Letters To My Son #3

Hello my little yorkshire pudding

How are you? Are you enjoying kicking around in my belly and keeping me awake at night? I bet you are you little tinker.
Well I have just turned 37 weeks I am now full term so feel free to make an appearance any time don't feel like you have to keep us waiting we are all so desperate to meet you!
I have started my maternity leave now so I am enjoying taking it easy and trying to rest before you come along but I am getting a little bored already. Although over the next couple of weeks I have plenty of washing to be doing and sorting the last bits out ready for your arrival.
Last weekend your Daddy and I went to a birth preparation class, which was quite good as we got to have a look around the birth centre where we will be having you it made us even more excited as it means we are getting so close to meeting you now. We have another class this weekend which discusses the later parts of labour and relaxation techniques and pain relief.

Mummy fainted on Monday when I was with the midwife getting checked out we think it was because I was lying on my back for a bit too long which is something you aren't suppose to do so I fainted. It was pretty scary as your heart rate dropped quite low but luckily it came back up and I was still feeling you wriggling around but we still have to spend the night in hospital just to make doubly sure you were ok as I ended up fainting again when I was getting checked out in hospital but I think that was because my blood sugars had gone rather low. Your Daddy and I are so glad everything is ok with you just hope you are here soon.

Love you little man


What's in my baby boys hospital bag - Part 2

This is part 2 of the hospital bag series to show you what I have so far. I think I have everything ready for baby boy boy and it is all packed in my Yummy Mummy changing bag which is a great size for fitting all of the things I need for the hospital.

So what do I have packed?

* I have a little bag of cotton wool balls as I have read your not suppose to use baby wipes for the first week of so as it can cause irritation?
*Nappy bags even though I doubt I will need them in the hospital but they were in the bag anyway.
*Some newborn nappies, I'm not sure whether the hospital provide them or not.
*Small pot of sudocrem
*Hand Sanitizer and surface sanitizer which were already in the bag.
* A little snuggle comforter
*A couple of bibs
*Mittens and booties
*A little hat for coming home in. I will also put a couple of plain hats for after birth that I don't mind getting covered in gloop.
*His coming home outfit, A cute pair of dungarees :)
*Winnie the Pooh coat :)
* 3 Baby grows, we have to include the Rugby one of course for Daddy.
* 2 sleepsuits. Do I need a third?

Is that everything I need for baby?


What's In My Hospital Bag - Part 1

As the weeks are passing and my due date is during closer I have began to pack our hospital bags so that they are ready and waiting for when the big day arrives so I can just grab and go. So I thought I would show you what I have so far, Although I know I haven't got everything yet,

My bag is the Union Jack Style one which I picked up from Primark and I think it was £9 which I think is great because I will be able to use it loads afterwards too. So what's inside I hear you ask.

Now like I said I know I haven't got everything in there yet.

* Breast pads - For leaky boobies, doesn't that just sound lovely. I actually got a couple of packs on these when they were on sale in Asda for 50p for 50 pads.
*Maternity pads - Again they look and sound gross and they are massive but hey they are essentials. These were only £1.10 for a pack of 10. Im not really sure how many I will need to I just have 2 packs for now.
* A big nighty for after the birth with buttons down the front as I am hoping to breast feed so I will be able to whip my boobs out ;) This was between £3 and £5 from Primark.
* I have 3 pairs of socks. 2 pairs of just plain black trainer socks and some yummy mummy ones just because :)
*I got a cheap pair of slippers as I really don't want to be walking around hospital floors barefoot do I?
*I got a massive black Tshirt which was £2 from the mens section in primark. I got this for birth but i'm not really sure if it's the right thing or not as I want skin to skin with the baby as soon as possible.
* I have some face wipes so that I can keep fresh throughout my time there.
* I have a small make up bag with a few essentials in it including some lip balm and moisturiser as well as a few cheap make up bits. I obviously didn't want to go overboard and take loads because lets face it i'm going in to hospital not a night out.
* I also got a refreshing rose water face spray to keep me fresh too.

So Yes I do still have quite a few bits to get, this is my list to get or just add to my bag from what I already have at home.

*Underwear - big granny knickers
*Nursing bra
*Dry shampoo
*Tooth brush/ Tooth paste
*Shampoo and body wash
*Light dressing gown
*Hair Brush, Headband, Clips and bobbles
*Magazines, I was going to take my kindle but I don't think I will be concentrate to read properly
*Phone charger
*Glasses/ Contacts
*Camcorder -its one of them that takes photos too
*Small snacks for Hubby and then for me afterwards
*Outfit for travelling home in.
Have I forgotton anything?


Scrapbook - Project 365

I have been thinking about what I can do to record as much of my baby boys first year as I can and I thought what better way that start a Project 365 from the day he is birth. I think it will be such a beautiful thing for us to look back on in years to come.
I wanted to do something a little differently though and incorporate it in to a scrapbook. My only problem at the minute is i'm not sure where to find a book big enough to hold enough pages for 365 photos. Anybody got any ideas?

I have been looking around on Ebay and Pinterest to get some ideas and here is what I have found so far.

Here are some bits I have just purchased on Ebay

I really can't wait to get started on this little project I just need to find a big enough scrapbook now, So the search is on.


Bump Watch 35 Weeks

I have take my bump picture in a different position this week, My bump is growing nicely although he still isn't a massive bump. I can feel that he is getting bigger all the time :) His movements are still really strong and they sometimes take me by suprise and make me jump. I will really miss the kicks when he's here with me.

Monday just gone I had a midwife appointment where we went through the Birth plan. It's not set in stone yet as we have some NCT classes to attend in the next couple of weeks which I will be telling you about. But here is what we discussed so far.

Birth Partner
I will be having my hubby there with me all the way through this is a pretty obvious one for me. I think I will also have my mum there with me if she can get up here in time. Although I don't think I would want her there at the actual birth as I think its a private thing between me and my hubby.

Active Labour

I want an active labour and will be trying to walk around a lot and use a birthing ball after all being active suppose to make it all happen a little quicker (We will see) There is also baths at my local birthing center which I shall be making use of to try and relax myself as the midwife said try to do whatever relaxes you at home. Which for me is a bath and a magazine.

Pain Relief

Our local birth center doesn't offer epidurals and to be honest I don't think I would like one I know everybody says they want to give birth drug free and i'm thinking the same for now. I am alergic to Pethadine so that drug is ruled out. So for now i will be sticking to gas and air and a nice warm bath. I like to think I have a high pain threshold but I have no idea what to expect.


I am hoping it will go nice and smoothly but if anything was to open I want to be free to do anything that is needed to make sure that my boy arrives safely.
There is an injection that is offered to speed up the delivery of the placenta which I am leaning towards doing so that I can get it over and done with as quick as possible and then we can be left to bond with our baby and not have to think about the placenta needing to be delivered as it can take up to an hour to deliver naturally.

Post Birth
I would like to have skin to skin contact with my boy as soon as possible after birth and I would like for my boy to be able to try and find my breast on his own as I am hoping to breast feed. David will also be very keen to hold his son as soon as possible.

Vitamin K

I will be happy for my boy to have the injection instead of the drops as it is just a one off injection.

C-section, Forceps

I am happy to do whatever is needed to ensure the safe arrival of my son and if this means a C-section then so be it. I will have my hubby by my side and I would still like to have skin to skin with my boy but if this is not possible I will want David to hold the baby as soon as possible.

The start of my maternity leave.

Yesterday I finished work to start my 10 month maternity leave. It's a very strange feeling to know that I wont be going back to work on Tuesday. Ive always been in either school, college and then straight in to a job so the longest I have ever had off has been the summer holidays and now to think I'm off for 10 months I wont know what to do with myself.

Well I know once my boy is here it will be hard work and I will have plenty to fill my days with. But for the month before he arrives I will be on my own day in day out so I don't know what to do with myself, I mean there is only so many times a week you can clean up and "nest"

Anywhooo these are my pressies I got from work we have been spoilt

I needed a changing box to keep all the essentials downstairs so I don't have to keep running upstairs everytime I need to change nappies. It also matches the changing mat we already have.

Next we got some bath items A foam thing i'm not really sure whats its called but its like a support thing for the bath in the bath to stop him slipping and sliding about. Also we got some bath items to make bathtime fun :)

My hubby and I have been looking at this toy for ages in Babies R Us but never got round to buying it so I was chuffted when I unwrapped this :)

We also got a £40 voucher for Babies R Us which we will save now until after he is here in case there is anything else we need :)

I feel very lucky to have such generous work collegues who went to the trouble to get us some lovely gifts, I can't wait to take my little boy in to see them all when he is finally here :)
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