Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Learning To Crawl

Thomas has been trying his hardest to get moving for weeks now and he is so so close now. At first he was getting up on his hands and knees and that was is but now he gets up on to his hands and knees and rocks back and forth as if he is trying to build up some memento and he's going to take off and crawl but then he falls flat on his face because he hasn't worked out to move his arms yet.

We purchased Thomas one of the blow up roller things with balls in that jingle it was only £2.99 from B&M so it was worth a try. If i'm honest it is easier to get Thomas moving if you stick a TV remote just out of his reach. Why is it babies go for things they aren't allowed?

Thomas is now a wizz at getting up on his feet with his bum in the air. My mum said this is how I use to crawl which is kinda funny. As you can see from the video below Thomas is very nearly crawling at the minute he is doing frog hops and he can get about so quick. As soon as he figures out he needs to move his arms there will be no stopping him.


  1. Awww, so cute. I miss the baby days. xx

  2. Seriously so amazed by this! Josh still cant roll over and hes older! He can just about lift his head up when he is on his stomach!! They all go at such different paces! Amazing clever little boy! xo

  3. Flower didn't crawl! She was a sniper and moved so fast!! Good idea with the ball though!


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