New Look Maternity Jeans

Before I got pregnant I was the type of girl who was pretty much always in a pair of jeans so when I my pre-pregnancy jeans started to get too small and I couldn't do them up I swapped them for leggings and jeggings, Which yes are comfy but wearing them constantly you soon get pretty fed up. I finally got to the stage where I HAD to get myself some jeans.

I took a trip to my trusty new look to see if they had a pair of cheap jeans to see me through the final 2 months. I wasn't disappointed, I managed to find these beautys. Dark blue skinny jeans for only £15.99 I grabbed them.

They are super comfy with the under the bump band. I would seriously live in these I wish normal jeans were made with a stretch waistband too ;)
I know what you may think, whats the point in getting jeans this late stage? Well for £15.99 to me just wearing them for 2 months I think I will get my monies worth. Plus lets face it I won't be back in my pre pregnancy jeans straight away so I will still be wearing these after the birth too. I will also save them for if I get pregnant in the future as I find New Look clothes to be good quality so they will last.

If you are looking for some Maternity jeans that won't break the bank then seriously head over to New Look they have a range of different styles for the same price, Your local store may not stock maternity clothes or only do a limited selection like mine, but if you look online have lots of different styles and prices to suit all budgets and they also do free delivery quite often so you can't really go wrong :)


Letter To My Son #2

Hello little one,

I can't believe just how quick time is going, I hope it doesn't go this quick when you are actually here. I am now 32 weeks pregnant which means it could hopefully be just 8 weeks until you are here. Your Daddy and I are so excited to meet you! He is desperate to take you to rugby with him to show you off, he is going to be such a proud Daddy he has it all planned. Even down to what outfits you will wear when your chilling with him on a sunday afternoon watching rugby games.

Last Sunday was Mothers day and your Daddy got me a little card from you which made my day, he said you used morse code when you kick him to tell him to get me one. I can't believe Mothers day next year you will be here with me we will have to get Daddy to make us breakfast in bed won't we.

I often find myself day dreaming wondering what you will look like and what sort of personality will you have. What will it be like when you are here? I bet you will be one gorgeous little boy I know that for sure.

Write to you soon
All my love
Mummy x


32 Weeks

I am now 32 weeks and 2 days and time still seems to be zooming by thank goodness. I only have 9 days left at work and yes I am now counting down as I cannot wait now. Before I got pregnant I always thought that having an office job and being able to sit down would be much easier but it's not! I am always so uncomfortable no matter which position I sit in either my back aches of my tummy gets in the way and my little boy kicks away at my ribs.

I still have quite a petite bump I can't really see if growing much more....famous last words? I have put on about 2 stone although people keep saying you can't really tell, which to be fair I dont think you can. I can still get away with wearing some of my pre pregnancy tops and leggings as for other new tops I have bought a size 12 which I think will still look ok after little one is born. I had to buy myself some maternity jeans the other day as I am getting sooooo sick of wearing leggings and jeggings all the time!

I have started getting really tired now it is very rare I see 10pm i'm normally walking round like a zombie when I finish work. Little one is certainly zapping all of my spare energy which of course I don't mind he is worth it. Although I think half the problem is that I never seem to get a really good night sleep, I suppose that is something to get use to isn't it? I'm up at least once every night whether it's through heartburn, needing to pee or being woke up by a hard kick.
Speaking of heartburn thats a pain isnt it? I have looked on the internet at remedies and what foods to avoid and what is suppose to make it a bit better but the food and drink that suppose to make it better seem to make me worse.

Last weekend we sorted the little boys room out and built his cot to get it looking better even though I know he won't be actually in there for quite a while yet. It felt nice to get it ready.

When I finish work and have more time on my hands I am going to put more time in to my blog as just lately all I want to do is doss around when I finish work and never seem to find time to sit down and write proper posts and take pictures. But I have quite a few posts that I wanna do that involve taking lots of pictures so hopefully I will make a start on them soon.


Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day
To all of you Yummy Mummys

Hope you all have a lovely day


Bump Watch 31 Weeks

So my pregnancy is zooming along now as you can tell I am starting to get bigger. It's not overly noticable though. I just dont think i'm going to end up massive.
My pregnancy is still going well and I'm actually enjoying it. Back when I was suffering from morning sickness I never thought I would say that.
I now only have 4 weeks left at work which I am glad about I thought having an office job would be a doddle whilst being pregnant but I actually hate sitting down all day its so uncomfortable.
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