Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bobux Baby Shoes Review *

Bobux soft soles are elasticated leather shoes that actually stay on your babies feet! I don't know about you but trying to get a pair of shoes to stay on Thomas's feet is like fighting a loosing battle, half the time I don't even bother to put any shoes on as it's a pointless exercise. That was until we received these shoes from Bobux they are nice and soft so they are easy to get on. I then thought that they would be just as easy for Thomas to get them off again but he can't and they don't slip off when he is shuffling around on the floor they seriously will stay on for hours!

The shoes are made from a super soft leather which don't restrict your babies growing feet. On the soles of the shoes there is a non slip suede, I know he doesn't need that for walking yet but it is good for gripping when Thomas is trying to crawl.

Thomas has these lovely navy blue shoes with little diggers on them I have used the picture from the website as I was too eager the put the shoes on Thomas. If you have a nosey on their site they have hundreds of shoes in all different designs for boys and girls. I could seriously spend a fortune on that site. We were actually thinking of buying Thomas another Christmas present but I think I might buy him another pair of shoes from this site actually as I have just spotted a pair of brown shoes with a monkey on them.
Thomas has size small at the minute and they still feel quite roomy so I think I might get another pair at the same size or the next size up.

Bobux don't just do soft sole shoes, they have pram shoes which are for newborns 0-3, and then they do Step up which are for first time walkers and then they have i-walk for confident walkers.

Thomas loves his new shoes and so does Mummy. You can purchase these shoes from their website and the soft sole shoes are £20 which I think is fab for a pair of well made leather shoes.

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