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No Such Thing As A Perfect Parent

Over the past couple of days/ weeks I have noticed quite a few dramas and silly comments going on, on Twitter I'm not normally one to take much notice I normally just skip past silly remarks people make. However it is really starting to grate on me especially recently when I saw a horrible comment made about somebody else's parenting styles from somebody who isn't even a mum yet. Why can't people just understand that everybody has different views and styles of parenting, wouldn't it be boring it everybody bought their children up in the same way?
There are things that other parents do that I don't agree with but I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, there may be reasons behind what people do, reasons that you don't know about.

What annoys me the most is that these silly comments go on between mums about other mums aren't there enough people out there who make ridiculous comments about mums without us doing it ourselves.
I probably do lots of things other people won't agree with and do you know what, I don't really give a monkeys what people think.

Sometimes I co-sleep with Thomas I always ensure he is safe and since he was born I have been a light sleeper anyway so any movement from him and I'm awake. People say it's a bad habit to get in to but Thomas still also settles in his cot.

I've given Thomas a couple of milky buttons only about 3 in his life but as long as he has a healthy balanced diet what's wrong with him having treats in the future as long as he hasn't got a mouth full of cake everyday (which I wouldn't allow) ? I eat sweets, crisps and chocolate and I did when I was little and I'm healthy and not over weight so wouldn't I be a hypocrite if I didn't let Thomas have any when he's older?

I don't breastfeed, Thomas and I couldn't get on with it. I get that breastfeeding is better for the baby but does there need to be so much pressure put on it? I'm fed up of bottle feeding being seen as failing. I cried when I had to give up breastfeeding I felt as if I was failing at being a mum after just one week and it shouldn't be like that.

I'm a good parent, my son is healthy and happy and that is all that matters to me, as a parent I can only do what is best for my son. I'm not a perfect parent they don't exist but I am the best parent I can be for my son and I meet all of his needs. I will make mistakes because we all do you are silly if you think you won't. Being a parent is hard at times and we don't need it made harder with all these silly comments.

In the words of that girl on mean girls "Why can't we all just get along and bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles and we'd all just eat it and be happy!"


Bobux Baby Shoes Review *

Bobux soft soles are elasticated leather shoes that actually stay on your babies feet! I don't know about you but trying to get a pair of shoes to stay on Thomas's feet is like fighting a loosing battle, half the time I don't even bother to put any shoes on as it's a pointless exercise. That was until we received these shoes from Bobux they are nice and soft so they are easy to get on. I then thought that they would be just as easy for Thomas to get them off again but he can't and they don't slip off when he is shuffling around on the floor they seriously will stay on for hours!

The shoes are made from a super soft leather which don't restrict your babies growing feet. On the soles of the shoes there is a non slip suede, I know he doesn't need that for walking yet but it is good for gripping when Thomas is trying to crawl.

Thomas has these lovely navy blue shoes with little diggers on them I have used the picture from the website as I was too eager the put the shoes on Thomas. If you have a nosey on their site www.bobux.co.uk they have hundreds of shoes in all different designs for boys and girls. I could seriously spend a fortune on that site. We were actually thinking of buying Thomas another Christmas present but I think I might buy him another pair of shoes from this site actually as I have just spotted a pair of brown shoes with a monkey on them.
Thomas has size small at the minute and they still feel quite roomy so I think I might get another pair at the same size or the next size up.

Bobux don't just do soft sole shoes, they have pram shoes which are for newborns 0-3, and then they do Step up which are for first time walkers and then they have i-walk for confident walkers.

Thomas loves his new shoes and so does Mummy. You can purchase these shoes from their website www.bobux.co.uk and the soft sole shoes are £20 which I think is fab for a pair of well made leather shoes.


It's Beginning To Feel A Bit Christmassy

I have always loved the run up to Christmas in previous years I love the run up more than Christmas Day itself. This year I am even more excited than I have ever been before as it is my first Christmas as a mummy and yes I know Thomas hasn't got a clue what is going on, you don't to keep telling me that I do know.

Costa Christmas Flavours - I had my first praline & cream and it was lush.

Starbucks Red Cups - Tried Toffee Nut latte and it was so yummy even my dad love it. I must buy the syrup.

Funny festive photos.

Unimpressed cutie

Thomas's very first Christmas card and a special key so that Santa can get in as we don't have a chimney. 

 Thomas's first Christmas pressie wrapped and ready for Santa

Chilling with Polar bears


Thomas & Mummys 6 month Update

Can you believe Thomas is half a year old already!! Time is whizzing by so, so fast. I missed out Thomas's 5 month update for some reason bad mummy, so this update will be kinda long as so much has happened.

We started weaning Thomas at 4 months and you can read more about our weaning journey here on my blog but Thomas is now eating 2 or 3 meals a day. Some days he isn't that bothered about eating when I try him so will only have either a breakfast or lunch but I always try to make sure he eats his tea. We are still trying to get Thomas to drink more fluids with his meals as his poops are getting a bit hard but he doesn't seem too keen on water so at the minute we are giving him some pear juice and he seems to like that flavour. I make it pretty weak though as I didn't really want to give him juice.

Thomas has been rolling over for a few months now and this past month has seen him really trying his hardest to crawl a couple of blog posts back I posted a video of what he is doing at the minute it's sort of like a frog jump. Before I could leave Thomas playing on the floor and I could leave the room and not really worry about him getting up to something he shouldn't. Now I can't as he can move about so easily and he instantly heads in the direction of wires and things he shouldn't so now I have to take him with me or I sit him in his seat so that he can play in that whilst I just nip out of the room.
Sitting Up
Thomas is slowly getting better at sitting up he can sitting up for quite a while but then he forgets what he is suppose to be doing and then falls over so he definitely isn't strong enough to be left sitting up. He is better at sitting up if he is playing with one of his toys and it is placed between his legs. 

Thomas is still teething and dribbling all over the place everything still goes straight to his mouth. Sometimes he is like a little puppy dog chewing on everything you can't put your hands near his mouth before he is trying to nibble on you. His teeth don't don't seem to be hurting too much although we did have one really bad night when I couldn't even sit down with him as he would scream other than that they don't seem to be giving him much jipp. We don't have any sign of them yet though.

Thomas is now sleeping from around 7:30pm until around 6:30-7:00am some nights he does wake up in the middle of the night but not for a feed and he soon goes back to sleep again after. We bring him in to bed with us in the morning when he wakes up and we can normally get another 30 minutes to a hour extra. So many people say this is a bad habit to get in to but to be honest I'm not bothered as when I go back to work we will have to get up around 6-6:30am. I don't want him to be coming in to our bed in the middle of the night every night, that's a habit I don't want to get in to.
Napping wise Thomas only has about 1 hour throughout the day he has half hour in the morning and then half hour in the afternoon.
Thomas hasn't been weighed yet this month I need to take him next Tuesday but when we had him weighed last month he was 15lb6 so he normally puts on about 2 and a half lb a month so as its been a little over a month since he last got weighed I think he might be around 18 1/2 lb I think he will have put on more weight this month as he is eating more.
Clothes wise Thomas is still in 3-6months and they still fit him pretty well.
Thomas changes so much all the time he has his own cheeky little personality I can see we will have our hands full when he is older. He has started to do this super cute tilting his head on the side as if he thinks it will make him look cuter than he already is and then he gives you a big cheeky grin. 
Thomas has quite a temper on him sometimes and he shouts and bashes his toys about when he gets annoyed I can't help but laugh. I don't know about terrible 2's looks like we are having terrible 6 months hehe only joking.
Thomas has a little pretend cough now which he uses if we aren't paying him any attention and sometimes if you cough he will copy off you, which he thinks is so funny and carries on doing it for ages.
Thomas's favourite toy is a £1 remote we bought from the poundshop, seriously I don't know why we bothered spending so much on Christmas. 
I have always wanted a strange child and it looks like I have one :)

My 6 month update.

As you know if you have been a follower of my blog since I had Thomas you will know I had to have an emergency c-section. I have healed well and can pretty much do everything I could before with little or no pain. Although if I run it does make my tummy a bit tender. My scar has healed well and I have had no trouble with it although it is tender if any clothes rub it I have to make sure that all of my underwear and clothes go over it so still big pants for me haha.
I still have about 2 stone I want to loose I have given up with weight loss until after Christmas I think. I just don't have enough motivation at the minute to loose weight but when I go back work I think I will try to eat a lot better and I will make more of an effort to lose this extra padding but for now it will keep me warm over winter :)
In myself I feel great to be honest I can't remember what it was like not to be a mum it just feels so natural to me. Of course we have our tough days when I look forward to bedtime but doesn't every mum. I don't think I could have ever wished for a better baby than Thomas he has definitely made becoming a first time mum an easy and enjoyable experience.

Wow this has been a big update but Thomas has developed so much over the last 2 months. See you at 7 months.


Yummy Mummy - Alison Claire Remarkable Body Butter Review*

You may remember a while ago I posted a review of 2 fab products from Alison Claire, you can read the review here 
As I loved the first products when I was asked if I would like to try some other products I was happy to do so. I was sent the Vanilla & Coconut and Mango body butters, I do love a nice body butter and these ones smell gorgeous but I do prefer the Mango one.

Here is what it says on the website about the Mango body butter
 "Enriching and conditioning - made with organic mango and cocoa butters, this contains the anti-aging influence of retinol, antioxidant action from green tea, mango and vitamin E, and anti-microbial protection. Then there’s the rejuvenating action of white willow and citric acid, and calming aloe vera and comfrey – all selected to smooth and improve your skin."

Here is what the product description says about the Vanilla & Coconut body butter
"Warmly fragranced and packed with nourishing natural moisturisers and skin-conditioners this body butter contains antioxidant vanillin - naturally occuring from vanilla pods - which has shown anti-microbial potential. It’s an ideal companion to the exotic herbal extracts. Astringents revitalise, and with the calming effects of aloe vera and hibiscus, it’ll feel like a relaxing breath of new life for your skin."

I don't really know if you can tell looking at the photo but these body butters are a lovely whipped consistency and they feel quite light and so they don't take ages to soak in to your skin and they don't feel greasy which you know I hate.

You can buy these body butters for £15 for a 200ml tub and there is even a handy travel sized bottle which is £7.99 take a here if you fancy a little treat for Christmas.


WaterWipes Review*

WaterWipes are quite a new idea in the baby wipe market, many other brands produce sensitive wipes but if you look at the ingredients on the packet you will see that they still contain quite a lot of different chemicals so when you think about it they aren't that good for babies bum. WaterWipes however are made up of 99.9% water and 0.1% Fruit extract and that is it.

I have been using these wipes on Thomas's botbot and I do like them, they haven't got a horrible false perfumed smell in fact they hardly smell at all. These wipes do feel a lot stronger than normal wipes and with that they feel a little rougher than normal but I think that is only because they don't have lots of false chemicals in them making them softer.

These wipes are great if like Thomas your baby has eczema. Thankfully Thomas doesn't suffer from nappy rash but these wipes would be kind to your babies bottom and wouldn't irritate the rash.

WaterWipes are on sale on  Amazon.co.uk , the NCT Shop here , Ocado here , Kiddicare and chemists in the UK.
Kids One Stop Shop are also holding a competition to win a 3 month supply so head over who knows you could be a winner



 Tonight at 10pm many Bloggers will be saying a prayer or making a wish for the recovery of Kerry AKA www.multiplemummy.com in the hope she will make it home very soon back to her loving husband and children. If you didn't know Kerry suffered a brain hemorrhage due to an ruptured aneurysm back in July and unfortunately she has suffered a couple of set backs but she is a fighter.

I haven't spoken to Kerry before but by the sounds of peoples blog posts they have written about her she sounds like she is a truly wonderful lady and a great friend to have. I hope one day soon she is better so I get to say hello.

Alice Baillie from My Life My Son My Way has written the below

I'm not a religious person but I will be making a wish that Kerry makes a full recovery and gets home to her family

Nursery Ideas

We didn't really get chance or time to do much to Thomas's bedroom before he was born as it was all white we decided to just leave it until he was a little older and then if he liked certain things then we could kit his room out to suit that but now I am just fed up with his room it just looks crap. So here are my plans.

I don't think we will actually paint the walls as it means stripping the wallpaper and as we don't really know how long we will be here for it seems like a bit of a waste of time and money, As I would love to move in to a better house with a garden (I can dream) If we did decide to paint I would like a pale green on the walls.

Anyway first things first he desperately needs new wardrobe and drawers I really like these. Plenty of storage for his clothes.
 I'm wanting a sort of jungle theme as we have the Giraffe height chart which I really like so I would like to fit the bedroom around that if I can. Thomas has a chimney breast in his room so I was thinking maybe we could make a bit of a feature wall of it and maybe get some stickers to make a bit of a jungle theme. Like this.

I found these stickers on Ebay for £21.99

I also like these Alphabet stickers and for £12.45 I think that is a great price. You can find them here http://www.enchanted-interiors.co.uk
I have also just won a £50 Ikea voucher too on twitter so I can't wait until the new year so we can visit Ikea for the first time and treat our little boy to some new bedroom items.

Zippy Suit and Bandanna Bib Review and Giveaway*

I often think back to a time before Thomas could roll over, before he turned in to a wriggly little worm and I remember how easy it was to get him ready for bed and how easy it was to change his nappy during the night. Now there are legs and arms kicking about everywhere I turn my head and Thomas has turned over, it's a struggle every night.

Why oh why didn't I try Zippy Suits before? You don't need to bother with any fussy poppers you just whip the sleepsuit over your baby's head and then there is a zip from one ankle to the other and then there is a little cover which goes over the toggle on the zip so that it doesn't dig in your baby. The Zippy Suit is made out of a lovely soft material.

I'm afraid the Zippy suit we received is a bit too big at the minute as he is kinda inbetween sizes so I can't wait until it fits Thomas properly so that he can wear it more.

A few weeks ago I also was lucky enough to win a giveaway that Amy from mycraftymummy.blogspot.co.uk was holding so Thomas received a bandanna dribble bib. I chose the Indigo blue with stars design and I was very impressed when it turned up and I tested it out with Thomas. It is quite a big bib and so covers more of Thomas's chest and it is made from a thick fleecy material and so is really thick and really absorbent

Overall I love the Zippy Suits and bibs they are such a fab idea for wriggly babies like Thomas, plus I don't know what is up with him lately but he hates getting changed so anything that makes the changing process easier is an absolute godsend.

www.zippysuit.com also do gift sets for £15.65 which include Zippy suit and matching bib, so if you know somebody who is pregnant then I think they would love to receive one of these.

Zippysuit have kindly offered to give one of my readers the chance to win a zippysuit in the design of your choice. a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our Baby Massage Experience - My Crafty Mummy

As part on my baby massage series Amy from www.mycraftymummy.blogspot.co.uk shares her baby massage experiences and how it has helped her with her beautiful baby boy Xander

Recently I enrolled both myself and Xander on a baby massage course. If I'm honest I didn't know much about baby massage and was persuaded to sign up for it by my cousin who has a little girl a few weeks older than Xander. The sessions were put on by my local SureStart Children's Centre and was free of charge. There was three sessions in total held on a Friday afternoon. All you had to bring was a towel, some olive/vegetable oil and you and baby of course!

I have to admit I was quite nervous before the first session as I didn't know a huge amount about baby massage and it was also the first mummy and baby activity we had done together. What if all the other mums knew each other already??

I was worrying about nothing! All three sessions were utterly enjoyable. The first session covered massage strokes on baby's legs, the second session covered body and head strokes and the third session covered arms and back. We was given stage by stage diagrams to take away to use and practice with. Which was just as well as it was a loot of information to take in.

Xander absolutely enjoyed the massage! It completely chilled him out!

Baby massage is a lovely way to bond with your baby and relax them. The best time to massage your baby is to incorporate it into your bathtime routine.  Baby massage also has health benefits for your baby, there are strokes to help ease colic and wind.

After three weeks I was sad to see these sessions ending, but a wonderful outcome is the brilliant mummy and baby friends we've made! We now regularly meet up with them at other baby groups and even been out for coffee after sessions!

If you haven't considered baby massage before I would urge you to give it a go. There are several good books on the market to buy and many children's centres offer courses for free of charge or for a small fee.


Yummy Mummy - Lipcote Review

A couple of weeks ago I won this along with a lipstick in a Twitter giveaway. I've never tried Lipcote before so I was looking forward to giving it a go to see if it was actually any good. Lipcote is one of those products that has been around for years and I have seen it hundreds of times but never thought of buying it myself.

So the instructions on the packet are as follows 1) Apply lipstick and then blot with a tissue; repeat; 2) Evenly brush Lipcote over the lips and slightly beyond. 3)Keep lips apart while Lipcote sets.

I definitely notice a difference when I use this, lipstick only normally lasts about half hour at the absolute most on my lips but this really does help. When looking up the price on the Boots website I saw one of the reviews that said using this makes your lipstick peel off, I can't say that happened when I used it but it may be something to look out for
The only downsides to this product is that after you apply it does sting your lips quite a bit and the taste is pretty horrible even though it suppose to have a vanilla fragrance all you can smell and taste in it is the alcohol.

You can pick this up in Boots for £3.69 and each bottle is suppose to give you 100 applications so that is a pretty good price really.


Learning To Crawl

Thomas has been trying his hardest to get moving for weeks now and he is so so close now. At first he was getting up on his hands and knees and that was is but now he gets up on to his hands and knees and rocks back and forth as if he is trying to build up some memento and he's going to take off and crawl but then he falls flat on his face because he hasn't worked out to move his arms yet.

We purchased Thomas one of the blow up roller things with balls in that jingle it was only £2.99 from B&M so it was worth a try. If i'm honest it is easier to get Thomas moving if you stick a TV remote just out of his reach. Why is it babies go for things they aren't allowed?

Thomas is now a wizz at getting up on his feet with his bum in the air. My mum said this is how I use to crawl which is kinda funny. As you can see from the video below Thomas is very nearly crawling at the minute he is doing frog hops and he can get about so quick. As soon as he figures out he needs to move his arms there will be no stopping him.


Bedtime Routine And Baby Massage.

Some parents love to have a strict routine (maybe strict is too strong a word?) and that is great for them if you have a routine that works to you then that is great. I'm not really one for a routine or at least a set in stone routine, like Tea at 5pm Bath at 5:45 Bedtime bottle at 6:30 and in bed for 7pm.

We have quite a relaxed bedtime routine and most nights it starts at around 5:30 when Thomas will have his tea, when his tea has settled every other night he has a bath. I don't want to give him a bath every night his skin is dry enough so I don't want to dry it out even more. So on the nights he does have a bath, he has that around quarter past 6. After the bath I make him his bottle up and we go upstairs.

Then we start baby massage to get Thomas feeling relaxed and ready for bed. We first tried baby massage just after he was born and he was too ticklish and didn't really like it. So I stopped and I have only just tried it again. I was after a way to try and get him calmed down and in sleep mode.

I have had a little tutorial from the health visitor back when he was born so I read through the booklet she gave use to refresh my memory and I have also watched some Youtube demos to have a look at some of the different massages. We have the lamp nice and dim and I light a couple of candles more for my benefit than anything else. I lay one of Thomas's lovely fleecy blankets on the bed so he has something nice and soft on his skin, I also put on his Lets play Jazz CD. I also use his calming baby massage oil as it has a lovely calming lavender scent and it is also helping his skin. 

When we have finished the baby massage and Thomas is dressed ready for bed I then give him his bottle and we have a little cuddle and then by this time he normally falls asleep in my arms. Magic.
I can definitely tell the nights when we don't have our winding down time he takes so long to settle and fall asleep. If anybody is interested in learning a bit more about baby massage and the benefits of it I will be doing a full post on it soon and I also have a couple guest posts from other Mummys who use baby massage.


Yummy Mummy - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Review

I know these are a bit old news now but I have only just got round to buying one. I had been wanting one for ages but always put off buying one as I thought they were a bit of a fad but as I love the Revlon Lip Butters I thought I may as well treat myself to one as I had just purchased Davids Christmas present so I decided I needed a treat.

I got the colour 001 Honey which for me is a really wearable shade you will know I'm not one for really dark or bright lips so for me this is a really nice autumn shade as it is a little darker than the colours I would normally wear on my lips.

As you can see it looks a little like a crayon, it's really easy to apply and afterwards my lips feel quite moisturised but not as much as the Revlon Lip butters do. They have a really nice subtle mint flavour to them which I really like.

The colour payoff is really good and you also get a nice hint of glossiness on your lip.

Over all I really like these, apparently they are a good dupe for the Clinique Chubby Sticks I can't comment on that though as I have never tried the Clinique ones but as these are cheaper I would recommend trying them out first. My only problem with these is that for me there isn't very many, if any other shades that I would wear but that is only my personal problem you may love all the shades. I suppose that is good in a way for me though is I wont be spending anymore money buying the full set.
You can pick these up at any Revlon stand and they are £7.99. Boots have a buy one get one half price on all of their make up items so I got this along with a new mascara which has instantly become my favourite I will do a post on that soon though.


Yummy Mummy - Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream Review

A little while ago I received some money off coupons through the Tesco Baby club (Go join there are lots of good offers to have) I had a voucher for £1 a tub of Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream so it ended up at just £2.95 for a 200ml tub I thought I might as well buy get some to try out as I've never had it before. 

It's quite a thickish cream but not one of those that are too thick they don't rub in to your skin.It has that lovely fresh, clean Nivea smell which I love. It sinks in your skin great and doesn't leave you feeling greasy so you can get dressed straight away.

I think this may turn in to one of my go to moisturising creams as it's not just for your body you can use it for your hands and even your face so this would be perfect to take with you if you are going away somewhere as you can just take this instead of hundreds of other lotions and potions


My Hospital Bag Pre- Packed Hospital Bag

When the time came to pack my hospital bag I didn't have a clue what I would need to pack, Thomas is my first baby so I didn't have a clue what I would need to take with me, I didn't know what labour would be like so I didn't know what essentials I would have to take with me. I spent quite a while browsing the internet trying to find lists of what to pack and then I spent even longer shopping for all of the things I needed to pack in our bags.

A lady called Karen Snyder came up with the idea of pre-packed hospital bags after spending lots of time writing lists of what she would need to pack in her hospital bag and helping friends to make lists of what they would need in their bags to see them through labour and their hospital stay she came up with this brilliant idea. 

I envisioned the bag containing all the necessities a mum needs for herself and the baby during labour and post labour along with some special treats, all packed in a stylish bag that can continue to be used as an overnight bag. The aim of myHospitalBag is to make your 48 hour stay in hospital more comfortable. The bag contains 35 products including a toilet bag with: miniature shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, lipsalve, hairbands, shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste and lipsalve. The bag also includes comfortable knickers, maternity sanitary towels, breastpads, facial wipes and antibacterial hand gel, along with flip flops, bed socks, a laundry bag and a pocket pad and pen. To help aid recovery there is a small bottle of Arnica pills which help bruising and discomfort after birth. This stylish bag is not just for mums. I have included essential items for the newborn such as babygrows, vests, hats, mitts and muslin squares all in neutral white, newborn nappies, nappy bags, wipes, cotton wool, disposable changing mat and Sudocrem. The bag is even big enough to ensure that you have space to add a few home comforts. If you are interested in buying one, the cost is £85 including delivery which is cheaper and more convenient than buying it all separately.

I love this it contains everything you need and like Karen says it even has enough space to take some of your own things like magazines to flick through and some snacks to keep you going. The extra space is also good if you know you are going in for a c-section and you will be staying an extra day or so you will need an extra few bits.

The bags come in all different colours please visit the site for more information www.myhospitalbag.co.uk


Yummy Mummy - Nioxin Review*

A while ago I was sent this hair care set to review I was excited to try these products out as since having Thomas my hair has been falling out so bad and Thomas has helped some of it along. So I was looking forward to see whether this hair system would help my hair.

Nioxin is a that was creating by a lady who was also experiencing hair thinning after the birth of her child so this set seemed like it was meant for me. Nioxin uses quite advanced technologies to make hair look fuller and thicker, I wont pretend that I understand how it works and the technologies behind it but you can find out more here

There are 6 different hair systems for all different types of thinning I used this handy chart to work out which system I needed.

 As you can see I went with number 5.

The set comes with a handy instruction leaflet but it is pretty self explanatory firstly you use the cleansing shampoo it has a really nice minty scent but it's not overpowering. One thing I would say about this is that it feels quite drying to my hair your definitely couldn't use this with out using the conditioner afterwards. It does say in the instructions to leave this on your hair for a bit longer than normal, So I apply this first and then soap up my body and then rinse the shampoo.

Next I apply the scalp revitaliser which is the conditioner, now I will let you in to a little secret I don't normally use conditioner there I said it so I have to be careful not to use too much or else it leaves my hair super greasy. This makes my hair feel super soft so I apply this before washing the rest of my body and then wash it off after so it has had chance to work it's magic.

Finally the last step is the scalp treatment this is to be spray in to your hair after you have towel dried your hair. It is said that this product can cause some tingling as it is working but I didn't experience any.

I have been using this hair treatment system for 4 weeks now and I must say I have noticed some improvements to my hair, It isn't falling out half as bad as it was seriously even Thomas use to be covered in my hair! I can't really say that my hair looks any thicker now than it did but it does feel in much better condition than it did.

This haircare system retails for £27.99 and check out their website to see where stocks Nioxin Products locally.

Yummy Mummy - Amie Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser Review

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a competition Amie Skincare were running on Twitter and Facebook and this was my prize. I've never tried anything by Amie before so it was nice to finally get round to trying something from the brand even though I had noticed it quite often whilst browsing in Tesco I just never picked it up to try.

I've been using this moisturiser daily since I received it and I'm really enjoying it. It is nice and refreshing and leaves my skin feeling really smooth. I also like that it is free of parabens

I also like how it doesn't make your skin greasy after and it dries really quickly so you don't have to wait before applying your make up.

This product retails for £4.95 which I think is a really good price and you can purchase it from the Amie Website and I have noticed Amie products in Tesco.


How I Relax - With My Kindle

There are some days when being a mum can be pretty tough and now we are getting to the painful stage of teething so I'm guessing there will be a lot more tough days however the good days outweigh the bad 10 times over.

But we all need a bit of time to relax and chill out even after a good day it is nice to be able to semi switch off and have a bit of me time. I use to love really long soaks in the bath. Even though Thomas goes to bed between 7-7:30 I still don't feel I can relax in the bath as I am on edge that he is going to wake up and I will have to rush out of the bath. Even though he never does that but still super long baths are saved for when David is home so he could sort Thomas out if he did stir.

So now I have my bit of me time by reading my Kindle.

I got my first Kindle not long after they first came out my wonderful Husband treated me to one even though we were suppose to be saving for our wedding. I loved it they are super easy to use and make reading a lot more convenient and are particularly easy for reading in bed plus you can take hundreds of books anywhere you want. 
I recently upgraded to the Kindle Touch and it is love again. Again it is really easy to use and is super light.
I know what you are going to say you prefer books. I still read books in fact I have a book shelf full of books that I still have to read and I also regularly get books from the library so I like to swap and change between the two when I miss holding an actual book.


Yummy Mummy - Essie Goodies

I have been wanting to try Essie Nail varnish for a while now just to see what all the fuss is about but there is no way I would spend £7.99 on one single nail varnish. So when I went in to my local TK Maxx for the first time in absolutely ages, I don't even know why I went in. I never go in because it just seems to be like a jumble sale to me and I never find anything remotely nice. I just headed over to the 3 stands of messy beauty items (Seriously nothing is laid out nicely there are things knocked over and with dirty packaging its awful!) I was just about to give up and leave as it was all crappy stuff by brands I had never heard of when I spotted a pack of Essie nail varnishes.

I got these 4 varnishes for the bargain price of £9.99. Now the only colour I have heard of is the one on the right which is Ballet Slippers so I don't know whether they are old formulas or discontinued colours but still.

From left to right the colours are Orange it obvious, Lollipop, Bordeaux and Ballet slippers. I really love the first 3 colours they are really glossy and you only need 2 coats of them to get a really good colour, I'm sorry but the picture of the swatches really don't do the colours justice. I had high hopes for Ballet slippers as I had heard so much about it via other bloggers but I was really disappointed it is basically just a clear varnish with a very, very slight pearl colour to it. I would never ever spend £7.99 on it that is for sure.

Overall I really like these nail varnishes they apply really nice and you don't need loads and loads of coats but I still don't know what the big fuss is about. I don't think they are any better than cheaper brands like Barry M.

What do you think? are you an Essie lover or do you not see what all the fuss is about?


Me & My Baby First Steps Gift Set Review*

When you become a mum all the fuss turns to the baby there aren't many people who remember you actually carried this little baby in your belly for 9 months suffered with the morning sickness, aches and pains and then what you went through during the birth and now you are up doing the night feeds and dealing with not very much sleep.

With this beautiful gift set your can now treat the new mummy and the beautiful baby she has just given birth to so you can please 2 people with one gift.

 This is the Me & My Baby gift set

For just £29 you can buy this little box of treats for both mummy and Baby
It contains 
Replenishing post natal body oil – 125ml
Relaxing baby massage oil – 60ml
Magic balm – 50ml
Embroidered muslin

I have been using this Relaxing baby massage oil on Thomas at night when we have been doing baby massage. It has a gorgeous relaxing lavender scent to it and it really calms Thomas down using this as part of his bedtime routine is really helping to get him to settle to sleep quicker.

Then you have a similar treat for mum this Replenishing post-natal body oil is for use in the months after birth to moisturise and improve your skins elasticity. This contains Evening Primrose and Jojoba Oil and has the lovely scent of bergamot, lavender & rose. I use this when I have a night time pamper session before bed to get me nice and relaxed if I have had a bit of a tough day with Thomas 


Next is a genius little product for both of you to use Magic Balm that contains rosehip, mango butter chamomile and lavender. It can be used to soothe nappy rash and dribble rash for baby as well as patches of eczema on both of you. Mummys can also use it on nipples if you are breast feeding and it can be used as a lip balm. It doesn't contain any essential oils so it can be used at any stage during the pregnancy and on baby from birth.


Finally we have a massive 70cm x 70cm 100% cotton Muslin cloth, These cloths have so many different uses I shall be using my with my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser.

These gift sets are well worth £29 and they are a lovely gift for both mummy and baby. So if you have a special lady has just become a mummy why not treat her to one this Christmas. Or if mummy still has the baby on board for a while longer how about treating her to the Me & My bump gift set
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