Friday, 6 April 2012

The start of my maternity leave.

Yesterday I finished work to start my 10 month maternity leave. It's a very strange feeling to know that I wont be going back to work on Tuesday. Ive always been in either school, college and then straight in to a job so the longest I have ever had off has been the summer holidays and now to think I'm off for 10 months I wont know what to do with myself.

Well I know once my boy is here it will be hard work and I will have plenty to fill my days with. But for the month before he arrives I will be on my own day in day out so I don't know what to do with myself, I mean there is only so many times a week you can clean up and "nest"

Anywhooo these are my pressies I got from work we have been spoilt

I needed a changing box to keep all the essentials downstairs so I don't have to keep running upstairs everytime I need to change nappies. It also matches the changing mat we already have.

Next we got some bath items A foam thing i'm not really sure whats its called but its like a support thing for the bath in the bath to stop him slipping and sliding about. Also we got some bath items to make bathtime fun :)

My hubby and I have been looking at this toy for ages in Babies R Us but never got round to buying it so I was chuffted when I unwrapped this :)

We also got a £40 voucher for Babies R Us which we will save now until after he is here in case there is anything else we need :)

I feel very lucky to have such generous work collegues who went to the trouble to get us some lovely gifts, I can't wait to take my little boy in to see them all when he is finally here :)

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