Friday, 20 April 2012

Letters To My Son #3

Hello my little yorkshire pudding

How are you? Are you enjoying kicking around in my belly and keeping me awake at night? I bet you are you little tinker.
Well I have just turned 37 weeks I am now full term so feel free to make an appearance any time don't feel like you have to keep us waiting we are all so desperate to meet you!
I have started my maternity leave now so I am enjoying taking it easy and trying to rest before you come along but I am getting a little bored already. Although over the next couple of weeks I have plenty of washing to be doing and sorting the last bits out ready for your arrival.
Last weekend your Daddy and I went to a birth preparation class, which was quite good as we got to have a look around the birth centre where we will be having you it made us even more excited as it means we are getting so close to meeting you now. We have another class this weekend which discusses the later parts of labour and relaxation techniques and pain relief.

Mummy fainted on Monday when I was with the midwife getting checked out we think it was because I was lying on my back for a bit too long which is something you aren't suppose to do so I fainted. It was pretty scary as your heart rate dropped quite low but luckily it came back up and I was still feeling you wriggling around but we still have to spend the night in hospital just to make doubly sure you were ok as I ended up fainting again when I was getting checked out in hospital but I think that was because my blood sugars had gone rather low. Your Daddy and I are so glad everything is ok with you just hope you are here soon.

Love you little man

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