Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Making Time For A Girls Night Out When You Have A Baby*

As soon as you have a baby you change and your life changes and there is nothing you can do about it. Back when you were pregnant you might have thought you would still be able to carry on seeing your friends a few times a month and have regular nights out but for most new mums you soon realise that doesn't happen. Even if you have lots of keen babysitters to use you may not actually feel like you want to leave your baby very often. So when you do get the occasional night out you need to make the most of it. Now I'm not saying go out and get absolutely blotto on cheap drink deals at your local pub because don't forget you will have a baby to look after the next day and they don't care if mummy is feeling delicate.

I have been looking at some results from a recent survey byLadbrokes Bingo where 2000 women in the UK were asked about nights out and 84% said they had thought that nights out weren’t what they once were and I can agree with that even before I became a mum it seemed nights out weren't as good as they were when I was younger (I'm only 23 now!) But I don't know maybe the atmosphere around town has changed or it’s because people can’t afford to go out as much as they use to. So I think to myself even if I got the chance for a night out I wouldn't pick to go out on the town. Perhaps a quiet drink with a friend or a nice meal somewhere would be my perfect break.

 Sorry for the blurred photo but this is a photo from my last night out
 which was my hen do. Do I miss nights out? Not really

I don’t know whether I have gotten old too quick but at the grand old age of 23 I would much rather have a night in with some close friends share a bottle of wine and a takeaway rather than have to walk around town freezing cold, in shoes that I can barely walk in and then have to queue for a drink. No thanks, that is not for me anymore. Apparently the average age that women prefer a girls night in as opposed to a girls night out is 27 (see old before my time!) but to be honest with money being tight when you are on maternity leave, or if you just work part time like me, I would rather spend less money and have a girls night in and probably have a better night than if I was to venture out.
How do you feel about nights out? Are you craving some time away or are you a home body like me?

*This post was brought to you in association with Ladbrokes Bingo but all thoughts are my own please refer to my disclosure policy

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