Saturday, 10 November 2012

Baby Items Not To Waste Your Money On

When you are buying for a your baby and you are walking around Mothercare or Babies R Us you think you need absolutely everything that you lay your eyes on. Then along comes baby and you realise you don't use half the stuff you bought. I thought I would share some of the things that I think are a bit pointless and I wish I didn't bother buying.

Baby Bath - Thomas absolutely hated his bath I think it was because he didn't feel very safe in it but everytime we bathed him he screamed and screamed. Then once when we were stopping with Davids mum Thomas has an exploding leaky nappy poop incident and we had to wash him in his mums bathroom sink and he loved it. As soon as we got home we got rid of the bath and washed him in the sink, and now he has a big bath sponge and he has loved bath times since.

Baby Shoes - Yes they are soooo cute but honestly do babies ever keep them on. Do they even stay on if your baby doesn't mess with them. Thomas's shoes never stay on but I am thinking about getting him some ugg style boots now it's getting cold as I know they will stay on.

Bottle Warmer - You may think that you couldn't of lived with out yours but for me mine was a complete waste of time I had a Tommee Tippee one and it was a complete waste of time it took about 5+ minutes to warm a bottle up. A jug of boiling water or a quick 40 second blast in the microwave works much better (Make sure you give your bottle a good shake afterwards though so there are no hot spots)

Changing Table - Now although I like mine it's a good place for storage I hardly ever use the changing table part. If you can get one cheap it's great for storage but it's not something you NEED.

150ml Bottles - I really don't know why I bothered buying these they are completely pointless. As your baby grows obviously the amount of milk they need grows with them so after a few weeks these bottles become redundant so always buy the bigger bottles.

Baby clothes for the wrong seasons - When you first go shopping for baby clothes you will want to buy every single cute thing you see. Think about how old you baby will be in each season. I currently have a pair of Tigger sandles that will only just fit Thomas now and a shorts and T-shirt set that will fit him around Christmas.

What have been your baby buying regrets? Products you thought you would love and use all the time yet never did?


  1. Agree with bottle warmer, also scratch mittens +
    nasal aspirators

  2. Unless you intend to bottle feed from day one I would say getting bottles in 'for those odd occasions" is a waste. I bought some, but never ended up using them because 'those odd occasions' never happened. Buy them only when you know you are about to need them (after all the shops are open every day).

    With weaning don't bother with spoons and bowls that are supposed to stick to the high chair; they don't! And get the cheap ikea highchair as it take about 20 seconds to clean. I spent 20 minutes after each meal cleaning the expensive wooden high chair we had with my eldest. When I had 2 kids to take care of I didn't have an hour to spare each day, so we got the ikea one and never looked back.

    1. Yeah we have just got a Graco highchair that was £30 it does the job I don't understand why people pay lots of money when they all do the same job.


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