Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Smooch Cosmetics*

I have never tried any products by smooch before and had heard very little about them as I don't think you can actually pick them up from anywhere on the high street I think they are only available on their website, so I was looking forward to trying them out and seeing what they were like.

First of all I tried the duo blush in the colour "Peachy" The blush isn't very highly pigmented but still looks really nice and gives a lovely hint of colour and shimmer to you cheeks and also highlights so you don't need to bother using separate highlighting products. I can see this subtle blush becoming my go to blush for the Spring (Whenever spring decides to show itself)

I have probably mentioned time and time again on my blog that I am not a bright lip person at all, they scare me. So when I picked this shade of lipstick I was kinda worried in case it came and was a really highly pigmented and bright lipstick. I was so pleased when I first tried it and it wasn't which others may not like but I love. I got the shade "Sweet tooth"

Hopefully you can see by the swatch that it is a subtle pink and adds a nice sheen to your lips. I think I would describe it as a my lips but better colour. It isn't a particularly long lasting lip stick so maybe not great for nights out.

The third product I tried was the duo eye shadow in "Dare to bare" are my perfect shades I only ever wear neutral eye shadow colours (From writing this post I have realised I am not adventurous at all with make up) I love this little duo the colours look lovely together and it is perfect for creating a quick basic smokey eye and would be perfect for traveling as it will take up no space at all in your make up bag. 

I really hope Smooch come to the high street soon as I am normally put off by purchasing make up online as I like to swatch products first to make sure they are the right shades for me as some make up products can be a bit hit and miss colourwise.

Have you tried any Smooch Cosmetics before? What did you think?


  1. I've never tried the product now but the lipstick colour is gorgeous :)

    Stopping by as a fellow co host from the Friday Chaos Blog Hop :)

  2. Lovely colour. Would have liked to see what it looked like on... Do you have a picture? I have really pale skin, so I struggle to find lipsticks.

    I will add this post to the Britmums beauty roundup, so look out for it!


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