Friday, 9 November 2012

Yummy Mummy - Tigi Bed Head Style Shots Extreme Straight.*

I've lost count of all the different shampoos that I have tried that have claimed to make your hair straighter, but I had never tried this brand before so when I was given the chance as part of the hairtrade blogger partnership I was looking forward to testing them out to see if they worked.

In case you didn't know is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions
hair care and beauty products. They also stock their products at really great prices, cheaper than most places I have found. For example this shampoo is £7.80 when on other sites it can retail for £9.75 and the conditioner is £8.60 and on other sites it can be as much as £10.75. So I think its a really fair price for salon shampoo and conditioners.

Anyway let me get on to the review. First things first the shampoo and conditioner smells lovely, I can't quite put my finger on what it smells of but apparently it's starfruit?
This shampoo claims to help protect hair against breakage and humidity as well as helping to keep frizz at bay with the extra shoot of the straightening booster. It also has heat protection in it to protect your hair from all the blow drying and straightening it goes through. For me this is perfect I will admit I don't use heat protection on my hair very often, I only use it if I think about it.

I have noticed this duo working on my hair it feels a lot softer and actually it feels straighter and less frizzy. I don't need to spend half as much time straightening my hair anymore als3ebo,  I have them annoying flicks at the bottom of my hair and this even straightens them out for me and helps to keep them straight.

Before using these products I would recommend you check out the ingredients as they do contain Propylparaben and Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate if you are sensitive to these ingredients. I'm not a fan of these ingredients but luckily I'm not sensitive to them.

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