Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bedtime Routine And Baby Massage.

Some parents love to have a strict routine (maybe strict is too strong a word?) and that is great for them if you have a routine that works to you then that is great. I'm not really one for a routine or at least a set in stone routine, like Tea at 5pm Bath at 5:45 Bedtime bottle at 6:30 and in bed for 7pm.

We have quite a relaxed bedtime routine and most nights it starts at around 5:30 when Thomas will have his tea, when his tea has settled every other night he has a bath. I don't want to give him a bath every night his skin is dry enough so I don't want to dry it out even more. So on the nights he does have a bath, he has that around quarter past 6. After the bath I make him his bottle up and we go upstairs.

Then we start baby massage to get Thomas feeling relaxed and ready for bed. We first tried baby massage just after he was born and he was too ticklish and didn't really like it. So I stopped and I have only just tried it again. I was after a way to try and get him calmed down and in sleep mode.

I have had a little tutorial from the health visitor back when he was born so I read through the booklet she gave use to refresh my memory and I have also watched some Youtube demos to have a look at some of the different massages. We have the lamp nice and dim and I light a couple of candles more for my benefit than anything else. I lay one of Thomas's lovely fleecy blankets on the bed so he has something nice and soft on his skin, I also put on his Lets play Jazz CD. I also use his calming baby massage oil as it has a lovely calming lavender scent and it is also helping his skin. 

When we have finished the baby massage and Thomas is dressed ready for bed I then give him his bottle and we have a little cuddle and then by this time he normally falls asleep in my arms. Magic.
I can definitely tell the nights when we don't have our winding down time he takes so long to settle and fall asleep. If anybody is interested in learning a bit more about baby massage and the benefits of it I will be doing a full post on it soon and I also have a couple guest posts from other Mummys who use baby massage.

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