Saturday, 24 November 2012


 Tonight at 10pm many Bloggers will be saying a prayer or making a wish for the recovery of Kerry AKA in the hope she will make it home very soon back to her loving husband and children. If you didn't know Kerry suffered a brain hemorrhage due to an ruptured aneurysm back in July and unfortunately she has suffered a couple of set backs but she is a fighter.

I haven't spoken to Kerry before but by the sounds of peoples blog posts they have written about her she sounds like she is a truly wonderful lady and a great friend to have. I hope one day soon she is better so I get to say hello.

Alice Baillie from My Life My Son My Way has written the below

I'm not a religious person but I will be making a wish that Kerry makes a full recovery and gets home to her family


  1. I never met Kerry but we chatted on line lots and I am hoping we will again

  2. Thank you for taking part, I have met Kerry and she really is wonderful, everything you're reading about her is true, let's hope our thoughts work tonight

  3. So lovely to light a candle and keep her in our thoughts.
    Thank you for joining us all.
    Liska xx

  4. Oh :( keep fighting Kerry!! God bless and lets hope you recover :) xxxxx


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