Friday, 13 April 2012

What's In My Hospital Bag - Part 1

As the weeks are passing and my due date is during closer I have began to pack our hospital bags so that they are ready and waiting for when the big day arrives so I can just grab and go. So I thought I would show you what I have so far, Although I know I haven't got everything yet,

My bag is the Union Jack Style one which I picked up from Primark and I think it was £9 which I think is great because I will be able to use it loads afterwards too. So what's inside I hear you ask.

Now like I said I know I haven't got everything in there yet.

* Breast pads - For leaky boobies, doesn't that just sound lovely. I actually got a couple of packs on these when they were on sale in Asda for 50p for 50 pads.
*Maternity pads - Again they look and sound gross and they are massive but hey they are essentials. These were only £1.10 for a pack of 10. Im not really sure how many I will need to I just have 2 packs for now.
* A big nighty for after the birth with buttons down the front as I am hoping to breast feed so I will be able to whip my boobs out ;) This was between £3 and £5 from Primark.
* I have 3 pairs of socks. 2 pairs of just plain black trainer socks and some yummy mummy ones just because :)
*I got a cheap pair of slippers as I really don't want to be walking around hospital floors barefoot do I?
*I got a massive black Tshirt which was £2 from the mens section in primark. I got this for birth but i'm not really sure if it's the right thing or not as I want skin to skin with the baby as soon as possible.
* I have some face wipes so that I can keep fresh throughout my time there.
* I have a small make up bag with a few essentials in it including some lip balm and moisturiser as well as a few cheap make up bits. I obviously didn't want to go overboard and take loads because lets face it i'm going in to hospital not a night out.
* I also got a refreshing rose water face spray to keep me fresh too.

So Yes I do still have quite a few bits to get, this is my list to get or just add to my bag from what I already have at home.

*Underwear - big granny knickers
*Nursing bra
*Dry shampoo
*Tooth brush/ Tooth paste
*Shampoo and body wash
*Light dressing gown
*Hair Brush, Headband, Clips and bobbles
*Magazines, I was going to take my kindle but I don't think I will be concentrate to read properly
*Phone charger
*Glasses/ Contacts
*Camcorder -its one of them that takes photos too
*Small snacks for Hubby and then for me afterwards
*Outfit for travelling home in.
Have I forgotton anything?


  1. I had the same nightdresses! I really enjoyed packing my hospital bag (sad I know!), not looking forward to it as much this time as all the bits like breast pads etc are so expensive here in Cyprus. I took 2 packs of maternity pads to hospital and was given 1 pack by midwife when I was there, I used them all and had to send out hubby for more when we got home - prob used about 6 packs in all.

  2. I also had the same nighty! However, in my drugged up state I refused to wear it as I was adamant it would get mucky so I wanted a hospital gown instead haha. It did get worn for the following few days after while in hospital though x

  3. take straws with you! i was mega thirsty (especially while pushing) so david would give me sips of water in between haha! xx


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