Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thomas & Mummys 6 month Update

Can you believe Thomas is half a year old already!! Time is whizzing by so, so fast. I missed out Thomas's 5 month update for some reason bad mummy, so this update will be kinda long as so much has happened.

We started weaning Thomas at 4 months and you can read more about our weaning journey here on my blog but Thomas is now eating 2 or 3 meals a day. Some days he isn't that bothered about eating when I try him so will only have either a breakfast or lunch but I always try to make sure he eats his tea. We are still trying to get Thomas to drink more fluids with his meals as his poops are getting a bit hard but he doesn't seem too keen on water so at the minute we are giving him some pear juice and he seems to like that flavour. I make it pretty weak though as I didn't really want to give him juice.

Thomas has been rolling over for a few months now and this past month has seen him really trying his hardest to crawl a couple of blog posts back I posted a video of what he is doing at the minute it's sort of like a frog jump. Before I could leave Thomas playing on the floor and I could leave the room and not really worry about him getting up to something he shouldn't. Now I can't as he can move about so easily and he instantly heads in the direction of wires and things he shouldn't so now I have to take him with me or I sit him in his seat so that he can play in that whilst I just nip out of the room.
Sitting Up
Thomas is slowly getting better at sitting up he can sitting up for quite a while but then he forgets what he is suppose to be doing and then falls over so he definitely isn't strong enough to be left sitting up. He is better at sitting up if he is playing with one of his toys and it is placed between his legs. 

Thomas is still teething and dribbling all over the place everything still goes straight to his mouth. Sometimes he is like a little puppy dog chewing on everything you can't put your hands near his mouth before he is trying to nibble on you. His teeth don't don't seem to be hurting too much although we did have one really bad night when I couldn't even sit down with him as he would scream other than that they don't seem to be giving him much jipp. We don't have any sign of them yet though.

Thomas is now sleeping from around 7:30pm until around 6:30-7:00am some nights he does wake up in the middle of the night but not for a feed and he soon goes back to sleep again after. We bring him in to bed with us in the morning when he wakes up and we can normally get another 30 minutes to a hour extra. So many people say this is a bad habit to get in to but to be honest I'm not bothered as when I go back to work we will have to get up around 6-6:30am. I don't want him to be coming in to our bed in the middle of the night every night, that's a habit I don't want to get in to.
Napping wise Thomas only has about 1 hour throughout the day he has half hour in the morning and then half hour in the afternoon.
Thomas hasn't been weighed yet this month I need to take him next Tuesday but when we had him weighed last month he was 15lb6 so he normally puts on about 2 and a half lb a month so as its been a little over a month since he last got weighed I think he might be around 18 1/2 lb I think he will have put on more weight this month as he is eating more.
Clothes wise Thomas is still in 3-6months and they still fit him pretty well.
Thomas changes so much all the time he has his own cheeky little personality I can see we will have our hands full when he is older. He has started to do this super cute tilting his head on the side as if he thinks it will make him look cuter than he already is and then he gives you a big cheeky grin. 
Thomas has quite a temper on him sometimes and he shouts and bashes his toys about when he gets annoyed I can't help but laugh. I don't know about terrible 2's looks like we are having terrible 6 months hehe only joking.
Thomas has a little pretend cough now which he uses if we aren't paying him any attention and sometimes if you cough he will copy off you, which he thinks is so funny and carries on doing it for ages.
Thomas's favourite toy is a £1 remote we bought from the poundshop, seriously I don't know why we bothered spending so much on Christmas. 
I have always wanted a strange child and it looks like I have one :)

My 6 month update.

As you know if you have been a follower of my blog since I had Thomas you will know I had to have an emergency c-section. I have healed well and can pretty much do everything I could before with little or no pain. Although if I run it does make my tummy a bit tender. My scar has healed well and I have had no trouble with it although it is tender if any clothes rub it I have to make sure that all of my underwear and clothes go over it so still big pants for me haha.
I still have about 2 stone I want to loose I have given up with weight loss until after Christmas I think. I just don't have enough motivation at the minute to loose weight but when I go back work I think I will try to eat a lot better and I will make more of an effort to lose this extra padding but for now it will keep me warm over winter :)
In myself I feel great to be honest I can't remember what it was like not to be a mum it just feels so natural to me. Of course we have our tough days when I look forward to bedtime but doesn't every mum. I don't think I could have ever wished for a better baby than Thomas he has definitely made becoming a first time mum an easy and enjoyable experience.

Wow this has been a big update but Thomas has developed so much over the last 2 months. See you at 7 months.

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