Sunday, 25 November 2012

WaterWipes Review*

WaterWipes are quite a new idea in the baby wipe market, many other brands produce sensitive wipes but if you look at the ingredients on the packet you will see that they still contain quite a lot of different chemicals so when you think about it they aren't that good for babies bum. WaterWipes however are made up of 99.9% water and 0.1% Fruit extract and that is it.

I have been using these wipes on Thomas's botbot and I do like them, they haven't got a horrible false perfumed smell in fact they hardly smell at all. These wipes do feel a lot stronger than normal wipes and with that they feel a little rougher than normal but I think that is only because they don't have lots of false chemicals in them making them softer.

These wipes are great if like Thomas your baby has eczema. Thankfully Thomas doesn't suffer from nappy rash but these wipes would be kind to your babies bottom and wouldn't irritate the rash.

WaterWipes are on sale on , the NCT Shop here , Ocado here , Kiddicare and chemists in the UK.
Kids One Stop Shop are also holding a competition to win a 3 month supply so head over who knows you could be a winner

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