Friday, 6 April 2012

Bump Watch 35 Weeks

I have take my bump picture in a different position this week, My bump is growing nicely although he still isn't a massive bump. I can feel that he is getting bigger all the time :) His movements are still really strong and they sometimes take me by suprise and make me jump. I will really miss the kicks when he's here with me.

Monday just gone I had a midwife appointment where we went through the Birth plan. It's not set in stone yet as we have some NCT classes to attend in the next couple of weeks which I will be telling you about. But here is what we discussed so far.

Birth Partner
I will be having my hubby there with me all the way through this is a pretty obvious one for me. I think I will also have my mum there with me if she can get up here in time. Although I don't think I would want her there at the actual birth as I think its a private thing between me and my hubby.

Active Labour

I want an active labour and will be trying to walk around a lot and use a birthing ball after all being active suppose to make it all happen a little quicker (We will see) There is also baths at my local birthing center which I shall be making use of to try and relax myself as the midwife said try to do whatever relaxes you at home. Which for me is a bath and a magazine.

Pain Relief

Our local birth center doesn't offer epidurals and to be honest I don't think I would like one I know everybody says they want to give birth drug free and i'm thinking the same for now. I am alergic to Pethadine so that drug is ruled out. So for now i will be sticking to gas and air and a nice warm bath. I like to think I have a high pain threshold but I have no idea what to expect.


I am hoping it will go nice and smoothly but if anything was to open I want to be free to do anything that is needed to make sure that my boy arrives safely.
There is an injection that is offered to speed up the delivery of the placenta which I am leaning towards doing so that I can get it over and done with as quick as possible and then we can be left to bond with our baby and not have to think about the placenta needing to be delivered as it can take up to an hour to deliver naturally.

Post Birth
I would like to have skin to skin contact with my boy as soon as possible after birth and I would like for my boy to be able to try and find my breast on his own as I am hoping to breast feed. David will also be very keen to hold his son as soon as possible.

Vitamin K

I will be happy for my boy to have the injection instead of the drops as it is just a one off injection.

C-section, Forceps

I am happy to do whatever is needed to ensure the safe arrival of my son and if this means a C-section then so be it. I will have my hubby by my side and I would still like to have skin to skin with my boy but if this is not possible I will want David to hold the baby as soon as possible.

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  1. Just read this again lol you wanting a natural birth haha and I can comment on this one but not the others apparently...


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