Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Soap & Glory The Fill Monty

I have bought my my very first wrinkle cream that's it I am getting old I mean I am already getting grey hairs that I have to cover up (I blame Thomas entirely for this) so it is inevitable that someday soon I will notice a tiny little lines forming across my face. Although I do hope that I take after my mum as I don't actually think she has any wrinkles.

I thought it would be best to start using a wrinkle product now to try and keep them at bay as I imagine that is easier than filling them in when your face does eventually start to crack. After browsing wrinkle creams for a while and still not knowing much about them or if they would even work I decided to go for a Soap and Glory product as I have loved pretty much every product of theirs I have used so far. Plus I will be honest I was drawn to the packaging and it was on a 3 for 2 offer.

The Full Monty wrinkle cream comes in a little glass pot and I thought hmm you don't get much for your money in this little pot but you actually do as you only need a little amount which you dab on areas you want to keep wrinkles at bay such as around your eyes and forehead.

As you can see its a white cream which goes on clear and you are suppose to apply it after your have applied moisturiser and make up but I just do it after my moisturiser and before make up. I have noticed a little difference on my frown lines at the top of my nose so I will keep using it in the hope they these don't turn in to full on wrinkles.

This isn't going to be some miracle cure as I don't think they actually exist but it may help you keep wrinkles at bay for a little while longer.

Have you tried this? What have you thought?

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  1. I love Soap and Glory products am not sure about buying winkle cream yet as feel I am not too sure what kinda age you would need to start preparing for wrinkles.


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