Thursday, 22 November 2012

Yummy Mummy - Lipcote Review

A couple of weeks ago I won this along with a lipstick in a Twitter giveaway. I've never tried Lipcote before so I was looking forward to giving it a go to see if it was actually any good. Lipcote is one of those products that has been around for years and I have seen it hundreds of times but never thought of buying it myself.

So the instructions on the packet are as follows 1) Apply lipstick and then blot with a tissue; repeat; 2) Evenly brush Lipcote over the lips and slightly beyond. 3)Keep lips apart while Lipcote sets.

I definitely notice a difference when I use this, lipstick only normally lasts about half hour at the absolute most on my lips but this really does help. When looking up the price on the Boots website I saw one of the reviews that said using this makes your lipstick peel off, I can't say that happened when I used it but it may be something to look out for
The only downsides to this product is that after you apply it does sting your lips quite a bit and the taste is pretty horrible even though it suppose to have a vanilla fragrance all you can smell and taste in it is the alcohol.

You can pick this up in Boots for £3.69 and each bottle is suppose to give you 100 applications so that is a pretty good price really.

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