Pregnancy Update Week 28

Evening All

I am sorry I have been so quiet lately I've not really had much opportunity to sit down and properly blog, but I thought I would update you a little. I am now 28 weeks pregnant today :) The weeks just seem to be zooming by now although I think they will start to slow down and drag a little the closer I got to my little man arriving.

So what happens at week 28 my boy has started to open his eyes and has eyelashes to protect his eyes from any bits floating around in my womb. He can also see bright lights now too. My boy is continuing to grow layers of fat and getting bigger ready for birth. His bones are also continuing to grown although they are still soft and don't harden until after birth.

How am I feeling?
I'm feeling pretty great to be honest although these last few days I have been feeling quite tired but I think that is actually because I am off work and im walking around and actually doing more than I do at work lol.
I have noticed that my boy has started to get a lot more fidgity and I am now use to when his quiet times are and when he is most active. He is normally quite active in a morning I think I must wake him up when I wake up and start moving about then he normally moves around and kicks until around mid morning and then he quietens down and just gives me the occasional kick just to remind me he's still there. The he normally gets quite active again just after tea when I am trying to get comfy and then he goes mad and fidgits rather a lot when I get in bed and try to go to sleep. Just like his Daddy in that respect. It is still the most amazing feeling in the world even when I get a swift kick in the ribs.
I get the occassional achy back which is quite uncomfy in bed so I sleep with a pillow underneath me which seems to do the trick. It's not too bad though as my bump isn't that big so it's not giving me a backache very often.

Stretch marks.... I haven't got them on my belly yet I am still putting on cream just in case but I have got them on my boobs! I was not expecting them to appear there. So I am slapping on the cream to try and keep them to a minimum. Although I'm not too fussed about them it will be my mark for creating my little boy.

I had a midwife appointment on Monday where I had my 28 week bloods and the usual check ups everything is going really well which I am very pleased about. This coming wednesday I have got to have my Anti D injection as I am rhesus negative but I will do a seperate post on that one on wednesday when I have had the injection if anybody would like to find out more.


Bump Watch 26 Weeks

You may have noticed the button on the side of my blog for Bump watch but I keep forgetting to take pictures, well not so much forget but I keep thinking that i'm not getting much bigger so I haven't bothered to take any pictures.
As I sent this picture to my mum last night as I haven't seen her since Christmas! I thought I would share it with you too.

So this is me 26+2 half the time I still don't think I look pregnant I just look like I have ate too much. But the midwife said I was growing fine when I went to see her on Monday for my 25 week check up.
I think I'm going to pop all of a sudden in a few weeks time and one morning I am going to wake up huge. I can't wait.
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