Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Me & My Baby First Steps Gift Set Review*

When you become a mum all the fuss turns to the baby there aren't many people who remember you actually carried this little baby in your belly for 9 months suffered with the morning sickness, aches and pains and then what you went through during the birth and now you are up doing the night feeds and dealing with not very much sleep.

With this beautiful gift set your can now treat the new mummy and the beautiful baby she has just given birth to so you can please 2 people with one gift.

 This is the Me & My Baby gift set

For just £29 you can buy this little box of treats for both mummy and Baby
It contains 
Replenishing post natal body oil – 125ml
Relaxing baby massage oil – 60ml
Magic balm – 50ml
Embroidered muslin

I have been using this Relaxing baby massage oil on Thomas at night when we have been doing baby massage. It has a gorgeous relaxing lavender scent to it and it really calms Thomas down using this as part of his bedtime routine is really helping to get him to settle to sleep quicker.

Then you have a similar treat for mum this Replenishing post-natal body oil is for use in the months after birth to moisturise and improve your skins elasticity. This contains Evening Primrose and Jojoba Oil and has the lovely scent of bergamot, lavender & rose. I use this when I have a night time pamper session before bed to get me nice and relaxed if I have had a bit of a tough day with Thomas 


Next is a genius little product for both of you to use Magic Balm that contains rosehip, mango butter chamomile and lavender. It can be used to soothe nappy rash and dribble rash for baby as well as patches of eczema on both of you. Mummys can also use it on nipples if you are breast feeding and it can be used as a lip balm. It doesn't contain any essential oils so it can be used at any stage during the pregnancy and on baby from birth.


Finally we have a massive 70cm x 70cm 100% cotton Muslin cloth, These cloths have so many different uses I shall be using my with my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser.

These gift sets are well worth £29 and they are a lovely gift for both mummy and baby. So if you have a special lady has just become a mummy why not treat her to one this Christmas. Or if mummy still has the baby on board for a while longer how about treating her to the Me & My bump gift set

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  1. i read this just at the right time because my mum is expecting and i wanted to get her something nice for christmas so think i'm going to get the baby bump set for her!


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