Thursday, 1 November 2012

What's In My Changing Bag

As promised here is a look at some of the things I carry around with me on a daily basis when Thomas and I go out anywhere. I love these types of posts probably because I'm nosey. I also love the normal what's in my bag posts I did one quite a while ago you can find the post for that here

This is my new Séraphine Puffa Quilt Changing Bag I have done a full review of this bag a couple of posts back.

As this is a new bag it is junk free at the minute, it wont stay this way for long. When I was transferring things from my old changing bag to this one I had everything in there, receipts, bus tickets, pennies, odd socks and scratch mitts an odd shoe the top off a dummy.

So what do I have in my bag.
My blog diary/notebook and a pen just incase I have any ideas on the go.
A small zip bag which I have nappies and nappy bags in.
The insulated bottle bag.
The changing mat
2 hand sanitisers, you can never be too clean.
2 small pots of sudocrem
Baby wipes
A hat and mittens for Thomas although I wish I could get one of these in my size.

Other items I normally carry around with me are about 10 bibs, baby shoes, my phone and keys.

I'd love to see what you carry around in your changing bag so if you have done a post like this please link me up.


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