Gummee Glove Review

A couple of weeks ago Thomas and I were sent this product to try out. Thomas has begun teething quite early and has always got his hands in his mouth and some times he forces his hand so far in his mouth he makes himself gag. We have already bought him some teething toys but he hasn't quite worked out what he needs to do with them yet, so when I heard about this product I thought what a brilliant idea.
The Gummee Glove was an idea of Jodine Boothby who is a new Mummy and when he son started teething quite young he was the same as Thomas and didn't really understand what to do with teething toys so after she put scratch mitts on his hands and saw him still sucking and chewing the mitts, that is when she came up with this idea.

As you can see the Glove comes with it's own little laundry bag so you can take the teething ring out and sterilize that using cold water sterilizing. Then the rest of the glove can be put in the bag and washed on a gentle cycle.

As you can see there is a teething ring with can be removed for sterilizing and also so you can pop it in the fridge to cool it down when your baby's gums are sore. The teething ring is then kept in place by a press stud.
There are also 3 other teethers attached with different textures on them.
The leopard print patch is also made of a russle material which adds something else to the Glove to make it a bit more appealing to babies.
The glove also has a velco fastening so that it's easy to slip on and off and you can alter it so it's not too tight.
When I first put it on Thomas's hand he looked a bit puzzled so I guided it to his mouth to show him what it was for and then he was away.

As you can see he got rather stuck in to it.

It is advised not to leave the glove on your babies hand too long as they are obviously still developing but after a while Thomas got a little frustrated with it anyway as he wanted to play with other toys.
You can find Gummee Gloves here http://www.gummeeglove.co.uk/ and they are only £9.99 which I think is a bargain.


What's In My Shower

I have seen this tag going round a few bloggers so I thought I would share what is in my shower and the items I reach for on a daily basis.

Firstly we have Schwarzkopf Supersoft Repair & Care Coconut Shampoo - I have been using different Supersoft shampoos for a while now and to be honest with you I really like them. They are super cheap too you can pick them up for under a £1 from Home Bargains. I'm not one for buying expensive shampoos I don't really see the point I would rather spend the extra money on a different product.
I have recently started to love 2 Sanctuary products, they had sat for ages unloved and I recently decided to use them up as I have a lot of body washes and other toiletries I want to use up before I'm allowed to buy anymore. So I have been using the Body wash and Body Scrub. I will do a separate post on these and go in to more detail.
The famous Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish I have had this for a while and I wasn't really reaching for it very often. I suppose I hadn't really got on with it for some reason (I know I know I feel like a really bad blogger for saying that) but just recently I have been using it on a daily basis and I have really started to love it. I am thinking of asking for some more Liz Earle products for Christmas.
Finally we have 2 Soap & Glory products. I LOVE S&G I have had their big gift sets for the past 2 Christmases now. You know the ones that Boots do and they have them on the special half price offers around Christmas. I have been using the Righteous Butter after every bath or shower and it is making my skin lovely and smooth. It is a lovely rich moisturiser but not too rich that it doesn't rub in to your skin properly.
The other product is the Breakfast scrub, but I'm not going to go in to too much detail here because I think it deserves it's own blog post because I love it that much!


Yummy Mummy - Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub Review

This is quite an old and well known product now but I wanted to talk about it and share my love for it. The first thing that hits you about this product is the delicious smell I seriously have to stop myself from eating it when I'm using it. It's a good job I didn't use this so much when I was pregnant or I don't think I could have stopped myself from eating it.


So what does this product contain? Well the main ingredients are Shea Butter, Honey almond and Banana extracts, Golden sugar, oatmeal and Maple fragrance.

This product is on the Boots website for £9.50 for a 300ml tub and believe me a little goes a long way with this product as it is really thick. A tub of this lasts me a very long time. Saying that though for £9.50 at this point in time I wouldn't like to pay that amount of money on one product I got this from a past gift box that Boots often sell around Christmas time, so if they are doing them around Christmas this year I would definitely recommend you getting them as they are great value for money. It is quite a harsh scrub so it's not something that I use every day I use it once maybe twice a week. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft afterwards.

Now I'm not a fake tanner but I should imagine this would make a great exfoliater before you tan or even to help remove any patchy tan.



Letter To My Son–4 Month Update

Dear Thomas,
You are now 4 months old, 4 whole months I don’t know where this time is going but I wish it would slow down. You are growing and changing every single day I sit and watch you rolling around on the floor and wonder why my little baby who napped all day has gone.
You really have got the hang of this rolling over business as soon as I put you on the floor your over, which makes changing your nappy hard work now I turn my head to get a wipe and you’ve rolled over. One of these days I will turn my head and you will have crawled away. It wont be long until you are crawling just these last couple of days you’ve started getting on your knees and sticking your little bottom in the air, you just need a bit more strength to get you up.
I think sometimes you need to remember you are only 4 months old you get so frustrated when you cant do what your think you can do but it wont be long baby boy and we wont be able to stop you.
You can also now blow raspberries it is one of your favourite tricks and you love talking to everybody, or should I say shout at everybody. It’s like you can really understand us and you are telling us a really good story as you get so excited.
Over the last couple of days I have started giving you, your first tastes of food. You have been having your first spoonful's of baby rice and you are really enjoying it. I cant believe how easy it has been so far I just can’t wait for you to try new tastes as at the minute your rice does just taste of your milk.
I love you so, so much Thomas and even after a bad day when I’m wanting bedtime to hurry up as soon as your in bed I miss you. We are going to have to put you in your cot soon in your room. We have been putting it off for a while simply because that means your getting bigger and I wont be able to just peep over at you when I wake up during the night or I wont be able to fall asleep watching you sleep.
Infact I’m going to go up and have a little look at you now. I can’t believe I am so lucky I am truly blessed to be your mummy.
I love you little man
Mummy xx

Yummy Mummy In Training

As you all know I'm trying to loose my baby weight and get back down to the size I was before Thomas. For me it's not easy. I'll be honest I've never needed to diet I've always been happy with my weight. So trying to stick to any sort of diet or healthy eating is pretty tough.

I have enlisted the help of #bloggingbuddies as well as finding some lovely ladies on Twitter who are also struggling to loose weight and ladies who have managed it successfully.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the posts to try as an encouragement to myself and to any other Mummys who are struggling to loose their weigh.

If you want to join in and share your weightloss journey or your goals then please get in touch yummymummytraining27@gmail.com


Yummy Mummy - Product Wish List

I thought I would show you some products I am lusting after since doing some internet window shopping.

So what do I want.
Anne French Cleansing Milk, Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation, Real Techniques starter collection
Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, Argan Oil, MUA BB, MUA Eyeshadow primer
Revlon Lipbutter Sugar Frosting, Real Techniques Core Collection.
I have been lusting after these products for quite a while now but the ones I would like to try the most are the Real Techniques brushes, If you're interested these are buy one get one half price in Boots at the moment so you could get all these brushes for just over £30. I am seriously considering getting these as my one monthly treat this month or I might ask somebody in my family sweetly for Christmas ;)

#BloggingBuddies Week 2

So we are know in to week 2 of #bloggingbuddies after A bit of A slow start I'm slowly beginning to feel better in myself. I have really lowered my carbs as before I use to eat a lot of bread for example some days I would have toast for my breakfast and then A sandwich for my lunch or beans on toast. So now I have cut down on bread I feel a lot better for it I feel a lot less bloated.

I was also very please to find out I had lost 1lb which isn't a lot but it's a start. I have been eating a good breakfast of Weetabix and a banana which I find quite filling and then I have been eating lots of salad. I am going shopping on Friday so I need to look up some new meals to make for myself as the hubby isn't home most nights as he works long days, so I still want to eat decent meals.

There is a Twitter party tonight at 8pm which I shall be joining in on to get some tips on exercise and nutrition, especially on the exercise front to see what else I can do that wont be too much for my tummy.


I'm a winner - Bedroom Athletics

As you may or may not have seen I have started entering lots of competitions in my spare time, just as something to do really I've never had much luck with competitions before but I have started doing lots of the retweet to win competitions on twitter and I have signed up to quite a few competition websites too.

When I saw this competition on Twitter run by a company called www.bedroomathletics.com to win a pair of their Marylin slipper boots as soon as I saw them on their website I knew I had to have a go to win some as they looked sooo comfy.

I won the competition on the 18th September and they turned up on the 19th super fast delivery! They come really well packaged wrapped in tissue paper and then in a gift box.

As soon as I took them out of the box I noticed how super dooper soft and fluffy they are really soft.

Of course I had to have the hot pink ones but they do these slippers in lots of different colours.

These slippers normally retail for £20 which you may think is a lot for a pair of slippers but these are like luxury slippers not like the crappy flimsy things you get from Primark. As I have said before they are super soft and fluffy not some cheap material that will turn scratchy after a while, also the soles are really quite sturdy. You know how some slipper boots can loose their shape after a few wears well these show no sign of doing that and I have been wearing them none stop since I received them.

I am so so glad I won these just in time for winter so now I can keep my tootsies warm in style.
Thank you Bedroom Athletics for a fab pair of slippers :)

I won these through a competition but I have not been asked to do this review but I wanted to as I truely believe these are great slippers


Love And Marriage Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage

Today I am celebrating my 1st Wedding anniversary. A year ago today I married the love of my life and the father of my beautiful boy.

What an amazing first year it has been to be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy. I'm not going to lie and say that it has been a bed of roses since having Thomas there has been times when I have felt strained but when you have a child it's natural and I think anybody who says otherwise is lying.

Saying that though I love my Husband with all my heart he has made my dreams come true and I know he will continue to do so for the rest of our lives together.

David patting my belly Thomas was there sharing our day.


Chicken Hot & Spicy Couscous

Ingredients Serves 2
1 packet Hot & Spicy Couscous
2 Chicken breasts
1/2 Green Pepper
1/2 Red Pepper
1 Small Onion
Tomato Pasta Sauce
This is a really easy meal to make firstly you will need to dice and cook the chicken and then add the peppers, onion and Garlic.
Whilst these are cooking make up your Couscous as per the instructions on the packet.
Add a small amount of Pasta sauce, I simply did this so that the chicken wasn't too dry. To this I added some chilli to give it a bit of spice.
Once everything is cooked simply dish it up. This is a really quick and easy meal and it is quite filling. I am currently trying to eat more healthily and this is rather healthy.
Let me know whether you have tried anything like this or my previous meals I have blogged about.


Yummy Mummy - My Everyday Face

I thought I would share my everyday make up, These are the make up products I tend to reach for everyday.
I love a nice subtle day look, it’s very rare I even wear eyeliner during the day.

So what do we have?

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer – I absolutely adore this concealer it is the best concealer I have ever used for coving up my dark circles. One thing I’m not keen on is the packaging the writing wears off so quickly.

Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation – I love this foundation it suits my skin really well and it actually works better for me than other more expensive foundations. Although when I finish this tube I will be testing out Rimmels wake me up foundation.

Natural Collection Finishing powder – Does exactly what it says, nothing special but it’s one of them products that I don’t really see the point of spending lots of money on.

Revlon Strawberry Shortcake Lip Butter – I have recently talked about this product in my 5 favourite lipstick post. It’s quite sheer but it does add a nice bit of colour to your lips.

Rimmel Scandal eyes Mascara – I really like this mascara in fact it is one of my favourites. It doesn’t really clump your eye lashes and it definitely gives them volume.

Gosh Natural Touch Cream blush in Silky Rose – This is the first cream blush I have ever used and I love it. I don’t use any special brush for it just my finger and it works perfectly. It is a lovely pale baby pink colour and it looks lovely on my pale complexion.

Finally we have the MUA Pink Sorbet Trio – I won’t go in to this too much as I have recently done a blog post about it, but it is one of my go to eye shadow sets something that I can use without really thinking too much.


Graze Nature Delivered Review

As you all know I am slowly trying to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight and one of the things that is making it difficult for me is my snacking. It has got worse since I have been on Maternity leave being at home and being on my own I head towards the cupboard not because I am hungry but because I'm bored. Not that looking after Thomas is boring but there are times when he's napping or keeping himself occupied and I look for something to do and I end up snacking.

I've seen Graze boxes talked about quite a lot in the blogging world but didn't really take much notice until my mum had started having them so I used one of her free codes to get myself a box and then I started having them delivered once a fortnight.

As you can see each box comes with 4 little snack tubs and you can choose which snacks you would like to try on the Graze website and you can also mark snacks that you don't want to try so you don't waste your money even though they are only £3.89 it's still £3.89 you don't want to waste isn't it?

If you would like to give Graze a go you can use this code 2LR4YR1 for a limited time to get a free box.

I buy grazes boxes with my own money and have not been asked to post this review

Important Post For All Bloggers

You may or may not have seen a post by Chelsea over at www.throughchelseaseyes.com/ Regarding a site called Broken Controllers basically these scumbags are using blogS to redirect traffic to their own site! They put their URL in front of yours so that people trying to view your blog get redirected to their site.

For more information head over to Chelsea's blog

If you would like to see whether your blog is being used google broken controllers/ and then your blog name.



Personalised Gifts Boutique.

I love supporting brands from the UK I think why should we buy all this stuff from abroad when we have such fab brands over here selling the same stuff but better. So in this post Personalised Gifts Boutique tell us about their brand and their brand new website.

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new Luxury Online Personalised Gifts Boutique www.personalisedgiftsboutique.com
Featuring beautifully personalised gifts for the whole family, all of our gifts have been lovingly designed by ourselves and are made here in the UK. Whether you are looking for a unique gift to welcome a new baby in to the world, or a gift for the whole family to cherish, simply select your favourite design and we will lovingly personalise it for a you.
We have over 200 personalised products on the site, ranging from A3 prints for your home, to correspondence cards, thank you cards, gift tags, stickers and note cards.
We are a family company with family values. In the last year, alongside running our established graphic design company, looking after our son Jack, and welcoming our second child Seth in to the world we have also been committed to launching ‘Personalised Gifts Boutique’, creating beautiful gifts for families to cherish.
There is also a competition running on their site to win a personalised print worth up to £85! http://www.personalisedgiftsboutique.com/competition.html You could win something like this.
personalised pirate print
They also have a lovely new Christmas items on their website and I have spotted a 20% code on their website you can use if you go quick.

Blog Sale

All prices include P&P

MAC Soft & Gentle Used but still lots left
£5 Sold

MAC Pretty Please £4 Sold

New Look Jeggings size 12 I would say these are short

Vero Moda Size S

New Look Floral top £5

Oasis top Size m/l

River Island Short sleeve jumper size 10

Primark tie front top size 10

New Look Shoes size 6 Never worn £10

Long Topshop top Size 10 £4
Longish top originally from Warehouse but tag was cut out as it was itchy
Deep purple dress from Matalan knee length worn once £12
Top shop dress size 12 £5
Et Vous Dress knee length size 8
£10 worn once
ASOS petite size 10 sheer cream top

Naughty Kitty Cupcake Review

Last week I was having a chat with the lady Linzi behind the company Naughty Kitty and was offered the chance to review one of her lovely cupcakes.
You may be thinking yummy but these aren’t your normal cupcakes oh no Naughty Kitty makes cupcakes using baby clothes or lingerie.

Obviously I was sent a baby cupcake as that is what my blog is mostly about. Anyway when I opened the package I found this lovely little cupcake wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow, How cute ay?

How cute a little t-shirt in a cupcake case and its decorated with little flowers eekk :)


I didn’t really want to undo it and spoil it but I had to


And here is what was inside. A lovely little top for Thomas it’s brand new with the tags still on. For the price of this cupcake which is £5.95 + £3P&P it is excellent quality and value.


 Like I mentioned above Naughty Kitty also do cupcakes with lingerie so I think these would be a fab little gift for hen nights if you would like to give your hens a little gift.

Here is a photo of Thomas wearing his new top :)



Yummy Mummy - MUA Pink Sorbet Eye Shadow Trio

I wanted to talk about this lovely little eye shadow trio from MUA. I’m still quite a chicken when it comes to make up, I’m not one for wearing bold colours. I have quite pale skin and quite dark circles which are a pain to cover up, which means that a dark Smokey eye is a bit of a no go unless I want to look like I've been punched. The colours in this trio is work really well for me to do a light Smokey eye. So I love these colours they are subtle colours but for £2.50 the colour pay off is really good, I actually prefer them to the Boujois eye shadows which they are quite similar to.

I use the bottom shadow as a highlight, the shadow on the right as my lid colour and then the shadow on the left on my crease.

They are really cute and casual colours perfect for day time and you can create a really cute and girly look with them :)
Have you tried out any of the MUA eye shadow trios?

#Bloggingbuddies Week 1 Update

So today is time for the first weekly update for Bloggingbuddies. I wish I had something good today like i've lost weight and done lots of exersize but I haven't. My weight has stayed the same which is disappointing. At least I haven't put on any weight I suppose.

On the exersize front I haven't been doing very much I don't have time or money to go to a gym so the only exersize I really do at the minute is walking with Thomas in his pushchair. We have been on a couple of little walks for about an hour each time. I haven't been on the exersize bike yet so I need to start getting on that and try for once a day even if its just for 15minutes.

I found an app on my Iphone called My Fitness Pal which you can record your calories and exersize everyday.

As you can see for me to start loosing weight it says I need to be eating 1200 calories a day. I'm finding that really tough to stick to it may sound quite a lot still but the calories really don't go far.

As you can see just eating breakfast and one small snack doesn't really leave many calories for the rest of the day.
I don't really think calorie counting is for me so I'm going to try and find something else to try this week and hopefully next week I will be able to tell you I have started to loose weight.


Cheap & Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce

If you saw my meal planning post last Monday you will see that this month I have started my Christmas shopping so I'm not that flush this month, mind you on maternity pay when are you ever flush. It has meant I have started to be a lot more creative in the kitchen making food go further and creating different cheap meals.
Here is a Tomato Sauce I made it was mega easy and used a lot of the left overs from my Chicken Paella. Again I followed my own rules and you can alter this to suit yourself by adding different things and uping to the portion sizes.
Pasta Twirls
1 Can of chopped tomatoes
1/2 chopped pepper
1/2 chopped onion
1 chopped chilli
1 tsp chopped garlic
In one saucepan cook your pasta whilst this is cooking in another pan add oil and soften the onions and peppers and then add then add the tomatoes.
Then add the garlic and chilli cook the sauce through for about 10 minutes when it starts to boil turn down the heat and gently simmer.
Once the sauce and pasta are done drain the pasta and then stir the sauce in to the pasta and serve. I added some grated chedder cheese on top just to make it extra yummy.
As I said you could alter this to suit your own tastes perhaps add some mushrooms, I also think that this would taste really nice with either chicken or tuna.


Feeling The Need For A Moan

You know when you are in one of them fed up moods when you just feel fed up with everything in your life? Well I'm in one of them moods tonight I'm afraid.

I've had a couple of bad days with Thomas, well not bad days but he's been really clingy I don't think he's been 100% so that's been tough because David is out a lot these days he works 12 hour shifts and now he takes the car out with him I feel like I'm stuck on my own. So that's been pretty stressful. Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore Thomas and I adore being a Mummy but I feel like I'm loosing who I am. I hope that doesn't sound selfish but I don't want to forget that I am Sarah as well as Mummy.

I'm also fed up of how I look I just feel like a fat frump all the time. I'm desperate to loose 2 stone which is the rest of my baby weight and I need some more clothes. I haven't really had any now for a year since I found out out I was pregnant so I feel like I need a complete style overhaul but with Maternity pay that is pretty tough :( So if any of you have any ideas of how to do this on the cheap I would gladly appreciate it :)

Money is also another big thing that is leaving me feeling fed up, I know money isn't everything but it would be nice to have a little extra wouldn't it. Maternity pay is poop but even when I start back work I will still only be on similar wages to what I am now with paying childcare fees but that is a whole different blog post.

Arrggh I do feel better for getting that off my chest it's nice to have a moan sometimes isn't it :)


Well it's that time of the week again time for some meal planning. I don't post these every week though (slap my wrists) I find my meals are so boring with just cooking for myself as hubby works quite a lot, but here is what we are having this week.

Monday - Spaghetti Bolognaise
Tuesday - Breakfast for Dinner
Wednesday - Chicken Curry
Thursday - Sausage & Mash
Friday - Pasta
Saturday - Burger and chips Fakeaway
Sunday - Tuna & Cheese Mash Bake


No Mummy I Wont Lie Down

Because I'm not tired... Honest...
This is how Thomas fell asleep at my nans, because no matter what I tried he would not lie down without screaming, even though he was in a terrible mood and couldn't keep his eyes open.
Does anybody elses little one refuse to nap even though they can hardly keep their little peepers open? Thomas is the master at this, he tries his best to stay awake and ends up being so irritable.


Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo Review

I've not really done any reviews on baby products can you believe that? No neither can I and I call myself a Mummy Blogger tut tut. So I thought I would talk about this product.
Thomas has had really bad cradle cap for a couple of months now and so we have been using this shampoo since we first noticed that he was getting cradle cap.

Now this shampoo isn't a quick working treatment as I have said been using this for about 2 months now and although it's not fast I can still tell it's working as his head is clearing up.
This bottle is 125ml and was really cheap, I got mine from Tesco I think it was under £2 we use this everytime we wash his hair and the bottle feels like it's still full. You only need about half a teaspoon amount it is a clear runny consistancy and lathers up quite nice so you can get away with just a small amount. You just need to massage it gently in to your babies head, remember to be careful of the fontanelle and then just rinse out. This can be used on it's own you don't need to use it with any other baby shampoos.
This product doesn't have a strong smell which is good but it does smell faintly of rose which I don't mind.
Do you recommend any other products for clearing up Cradle cap?


I'm A Winner!

Yayyyyy I won my very first competion ever last week! A company called Baby Bert here is their Twitter @BabyBerts and their new website is http://www.babyberts.co.uk/ I was chuffed when I was told I had won as I love their babygrows because they made me giggle. I was given a couple to choose from and he is the design I chose :)

I won this babygrow in a competition but BabyBert has not asked me to to this post.


Look Mummy...

.... I found my tootsie :)
Thomas has found another thing to play with. The little cutie pie sits their for ages playing with his toes.


#Bloggingbuddies Getting My Body Back

About a week or so ago Michelle from mummyratesit.co.uk came up with the idea of Blogging Buddies. The idea is great if you have been wanting to loose a bit of weight for a long time and you need a bit of support come and find a blog buddy, If you need to find a way to manage your time a bit better come and find a blog buddy

I'm joining Blogging Buddies because I want to loose the rest of baby weight I went up from 9st to 13st1 and now I'm stuck at 10st11 and I desperately want to get back down to 9st. I've never really felt the need to diet before I have always been around the same weight and a size 10 so now this extra weight is beginning to get me down a bit as I just feel so uncomfortable in my clothes.

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to healthy eating and exercising so I need that extra support from a friend to give me that kick up the bum when I falter.

Want to join in? simply contact Michelle and keep an eye out on her blog for what's coming up.

1 Year Ago Today A Little Blue Line Changed Our Lives

As the title says a year ago today a little blue line on a little stick changed our lives forever. I found out I was pregnant whilst David was at rugby training my period had been 4 days late and I am NEVER late so I took a test I wasn’t really expecting to be pregnant as I only had my implant taken out in the July so I didn’t think I would have been caught so quick.
I still remember the butterflies in my tummy when I went back to the bathroom after the longest 3 minutes of my life. I was absolutely over the moon and couldn’t wait for David to get home to show him.
I never dreamed I would have the most perfect little boy in the world who makes me happier than anybody in the world.


No Frills Cookies

225 g butter, at room temperature
110 g caster sugar
275 g plain flour
1tsp Vanilla essence
This is a mega easy basic cookie recipe that takes no time at all I managed to get them done in 30 minutes before Thomas got bored!
Preheat the oven to 170C/gas 3.

Cream the butter in a large bowl until soft and creamy. Add the sugar and beat until the mixture is pale and fluffy now add the vanilla essence

Sift in the flour bring the mixture together to form a firm dough. I actually found it easier to do this bit by hand.

Using your hands, roll the dough into walnut-sized balls and place them slightly apart on a baking tray (no need to grease or line). Flatten them slightly again I just used my fingers bake in the oven for 13–15 minutes, or until they are light golden brown and slightly firm on top.

Carefully transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool.
You could adapt this recipe in many different ways you could add chocolate chips, I had a go at adding honeycomb pieces too if you wondering what they funny splodges are in the photo.
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