or somebody you know was involved in an accident then by getting in touch with Road accident solicitors you could claim compensation whether you are in an accident in a car or as a pedestrian.

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Bedtime Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted an admission  that Thomas wasn't a good sleeper, in fact that's putting it nicely most nights were an absolute nightmare and I was left feeling completely exhausted after a hour long fight, some nights even longer.

A couple of weeks ago now Thomas cut his first tooth, this pesky little toothy peg had been giving my little boy some right jip and I know now that was definitely to blame to the bedtime traumas. Since Thomas cut the tooth he has been a different little boy at bedtime, he is so easy to get to sleep now and falls in to a deep enough sleep I can put him straight in his cot after he's finished his bottle and then he has been sleeping through until we need to get up. On my days off I have actually woke up before him!

So want to know how I got him use to sleeping in his own cot again? at first I tried putting him to sleep with one of my tops so he could feel the warmth and my scent but that didn't fool him he still woke up, so I got in with him.... Yep if Thomas cried when I put him down which he used to do most nights I decided to get in the cot with him. Guess what he settled straight away, I did this for a couple of nights and now he's completely fine and I don't need to bother.

I know this probably wont last as soon as his next tooth starts to come through I know we will probably be thrown back to the screaming tantrums at bedtime but at least for now Thomas and I can enjoy a nice calm bedtime and a good nights sleep.


Thomas's First Trips To The Park

Whilst we had some reasonably nice weather I decided to take Thomas for a walk around the park and to take him on the swings for the first time. Our local park is actually really nice compared to the other parks in Stoke so it's actually quite nice to visit it.

We headed straight for the swings first and Thomas was giggling as I pushed him but he seemed more interested in watching the other children running around and playing I think he was wishing that he could go off and run with them. I couldn't really catch a photo of him smiling but I don't care as I think the photo below is absolutely gorgeous in fact I'm actually in love with it I will have to get it printed out.

After the swings Thomas had a little go on the slide which made him smile I think he enjoyed it but obviously as I was holding him I couldn't take a photo, next time we will have to take daddy with us.

We had a slow walk back through the park and sat by the pond for a while so I could show Thomas the ducks I wish I had thought to take a photo. Thomas was fascinated by them watching them on the water and then all of a sudden they just flew off he was talking to me at the time and I would love to know what he was saying to me.

Thomas and I will definitely be visiting the park again soon.


Special All Bran Red Berry Crunch*

Kellogg's have some new All-Bran flavours that they have recently bought out and I was excited to try their Red Berry flavour as I've never actually tried their All-Bran flavours before but I love there normal bran flakes so I thought these might make a nice change and on my current Slimming World plan these count as my healthy extra B so I am free to eat these every morning for my breakfast if I like.

These made a nice change from my usual bran flakes that I eat they were extremely tasty but one thing I will say is that they are really sweet so perhaps I will be saving these for my days off when I can eat a bit later on in the day.

I have been having these for my breakfast with just my normal semi skimmed milk but I bet these would also be really nice with yoghurt which I must try soon. When I have finished these I will definitely be trying out some of the other flavours I have my eye on the chocolate ones


John Frieda Smooth Start Review*

I don't know about you but the weather this time of year plays havoc with my hair it just constantly feels frizzy as soon as I venture outside my hair goes poof frizz ball.
I've had one or two products before from the John Frieda Frizz-Ease range but I've never actually tried any of the shampoos before so I was looking forward to trying them out.

First things first the smell of these two products is so nice and fresh smelling. The texture of both the shampoo and conditioner is feel thick it feels like it's going to actually do something to your hair. You don't need to use much of the conditioner either, with some I've used in the past I've had to use lots of conditioner for it to actually make my hair feel softer.  In the past I was so bad with using conditioners I hardly ever use to bother but lately my hairs changed and I have to use a conditioner now or else I can even get a comb through my hair after washing it and this works a treat.

After washing my hair but before styling I use one pump of the oil and rub it between my hands and then run it through my hair and then dry and style as normal but you can also use the oil on dry hair too if you need to tame any fly always.

My hair definitely feels in better condition after using these three products together but it still feels like it has a bit of life in it and not weighed down. My hair also looks a lot less frizzy although I'm afraid to say the effects of the oil isn't long lasting and later on in the day my hair starts to frizz a little but I can add a little more oil if needed without worrying that my hair will look greasy.

Have you tried any of the John Frieda range before? I'm particularly interested if you have used the three day straight product because I think once my spending ban is over I will be testing that out.j


Real Techniques Brush Collection

I had been wanting to try out Real Technique brushes for so long but at the time I was suppose to be spending all my spare money on Christmas presents so I asked my mum for the Core Collection for Christmas and what over the moon when she got them for me.
I've never really bothered with good quality brushes before but I can definitely tell the difference when I use these compared to when I used my old cheaper brushes.

The set contains a buffing brush, a contour brush, a foundation brush and a detailer brush. The first two brushes I use for what they are suppose to be used for and they work perfectly especially the buffing brush I have noticed a huge difference when I use this to buff in my foundation and it leaves my skin looking great.
The foundation brush I find works better for applying concealer especially around my eyes. I don't normally like using this sort of brush for foundation I had a similar brush from ELF and really didn't think it applied foundation very well.
The detailer brush can be used for concealer or lips but I use this when applying eyeshadow close to the lash line and find it works really well.

With some of the money I got for Christmas I treated myself to the Blush Brush and again I love it. The brush is so soft and works perfectly.

I absolutely love these brushes from the colour and design of them to the fact they are great quality for money I use these every day and I have washed them a few times since I go them and have had no shedding which is brilliant. Cheaper brushes that I have had in the past shed so bad but these are still as good as the day I first bought them. Since having these I have thrown away all of the similar brushes I had in my collection and one day I hope to have the full collection of them.  I will definitely be buying more of these when my spending ban is up in April.

Are you a Real Techniques lover? Which is your favourite brush?


Leek Bloggers Meet Up

On Sunday 3rd February I attended my very first bloggers meet up. Having never been to one before I didn't know what to expect or what other bloggers would be like, I'm also a very shy person when meeting new people so I was quite nervous. As I didn't have a babysitter for the day Thomas had to come with me so we hopped on a bus to Leek I was annoyed with the weather as it was raining so my hair turned in to a horrible frizzy mess not good when you are meeting people for the first time.

When we were nearly in Leek I overheard Rachel on the bus asking if another girl knew where Spout was which was the café we were meeting in so I said that was where I was going too and after talking we realised we were both bloggers and were on our way there for the meet up so it was nice to get talking to somebody before we got there.

Spout Coffee Shop is such a cute little place and sells every type of coffee you could want and also has lots of lovely cakes which was hard for me to resist. It is also a bit like a Tardis, it seems to go on forever and upstairs is the Pamper Pit and Passion Pit which are the hair and beauty salons on the day of the meet up this is where the make up, skin care and fashion work shops were held. As I am a bit dim I didn't really take any photos as it was kinda difficult with Thomas. The photo below is of the coffee shop courtesy of Terri from helloterrilowe.blogspot.co.uk who took some lovely photos of the day.

We all had afternoon tea which was so pretty in vintage cups and saucers and cute little sandwiches  and cakes that looked too good to eat. Thomas and I had some little sandwiches and then Mummy had a scone.

Thomas and I went and sat in the skincare workshop and it was great to try out some of the products and they best ways to use them.

It was a lovely day and it was great to meet other bloggers and finally meet people who I have been speaking to on Twitter for a while. A big thank you to Maxine from  http://agirliknow.blogspot.co.uk for organising a lovely relaxed day and to Edwina Simone, Lydia Leith, Misco Chocolates, Kieron at Barratts, Coulson Macleod, Teapigs and Spout for providing goodies for the little goodie bag we all received.

Here are all of the lovely bloggers we met 
Charlotte Ginger Girl Says
Joanna Minty Essence
Kieron The Totality
Amelia xameliax
Sara Waiste

Photo courtesy of Maxine :)

Spending Ban Week 7 Catch Up

Firstly I haven't updated you on my spending ban for a couple of weeks I haven't given up I just haven't really wanted to write an update as I just felt like I was writing the samething every week.
The spending ban is still going well the only thing I have bought was a purse from Next a couple of weeks ago but I used a voucher I had from Christmas.

Other than that I haven't bought anything else and to be honest I haven't had any spare money to actually buy anything again this month. Any spare money I have had is going on a new settee which I am hoping to get fairly soon. As I've won an iPad I don't need to save up for that anymore so settee it is.

I need to also start meal planning again as I've noticed since I have been back at work I have started spending more money on food than I use to when I was home all day which is strange plus it will help my diet more.


Salt Dough

This is an old post I have found in my drafts

I wanted to try something crafty with Thomas and I heard a few people talking about doing salt dough with their little ones so I thought that I would give it a go with Thomas and see how it turned out.
Salt dough is such a quick and easy thing to make and a super cheap activity I can remember when I was younger my sister and I use to make this with our nan . It is made from items everybody has in their kitchen cupboards. 

I found a simple recipe for salt dough on the internet all you need is
 1 cup of water, 1 cup of salt and 2 cups of plain four 
and then use your hands to make it in to a dough. 
If you feel it's too watery then just add more flour. 

Now I wanted to try to make Santa christmas decorations using Thomas's hand print but we couldn't quite get them right and when we did and put them in the oven I don't know what happened but I only left them in the oven on the lowest setting as it said on the internet for about 25 minutes before I checked on them and they had risen! Complete fail.

The only one that survived the oven was this Thomas's hand print inside mine :)

Trying to get a 6 month old to cooperate with salt dough is pretty difficult all Thomas was to do is clench his hands up and mush the dough between his fingers the little tinker! I am looking forward to when he is a bit older and we can have another go. Perhaps next time they wont rise in the oven.

Project 365 week 7

11th February 
Bed head to be proud of

12th February 
Playing peekaboo

13th February
Clever boy who holds his own bottle pretty much all the time...when he can be bothered

14th February 
 Thomas loves his bubble baths like mummy

15th February
Morning bottle time before nursery

16th February
First time on a swing

17th February
I'm going mummy....I'm leaving you 

As always don't forget to check out Nicolas post


My Best Competition Win Yet

I HAVE FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON AN IPAD MINI!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I was casually checking my emails and saw that had won an IPad competition that I had entered recently. In fact I nearly just deleted the email as it just said congratulations you have won as I thought it would just be one if those spam emails telling me I had won £1000000 but it wasn't it was a real email.

I was so excited to go to work on Friday as it was the day it was due to arrive, I didn't want to get my hopes up too much just incase it was a con and I would get a load of rubbish saying it was lost in the post or something but when I opened my packaged I could have squealed as I have wanted an IPad for so long but I was going to have to save up to buy one.

Thomas was already trying to get his hands on it but he's got no chance! Hehe. 

If you are in to entering competitions like me then don't give up if you feel like you never win you will win your dream prize one day, you gotta be in it to win it.


Who Cares If...

Your house is not as tidy as it use to be...
Your living room floor is covered in toys...
Your laundry basket is full...
Your child has dropped his dinner of the floor again...
Your dark circles are getting darker...
Your hair could do with a wash...
You are never on time anymore...
Your tummy will never be the same again...
You still can't fit in to those pre-pregnancy jeans...
You can't remember the last time you ate a meal undisturbed...
You can't remember the last time you had a full 9 hours sleep...

...When you get to see your beautiful childs face everyday



Project 365 Week 6

4th February
All the toys and he would rather play with the DVDs

5th February
All fresh and clean out of the bath

6th February
New trike from Nanna

7th February
First full day at nursery :(

8th February
Being a cheeky chops

9th February
Peeking under the door as Daddy has gone

10th February
Fallen asleep on Daddy

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Next Define Perfume Review

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive this perfume from my dad I am quite a fan of Next perfumes I think some of them can be quite good dupes for more expensive perfumes. A couple of years ago I bought myself one of their fragrances which if I remember rightly was called "Ruby" and it was a brilliant dupe for Hugo Boss Deep Red which was my favourite perfume at the time. So when my dad and I went shopping I decided I wanted a new perfume so to be kinder to my dads wallet and we have a look in Next to see what perfumes they had this year.

After smelling all of the scents I was stuck on Define as it had a very familiar smell which I later realised was because it is a great dupe for Emporio Armani "She" But a lot less pricey. I got this as part of a gift set and it is only a 30ml bottle it came with a hand cream and a mascara/eyeliner duo which I think is a bit random really? I don't know how much the gift set was but I think it was only a Christmas product anyway but I have looked on the Next website and 75ml bottle is only £12 so I will definitely be buying another bottle when this has run out.

I really would recommend having a look at the perfumes next has to offer some maybe a bit hit and miss but you could find a good dupe for your favourite perfume for a fraction of the price.


Summer Wardrobe Wishlist With Avenue 32

Do you ever internet window shop? I do all the time so I have created my ultimate wishlist of beautiful clothes that caught my eye on the Avenue 32 website. A girl can dream can't she?
 With summer coming up and the hope that I will be at my goal weight before then obviously my mind is on summer clothes updating my wardrobe and adding a splash of colour with a summer dress or two.

I love wearing white in the summer I just think it looks fresh and clean and summery and if you tan which unfortunately I never do white always looks so good with a tan. This dress is gorgeous it doesn't show up on the picture above but the dress has a textured look to it which is quite different but it's a cotton muslin dress so it would be nice if we actually get a summer this year.

How pretty is the dress in the middle I could imagine wearing this dress to a summer wedding with a little white cardigan and perhaps the sandals below? Or imagine wearing it on holiday somewhere hot in the evening when you go out to dinner.
Can you tell I love this style of dress? I use to shy away from this type of dress but I now realise that it shows off a small waist perfectly if that is something you like to show off.

I use to think white shoes were a bit tacky but that was because I had never seen a nice pair of white shoes before but I love these sandals they would be absolutely perfect for the summer and for summer nights out.

Of course a stylish swimming costume but one that still hides the mum tum. I was never confident in bikinis before I had Thomas and so I am even less confident now but that doesn't mean I want to look like a dowdy mum in an ugly costume I want something that actually looks good. Which is why I love the style of this costume and the fact there is some colour in it not just all boring black.

Finally summer isn't summer without a pair of sunnies is it? I don't know about you but I have such a hard time finding sunglasses that actually suit me.

 *This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own


Seascape Les Petits Review*

The Les Petits range from Seascape has been specially formulated for babies and children who have sensitive skin they are mild enough to use everyday without causing any irritation and there aren't any parabens, silicone, petroleum or sulphates so you aren't using any nasties on your child's skin. They contain essential oils which are safe for babies and they smell lovely too but not too overpowering as I don't like Thomas to be too heavily scented.

I absolutely love the packaging for these products I know they aren't very child friendly but they are mummy friendly and I don't mind having them on my bathroom shelf.

Firstly the bubble bath has a gorgeous scent of chamomile and lavender which is to soothe the skin and calm and relax  your baby, I will admit I have also used this myself and it is lovely and definitely is relaxing if you are taking a bath before bed. A little of this bubble bath goes a long way the scent fills your bathroom and creates a nice amount of bubbles for your little one to play with.

The body lotion goes perfectly with the bubble bath which the same fragrance but with added Shea butter and olive oil to moisturise your baby's skin, it also contains jersey beeswax to lock in moisture which is brilliant if your little one has dry skin it instantly feels softer. Again a little of this goes a long way and the lotion isn't too thick that it takes ages to soak in which is perfect when you have a wriggly baby they wont sit still long enough to dry off.

Both of these products retail for £12 for a 300ml bottle and can be purchased here


New York Bakery Co Bagels*

Did you know today is National Bagel day? So why not treat yourself to some bagels. I'm sure you have all heard of or seen New York Bakery Co Bagels in the supermarket well they have recently bought out 3 tasty new flavours Fruit & Oat, Red onion and chive and Blueberry.

If I am honest I don't normally think to pick up Bagels so when I was asked if I wanted to give a couple of new flavours a go I was interested to see what they were like. The filling choices for the bagels are endless for example the Fruit and oat and the Blueberry flavours you could have them how they come or lightly toasted with butter or jam or how about a dollop of honey for extra sweetness.
 If you are more of a savoury sort of person maybe the Red onion and chive flavour is the over for you. I particularly loved this one cut in half and one half I dipped in soup and the other half I had some cream cheese on which was really good.

Thomas was also a fan of bagels with just a little butter it made a nice change from just having boring toast. I think in the future we will definitely be experimenting with different flavours and fillings.


Yummy Mummy- Hask Hair Treatments*

A couple of months back I did a post about a Hask hair Argan oil I had tried after spotting it Primark(here) and the post had been seen by Hask and I was asked if I would like to try some more of their products to see how I get on with those as I was impressed by their Argan oil.

The first I tried was Natural Essentials Leave-in Instant Conditioning Treatment. The instructions are to apply straight to wet hair and then dry and style as normal now on this one it doesn't actually advise you on how much you should be using in one go. Seems like a bit of a silly point to make but when the other treatments advise you to us a coin sized amount with this one I didn't really know how much to use. In the end I used about a quarter of the tube, it's a water based liquid so doesn't sit as heavy on your hair as oil. When I had dried my hair it felt a lot smoother and less frizzy but it didn't feel weighed down. My only problem with this is that I had to wash my hair again a lot sooner than what I normally do which I normally find with any type of leave in conditioner.

Macadamia Oil Exotic Shine Treatment first things first this smells soooo good and my hair smelled so good for ages after using. Like all of the oils they can be used on either wet or dry hair and have tried it both ways and really like it, it keeps my hair frizz free but I'm not sure if it does anything different to the Argan Oil but it's still a nice product if you can get your hands on it.
The 3 sachets are all deep conditioning treatments which I have been able to get 2 treatments out of each packet which is pretty good and they all smell yummy but more importantly they left my hair feeling so soft and looking really shiny and my hair feels so much better for them. If you ever spot any more of Hask's products in Primark I would recommend you grab a couple to try them out. 
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