Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Yummy Mummy - Exploring W7 Make up*

W7 is a brand I haven't really tried much of before to be honest I don't think it's that readily available where I live and I can't remember the last time I saw it in a shop so it's not really a brand I think about normally.
I have had a couple of W7 lipsticks in the past but that is about it so it was a nice change to try out some of their products.  They are super affordable prices I have been having a look on the Internet and I don't think anything is over £5 even the little palettes.

I really like this Camouflage Kit, It's a concealer palette with all different shades of concealer so it will suit you all year round when you are tanned and for when you aren't.
I haven't used the little brush that it comes with though I find that a bit too stiff so it is easier to use your fingers to apply the concealer.
I really like this mascara  I have been wanting to try one of these double mascaras to see if they actually work. Basically if you haven't used one of these mascaras before number 1 is for day time use and when you take the wand from the tube it wipes quite a lot of the mascara from the wand and then if you want more volume for night time you use number 2 and you get more mascara on. The only problem I found with this is when using number 2 it applies so much mascara that it takes ages for your lashes to dry so it not great if you blink it smudges everywhere.
The photos for this eyeshadow palette don't really do the colours justice they are actually quite nice colours but I wouldn't use them all over my lid as they are quite shimmery so I only use these as a crease/outer corner colour.
I don't really think that the pink colour goes that well in this palette I think it would have worked better as just a nutural palette.
Next we have a lovely pinky powder blush it's a really nice wearable shade and the colour pay off is pretty good. Normally with cheaper blushes they don't tend to show up too well but this is pretty good. I'm not too keen on the packaging on this though it looks a little dated.
I've never had a box blush before so I was quite excited to try it. I really like this but the colour pay off isn't that great so this works really well as a highlight.

I'm not normally a lipgloss girl as I hate how sticky they can be, but these aren't very sticky as all and they look great over a lippie to give your lips a bit of shine.

 I particulaly like that these have brushes instead of the doe foot applicator.
I have enjoyed trying these products and think W7 is a great brand to try out if you are just starting out in make up to build up your collection.
Have you had much experience with W7 what is your favourite product?

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  1. Looks like a nice range and sounds like great prices :) stopping by from the TOTS 100 widget...


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